Best Shower Heads For Hard Water

Best Shower Heads For Hard Water Reviews & Comparison for 2019

People who live in an area where the water is very hard will know the importance of these showerheads. Hard water simply wastes soap and cause some skin effects. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium can cause itchy and dry skin. Once you find yourself in an area where the water is hard, then you should know that there is a solution to having itchy and dry skin after a shower. Some specially made showerheads are designed to filter the minerals away from the hard water. Thereby protecting your skin. The following are the best shower heads for hard water.

Top 4 Best Hard Water Shower Head Filter in 2019

4 Best Shower Heads For Hard Water Reviews

1. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage, Chrome Finish

This showerhead is just the best for hard water. Works really good for hard water. When the showerhead is in use, you immediately start noticing benefits. Fresh water can really be gotten from the filter. You get to feel more refreshed, the scalp becomes less itchy and skin feels softer. It actually helps in the removal of chlorine and distinctive impurities.

Installation is super easy. You could be having issues with the gradual building up of minerals on your scalp. If you are also having irritated and dry skin, this filter with showerhead combo solves that problem. This showerhead could be said to be a miracle combo! Everything that can be done by the filter is being done by it. It totally removes the smell of chlorine. The filter helps in softening the water, hence improving the quality of the water. This leads to no impurities on your skin or hair.

The showerhead has the best massage feature that has ever been seen on one. It just starts blasting on your skin and gives you a soothing feeling without wasting water. If you have arthritis, this helps to massage the pain away. If any member of your family or you have skin problems such as eczema and dry skin, this Culligan Wh-C125 wall mounted filtered shower head with massage, the chrome finish is highly recommended. It is very easy to change the filters. It has no leaks! It is great when your hair is unruly, and can hardly be brushed.

2. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

The Aquasama AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water filter System with Adjustable Showerhead is so easy when setting it up. It is as if it installs itself. It is like a pop and flow condition, you remove your previous showerhead by unscrewing it and screw in the core section of the filter. You do not need to bother paying someone for the installation. It prevents the buildup of minerals and looks as black as the day of installation.

This showerhead can make loads of differences in your life. Why? Water is vital to most things we do. The water quality will have obvious improvement. It makes the hair feel soft, and your skin would not be prone to dryness. This filter has outperformed in so many ways. When the showerhead is installed, you do not get to feel the difference because the pressure from it is pretty astonishing.

The shower filter makes you have an amazing experience while showering without any feeling of hardness. It is a very good product. There is a definite change in the water when the showerhead is being used. It makes the water softer. This showerhead definitely deserves a five-star award. It is very affordable. When using Aquasama shower filter system with its adjustable shower head, the results gotten are absolutely amazing. It can even help pregnant women that feel itchy all over. It eradicates the smell of chlorine. There is ease when installing it as well as flexibility. This product is greatly recommended to be used.

3. Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head

Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head

Berkey Shower filter without shower head can literally change your life. If you are tired of using chlorinated water or hard water from the tap, this shower filter is your best bet. An alternative that is quietly affordable, it is! Hard water triggers itching of the hair, dryness of the scalp and also makes it looks dull. All these are caused by the low PH in water.

This filter is miraculous because it makes you feel human after going through an episode of tap water usage. The hair would gravitate from been lackluster to looking shiny and very healthy. It is so perfect for skin problem triggered by chlorinated as well as hard water. There could be bump filled with liquid all over your body, after installing Berkey shower filter without shower head, within a week all bumps would have disappeared. If your hair dyed, when this filter is purchased, the dye would not wash off fast. Soaps become more foaming when this filter is installed.

This filter is a rare gem. This filter can be used for your drinking water. It has a very easy installation mechanism and it has no effect negatively on the water pressure. When installed, you will notice a positive change in the air quality almost immediately. Even the smell of chlorine will reduce drastically then totally stop. The filter makes the feeling of the water to be super fresh. Highly recommended to family and also friends, it really makes a whole lot of difference!

4. Culligan ISH-100 Inline Filter for Use with Existing Shower Heads

Culligan ISH-100 Inline Filter for Use with Existing Shower Heads, White, Single Unit,

Culligan ish-100 inline filter for use with existing showerheads, white, single unit is inexpensive yet effective. When installed, the water used is usable, your skin is less dry and hair does not look damaged. It filters with almost a hundred percent. It has a great design in that where it attached to, the showerhead ends up at the same tangent level as it may have been without the presence of the filter.

The Culligan ish-100 inline filter makes the water to have a soft and smooth feeling. It eradicates the lime or scale deposition on fixtures as well as tiles. You can easily get a replacement for the filters anytime, any day. All these make this filter very affordable. It can be taken along when traveling. The flow through the inline filter to the showerhead is good. It does as advertised; installation is so easy, it gets rid of the smell of chlorine, no coated or over dry feeling on the skin.

This filter does not leak in any way and helps in reducing toxins. Buying this particular filter is worth it in the end. It is good for people who have sensitive skin. When skin itches and it is prone to having eczema due to the chlorine and other toxins in the water, this filter would eradicate it all. Highly recommended for anyone who stays in a place where fully propelled water softener is not available. It is an amazing alternative to having healthier water to shower with it.

Buyer's Guide For Best Hard Water Shower Head Filter

The following guide has the features of showerheads to consider :

Technology Behind Filtration: 

One should consider buying the showerhead that does not only remove the minerals causing hardness in water but also consider the shower head that filters contaminants from the water. This act of choosing the shower head that filters will definitely give additional benefit to its users.

Design Life for the Filter:

The filters manufactured with these shower heads need to be replaced mostly between 4 to 8 months. This should be done as frequently as possible. One should pick the models that are designed to last longer and these filters for the shower heads should be very much affordable and accessible in stores.

Showerhead’s Durability:

These products are decent enough to filter the impurities away from water and also get hard water softened. It is a good replacement for the commonly known household softening system. Based on the previous customers' reviews, one should decide to buy the one that is well-rated among users, durable and well designed and manufactured. Some of these shower heads are supplied with satisfactory guarantee control.

Benefit Value of Showerheads:

The cost and benefits of these shower heads need to be considered critically before buying. Products should be purchased with cash based on their values. Cost and benefit ratio will be a good thing to check before purchasing the showerheads that filter hard water minerals.

Reputation and Brand of the Showerhead:

A showerhead that has a good reputation at treating hard water. Showerheads are branded and the brand that has a good reputation should be considered. The top brands producing shower head for hard water will want to protect their reputation, so they will always produce the best products. For this reason, those top brands should be considered while purchasing the showerhead for hard water. Customers reviews mostly state the qualities of the brands, that is why those reviews should be read to select the best brand and consider it for purchase.

Personal Budget:

One should be informed about the price range of these showerheads made specifically for hard water. This knowledge will enable one to budget well before purchasing the showerhead that one feels is the best. These showerheads are available online and at stores with different price tags. Some of these showerheads might be too expensive to purchase and will necessitate considering other alternatives. So one should find and buy that specific brand that suits one's budget. This action will result in getting value for what is bought. Don't be surprised to know that at times low price products might be more valuable than the high priced products. All you need to do is look critically before buying and buy the shower head for hard water that falls within your budget.

Compatibility and Style:

Features that are very compatible with our household and environment should be considered during construction. Specifically, once you find yourself in an environment where the water is very hard. One should then consider buying showerheads for hard water. This action will bring compatible designs and construction and brings the right style to make the bathroom comfortable as it is expected to be. This action of buying the perfect showerhead for hard water will aid the beautification of one's bathroom. This improvement will mostly be as a result of the reduction of minerals that might lead to stains in the bathroom.

Materials Durability and Warranty of the Product:

It is necessary to consider the showerhead that has at least one year warranty and is also highly durable. This particular purchase will reduce the additional costs after purchase. So one's money will be used to purchase other need things for better living. Once you consider buying the product that is highly durable and has the best warranty offer, then be assured that you will definitely enjoy the product through its design life span. Before purchase, you should consider the material of the product. the material should be of high quality and note that plastic showerheads are less durable than the metallic ones. One should do the best action of checking the materials from which the showerhead for hard water is manufactured with, before making a final purchase.


One will observe that almost all the products have one or more features in common. Hard water is no more an issue as these showerheads provide the right solution to protect your skin from dryness and also help prevent the reduction in the beauty of your bathroom. You need not worry about hard water once the best product is bought and installed in your bathroom. These reviews and buyer's guide from an expert should now direct you in making the right decision of purchasing the best shower heads for hard water. Most of them are affordable and are accessible online.

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