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15 Best Whirlpool Tubs [Reviews 2021 ] & Buying Guide

What is your first activity at home when you come back from work? In case you never had a smooth night because the baby disturbed you, what do you do to keep fit? These are some of the things which can cause stress and migraine. Such issues need to be eliminated every evening. To do so, one has to get into a whirlpool.

In the whirlpool, you get the chance to unwind, massage the muscles, find some peace and relax after a tiresome day. However, not all whirlpools best perform this duty. To find out the best whirlpool, please read through this article and be informed.

15 Best Whirlpool Tubs Reviews in 2021

1. American Standard White Whirlpool Tub

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When it comes to durability, this is the whirlpool to think of. It has the accessories built of strong matter which guarantees you of safety while taking a shower. The chair is raised to a good height to allow enough space for the legroom. This is meant to give you space to soak your feet, seat comfortably or even stand.

It is easy to control the whirlpool. With a simple press of a button, you can be able to fill the pool fast. The pool has a polished chrome drain that takes out dirty/used water after the shower. It is also useful in regulating the overflow as well.

The whirlpool is built with six water jets bearing a massage system. If you would like to bath in warm water, then it has an in line heater for that purpose. It has a separate massage system for legs only. With this whirlpool, you will be exposed to a bathing experience, which you won’t get anywhere.

Comfort is guaranteed with the use of this system. Enjoy the most advanced therapeutic moments every time you get in here. I cannot hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who wants to purchase one.


√  It is comfortable and safe to use. The product is designed to make your body relax and unwind without any form of harm.

√  It offers therapeutic massages to the body. This helps in keeping one refreshed after a very tiresome day.


×  It does not heat the water on its own without the intervention of the user. However, if you put warm water in, it will maintain that temperature.

2. 2 Person Hydrotherapy Massage Whirlpool

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When it comes to entertainment while relaxing and unwinding, this is the best product to consider buying. It is built to give the body maximum pleasure while at the same time listening to your favorite music. You can share media or give instructions to the whirlpool via the Bluetooth installed in there. The FM radio fitted therein also comes in handy when following your favorite programs. It has LED lighting system below the water to make it even more enjoyable.

The whirlpool is fitted with an in line water heater. This is meant to help keep the water warm but not for heating cold water. If you place cold water in there, it won’t be able to heat. The whirlpool can maintain the temperatures of hot water should you place it in hot.

It has an adjustable thermostatic faucet which can release both hot and cold water, and even a mixture.

The whirlpool has enough space for one to sit, stand or even take a shower. There is enough legroom with which one can have the legs massaged and soaked in water.

The whirlpool has a water jet pump, back jets, air jets and 6 six adjustable body massage jets. I suggest that you try out this product, and for sure you will love it.


√  Comfortable with enough space for sitting, standing and showering.

√  Be entertained as you release out the stress of the day. This is because it is connected to a radio, Bluetooth and a sound system.


×  The in line water heater cannot heat cold water.

3. Woodbridge Whirlpool Tub

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Get more than you need with this whirlpool in terms of body massage. The system is fitted with up to ten adjustable body massage jets.

It also has the same number of baths for maximum comfort while taking a shower. When air and water combine, it produces a powerful and relaxing hydro massage. This is what makes the body feel relaxed and stress-free.

It is made of high-quality gloss white material for maximum durability. The building is reinforced by fiberglass to prevent damages. These are some of the material which are not used by other producers when making a whirlpool. It sets out this whirlpool as the best among the best. I do recommend this product to those who have not tried it out.

It is fitted with a high-quality drain pipe which is also useful in checking the water level. The drain pipe rids excess water off the whirlpool when it is too full. It is also useful in getting the pool rid of dirty and used water. The drain pipe, especially the one getting out dirty water is not known to retain odor. Its installation is quite easy too.

The system has powerful pumps that provide a constant level of hydro massage pressure.


√  High-quality products to provide the body with the best relaxation modes.

√  Durable product. It is made of quality products and reinforced with fiberglass for extra durability. The whirlpool can stand the test of time.


×  Interior design might lack some important features such as a seat or where to place the legs.

4. Aerial Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub

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It is a one whirlpool that is built with the desire for customer satisfaction in mind. If you wish to have a hydro massage, then this is one product that I suggest you give a try. It is developed to provide maximum relaxation to the user. This is because the pool has an advanced hydro massage system. The system targets pressure points in the body, hence offering maximum relief.

It has a LED lighting system to give you peace and tranquility while immersed in the water. This makes the bathing experience even great.

Get refreshed with the music of your choice while relaxing your body. The system features an FM radio, a Bluetooth device, and a touch screen keypad. Follow your favorite programs and news channels any time with this bathroom tub.

It is built with strong materials that are resistant to both damage and heat. This enhances the durability of the tub. Acrylic is the main material used to make this whirlpool. It is reinforced with fiberglass to make it a little stronger.

The whirlpool is large enough to allow the user to have enough space while in the pool. There is enough space for sitting, standing and to have the legs massaged.


√  It is made of heavy material for durability. The surface is reinforced with fiberglass to enhance resistance to pressure and heat.

√  The whirlpool tub is connected to media. This provides an environment where you enjoy your lovely music as you get refreshed.


×  It can burn out in case of frequent power outages. However, this is a rare phenomenon. It does not happen often.

5. American Standard Soaking Tub

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This whirlpool offers one the chance for full body immersion. It is because it is deep and wide enough to accommodate the entire body. Just fill the tub to your desired level, push the button on, immerse yourself and enjoy.

It is built with molded armrests for maximum comfort when under the water. This enables one to keep the head above the water without getting tired.

For durability and resistance to heat and pressure, the tub is built with strong, glossy acrylic. It is also reinforced with fiberglass for more strength.

The tub’s floor is made of slip-free material. This means that while in the whirlpool, chances of slipping and falling down are minimum. The pool has grab points fixed on the wall to enhance stability. When you get into the whirlpool, just get hold of it with your hand.

It has a drain made of acrylic, strong enough to last long. The drain does not retain odor even after letting off used water. When the pool has overfilled, you can open the drain to let off some extra water.

The product comes with a two-year warranty. You are therefore assured of continuity of use of the product without any problem.


√  It is roomy enough to allow full-body immersion.

√  The whirlpool is durable. Given that it is made of acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass, the product can withstand environmental factors.


×  Some parts are sold separately and not as part of the original consignment. Such appliances include a deep-soak max drain.

6. Woodridge Whirlpool Water and Air Jet

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While many whirlpools operate a single system of a jet, this one is a hybrid of both. It exposes you to a variety of bathing systems. You can have a bath by use of either water jet, air-jet or both. This is meant to provide maximum pleasure to the body.

In many instances, if you want to buy a whirlpool, then you may be forced to alter the design of the bathroom. This is not the case here because it is freestanding. As long as you place it in a level place, it will stand there without any danger of falling off.

It has up to ten air jets and ten water jets to enable the user to get maximum pampering. The water jets can be adjusted and pointed to specific body parts that need pampering. When you immerse yourself in, you get to be pampered with millions of air bubbles released.

Enjoy the use of water pipes that never leak. All the taps connected to this whirlpool do not drop any water, at all.

When you buy this product, you are assured of maximum durability. This is because it is built of strong gloss acrylic. Its surface is reinforced with fiberglass to make it even stronger. This makes it resistant to heat changes.


√  It is durable and strong. The product can serve you for several years.

√  It has up to twenty jets in total. This is meant to give you maximum pleasure while underwater.


×  The air jets are not adjustable. You either open them fully or switch them off fully.

7. American Standard Evolution Whirlpool Bath

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Immerse yourself into a beautiful world of the shower through this premium whirlpool. It is built with dual molded-in armrests to enable you to relax. Generally, where armrests are provided, there is more comfort and pleasure.

The whirlpool has a high built-in sitting area. This is to allow you to immerse the legs in the pool to be pampered while enjoying a sip of your favorite drink.

The tub is built of acrylic for durability. Acrylic is known to last long and can even withstand pressure. The surface is reinforced with fiberglass. Fiberglass makes the tub to withstand extreme changes in temperature around the tub. Such changes can occur due to overheating or even due to extremely cold temperatures.

It has a tub button. Once filled with water, just press the tub button and water will start circulating. The body is then pampered and massaged by water waves.

It can stand freely on its own so long as it is placed in a leveled ground. On the other hand, you can mount it on a stand.

In an attempt to give you some peace of mind, the whirlpool comes with a one-year limited warranty. The warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase. The manufacturer has simplified the process of returning the product to the store of purchase in case of breakdowns/replacements.


√  It has a dual molded arm for enhanced comfort while taking a shower.

√  The product is durable. It is built and reinforced with high-quality material. The warranty also backs this up.


×  It just works with water jets.

8. Computerized 2 Person Hydrotherapy Massage Whirlpool

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This product is computerized and it is controlled by of sensors. The system can sense water level on its own when it either falls too low or even fills too high. Since it is computerized, it can turn the water on and off when instructed remotely. This makes the operation a simple affair.

Immerse yourself into the water while enjoying your favorite tracks from therein. The tub features an FM radio and a Bluetooth device which can be used to share media over it. Bluetooth can also be used for other forms of communication. An LCD screen attached to the whirlpool can be used to send and receive commands and signals.

It has water jets, adjustable massage jets which totals four in number. Also included in the product design are powerful back jets. All these features are meant to provide maximum satisfaction to the user.

The product is white in color and it is easy to clean. It is strong enough to withstand environmental changes because it is made of acrylic.

The whirlpool has a surface that does not slip. This, therefore, means that chances of one falling are limited. The safety of the user is assured, though one has to exercise some care.

The product is fitted with padded water pillows which are used for relaxing.


√  A computerized product to makes control and use a lot simpler.

√  It is deep and wide enough to allow one to take full immersion.

√  Fitted with several jets to provide one with many options for bathing.


×  Wrong commands may cause the system to operate wrongly. It is not always the case though.

9. American Standard Cambridge Soaking Bathtub

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Get maximum soaking comfort with a 14 inch depth product. This depth allows you to soak the whole body fully, except for the head.It has a wide base. This means that it can just be put on a flat surface and it stands freely. You do not, therefore, have to alter the design of your shower room in order to accommodate it. The tub is lighter than iron. It is also very easy to handle. When placed on the floor, the product has guaranteed stability.

The product is durable. It does not let water seep through the walls. The walls are built of strong glossy enamel that are scratch-resistant. It is easy to clean it because of its smooth surface.

When it comes to retaining heat, this product is excellent in that. Once the hot water is placed in, the heat will be lost at a slow rate. The whirlpool is insulated for silent bathing moments. This enables it to suppress any noise produced by the system while it is switched on.

Installation is easy. It takes a very short time to complete the task.

When you buy this product, you are guaranteed of a limited lifetime warranty. Warranty becomes effective right from the date of purchase.


√  The pool is deep enough for maximum soaking and full immersion.

√  It is durable. This is because it is built of strong materials that can withstand sudden and frequent changes in the environment.


×  It has no place to sit or even an armrest.

10. American Standard Deep Soak Bathtub

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As the name suggests, the whirlpool is deep enough to allow for full-body immersion. It is built with double folded armrest for comfort while inside the water. The whirlpool has a raised sitting part which enhances comfort in the bathroom. This is where one can sit while soaking the legs and other body parts.

It is built with strong acrylic material for durability. The surface is reinforced with fiberglass. This is to make it durable and resistant to extreme changes in temperature conditions within the tub. Heat especially can cause the pool to crack, but since it is reinforced with fiberglass, it doesn’t break.

The product is excellent when it comes to heat retention. When hot water is placed in the pool, it will take some time for it to lose heat completely. This means that you have an extended time to enjoy a water massage.

This product has a non-slip floor for the safety of the user. It then means that chances of falling down and hurting yourself are minimized. However, as per the norm, it is always good to observe some care while in the pool.

The whirlpool comes with a one-year limited warranty. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase.


√  It is excellent in heat retention.

√  The pool is deep enough to allow for full immersion and maximum pleasure underwater. It has an in-built armrest for comfortability.


×  It has a front apron only. There is no apron on the back of the whirlpool.

11. Aerial Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub Air Bubble Soaker

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When you want to buy a bathtub, one of the factors to consider is durability. This is its key characteristic for this product. It is made of strong gloss high-grade acrylic. This material makes the whirlpool to last long under any circumstance. The surface of the pool is reinforced with strong fiberglass to enhance durability. Since the pool is subjected to heat every time, the fiberglass comes in handy in suppressing its effects.

The system is fitted with a hydro massage mechanism. This means that water will provide massage to the body as one lays inside the pool. It has water jets designated to target all the pressure points in the body.

The whirlpool is fitted with an inbuilt LED flash which bears multiple colors. Apart from that, an FM radio, a Bluetooth device, and a speaker are fitted too. It also has a touch an LCD touch screen affixed to the tub. All these products are meant to provide entertainment while having your body hydro massaged.

The product is built with customer satisfaction in mind. While in the whirlpool, you will be fully taken away by the environment in there.

The whirlpool comes with a lifetime limited warranty which becomes effective on the date of purchase.


√  It is large and deep enough to allow for full-body immersion while enjoying a hydro massage.

√  Durability is the key. It is built of strong material external pressure forces.


×  Sometimes the pool may suffer an electric fault. When this happens, you should contact support care immediately.

12. Woodbridge Freestanding Water Jetted and Air Bubble Whirlpool

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If you want to save some extra and unnecessary costs of reconfiguring the bathroom, then you should buy this product. This is because the product is freestanding. Once placed on a flat floor, the product will function without tipping off. It is stable because it has a comfortable and a wide base.

The whirlpool has strong walls which does not allow water to leak. Its drain is strong and durable and at the same time, it does not allow water to leak through the joints.

Immerse yourself into this whirlpool and get an air massage with thousands of tiny air bubbles. These bubbles are produced through the jets when the system is turned on.

It is made of lucite acrylic to enhance durability. The whirlpool is also reinforced with a fiberglass and Ashland resin to keep it strong for long. Reinforcement is meant to protect the product against extreme changes in environmental factors such as heat.

The whirlpool is fitted with ten adjustable body massage and ten bubble baths. This is to enhance comfort and massage bath under the water. To enjoy the use of both the air and water bubbles, you can be open them simultaneously. Under this circumstance, the body is pampered for full relaxation against stress and fatigue.


√  Enjoy the pleasure of having both air and water pamper the body.

√  The product is durable, strong and stable. With this product in your bathroom, you will be able to use it for the longest time possible.


×  The air jet bubble is not adjustable. It can either be on or off.

13. American Standard Cadet Hydro Massage Whirlpool

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Get up to eight multi-directional water jets with this product. These jets are adjustable as well. The moment you will buy this product, you will have a total control over your bathroom. It has a flow adjustable body massage that can be adjusted to massage any body part that is fatigued.

The whirlpool is made of strong gloss acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass for durability. Fiberglass is known for its excellence in suppressing the effects of heat on the whirlpool. The heat comes from the hot water which is placed in the tub.

It is built with in line heater which helps to keep the water warm. The tub takes a relatively long time to lose heat completely when you have this system in place. This means that you will enjoy the warmth of the water and the hydro massage for the longest time possible.

The pool consumes up to 60 gallons of water. This amount of water is enough to immerse the entire body while gaining relaxation. The tub is also deep and it has a provision for sitting while immersing the legs.

It is a spacious tub. One can stand, sit and turn around without any problem.

Get a one-year limited warranty service when you buy this product. The warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase of the tub.


√  It has eight adjustable bath jets. This enables you to get maximum pleasure under the water.

√  It is durable. Once installed, it can serve you for several years without any hitch.


×  It does not come with the drain, rather, the drain has to be purchased on its own.

14. Eago Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub

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This product combines both durability, beauty and strength in one package. Technology is also at the forefront of this tub. This is because it is able to auto fill itself through the jets. However, if it is not your desire to have it auto fill in that way, you can still make the necessary changes.

The product is durable and can stand the test of time because it is made of strong acrylic material. It is also reinforced with fiberglass and stainless steel. Reinforcement helps in preventing the system against the effects of high temperatures. A sudden increase in temperature, occasioned by addition hot water to the tub can cause it to crack. Fiberglass, therefore, plays a great role in protecting the tub.

The whirlpool features a backflow preventer. Used and dirty water has to be drained completely. If let to flow back, it will lead to the formation of bacteria, odor, and mold. If such things form in the shower, then it will make the whole pool unhealthy for use. After use, the tub must be cleaned and left to dry a bit.

The tub has inline heaters which are instrumental in keeping the water warm. This enables one to have long moments of body massage under warm water.


√  It is durable and can serve you over several years.

√  Enjoy prolonged periods of warm water usage. This is because it has an inline heater that maintains water temperature.


×  The product is a bit heavier. Shipping it requires care to be observed.

15. American Standard Savona Whirlpool Bathtub

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If you purchase this product, you will have the advantage of not remodeling your bathroom. You can just place it on a level floor and start using it comfortably because it has a level and a wide base. Remodeling the shower room means additional costs. So long as the older model was similar to the new one, then the bathroom will not need any further reconfiguration.

The whirlpool is made to last. It is built of strong acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. Fiberglass absorbs the extreme heat caused by hot water when drained to the tub. This prevents the tub from cracking due to the effects of a sudden increase in temperatures.

Enjoy more comfort with this product. It has a provision for a backrest and an armrest, which assures one of maximum comfort while under the cover of warm water. While the body is relaxing on the backrest, the legs can be immersed in the water for massaging.

The floor is not slippery. This means that you do not risk falling off while in the water. There is a provision built on the wall where you can grab, just in case you are falling.

The tub can always be clean. This is because it is easy to clean, coupled together with a smooth surface that does not hold water.


√  Very comfortable. With the backrest and armrest provided, you can relax and enjoy your bath.

  It is deep enough to allow for full-body immersion. You can, however, sit back and have the legs massaged by warm water.


×  The drain is sold separately from the main system.

The Best Whirlpool Tubs Buying Guides.

Before buying a whirlpool, there are several things to consider. Since there are many brands in the market each offering a set of characteristics, you must then do a survey. You are encouraged to sample as many whirlpools as possible before deciding on desirable to buy. Get the opinion of your friends and do some online research as well. This is to enable you to choose what best suits you.

What then are the salient features that one needs to look for before spending their money? Here are some of the things which I have highlighted to enable you to make a wise decision. Check and find out if it matches what fits your desire.

 The heating system.

A whirlpool carries a huge amount of water at any given time. If you, therefore, choose to heat it using the existing heating system, then it should have the capacity to do so. Water in the whirlpool gets cold over some time because of the bubbles which is produced on a continuous basis.

If the heater cannot handle such a volume of water, then you have to fill it with hot water. This might bring some inconveniences. This is because you will be out of the water on many occasions to refill the pool with hot water. Be sure to have a fifty-gallon container on standby with hot water for replacement.

 The safety and security features.

In the whirlpool, chances are high that you may get hurt if you slip and fall, or even get burnt by electricity. These are the things that must be mitigated at all costs. For safety, a whirlpool should bear the following characteristics:

a) A built-in grab bars on either side. The main aim of this is to protect one from falling down. One can fall down by slipping or just by accident.

b) A non-slip floor. Many surfaces turn to be slippery when it comes in to contact with water. A good whirlpool should not get slippery when water is filled in. This is mostly caused by the material used to make the interior surface. Where the surface becomes slippery every moment, then you should always keep your eye on the grab bars. This is because falling off in such whirlpools is inevitable.

c) A built-in low water sensor. Usually, a whirlpool is operated by running the motor. The motor is responsible for circulating water, producing air jets and so on. When the pool has a sufficient amount of water, the motor will function optimally. However, if the water levels drop so low, the motor will cause the whirlpool to overheat. In this case, if one is inside the whirlpool, they may get burnt.

If the pool has low water sensors, then there is no cause for alarm. This is because if it senses that water levels are low, then it switches off automatically. If your pool does not have a sensor, then you will need to operate it manually. The problem with this is that if you do not switch it off at the appropriate time, you may get hurt. I suggest that you upgrade your whirlpool today.

d) Safe and easy access (entry and exit). A good whirlpool should have a provision for safe and easy access. This is because sometimes, accidents can occur in the pool. When this happens, you must exit safely and immediately. If the kind of whirlpool in your possession restricts such movements, then you should consider changing it. It should not also be a big challenge to get into the whirlpool.

The first thing you should look for when buying one for your bathroom should be easy access. If an elderly person, such as an eighty-year person is to use the whirlpool, how easy is it for him/her to get in and out?

In other instances, the pool might overheat due to low water levels. If you do not exit fast, then you may get burnt because the motor is running on a dry pool. When this happens, you should be able to exit first before switching it off unless it can sense.

I do recommend that for your own safety and security, get to understand all the features of a whirlpool before getting in there. Get to know and locate all the operational features, how to get in and out, how to fill it and so on. With that in mind, your safety is more than halfway guaranteed.

 The size and weight.

The larger the whirlpool, the more it offers the best services. Smaller ones are hard to enjoy since it has limited space and features. It is not worth investing your money in the smaller ones since it will not help in relieving you when you are worn out. If you want to upgrade your whirlpool, then there are three options: to buy a smaller one, a bigger one or maintain the size. However, before making such an investment, ask yourself the following questions:

1) How large are the persons who will be using the whirlpool? If it becomes smaller in size, then it will sound like it is some form of wastage.

2) What is the number of people to enjoy the whirlpool at any given time? If you intend to go in as couples, then it should be large enough for two.

3) What is the body conditions of those people who will use the pool? If a person who is physically challenged (person with disability) is to use it, then the jets should be positioned appropriately as well. Otherwise, the whirlpool becomes inappropriate.

4) Is the current floor make able to support the new whirlpool? There are models of pools which are naturally heavier. When water is added, every whirlpool becomes even heavier. If the floor is not strong enough, then it might not be appropriate to hold the whirlpool.

 The operating system of the tub.

A whirlpool can be operated in two ways, namely:

i. Water jet bathtub.

ii. Air jet bathtub.

Water jet works by circulating and recirculating water in the tub. This provides the body with relaxing and therapeutic effects. Air jet, on the other hand, small bubbles of air are pushed into the water and used for pampering the body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. What is the difference between an air jet and water jet?

In the whirlpool, massage can be done in two ways. This is either by jetting out water or air bubbles. The water jet is the holes on the surface of the whirlpool which releases water. On the other hand, air jets are similar holes, but the difference is that it releases bubbles. In all the cases, water jets are adjustable but the air jets are not. With air jets, you either open it full force or switch it completely off. Having a mixture of water and air jest in the shower is a nice experience.

2. Do whirlpools use batteries?

In most cases, they are connected to an electric power source. This means that it always depends on electricity, rather than batteries. You might not, however, miss some models using batteries. This is not a common phenomenon though. But since there are millions and millions of whirlpools in the market today, it is not surprising to find one running on batteries.

3. How often should I clean my tub?

Where possible, you should clean it after every use. However, if you do not have sufficient time to do frequent cleaning, you can do it once or twice a week. Tubs have smooth surfaces meaning that they are easy to clean all the time. Once in a while, you should do a thorough cleaning to remove hard stains.

4. Do you provide installation manuals for new tubs?

There are various types of tubs. Some need to be installed on the floor of the bathroom. On the other hand, there are those which just needs to be placed on a flat floor. These types do not require any installation manual since you just place them on the floor. Those which require some mechanical intervention will come with a manual.

We, however, provide manuals that cover a wide range of activities. Such activities include how to operate the tub, how to clean and how to maintain.

5. Are whirlpool baths difficult to install?

Installing a whirlpool is not a complicated process. If you had installed the first one successfully, then the subsequent ones should not be a problem to install. You can always refer to a user manual when carrying out the installation. In the event that it becomes difficult to accomplish the task, you can always call in a professional. Your plumber should be aware of how it should be done. You can give it a try, it is not complicated.


Our bodies need to be pampered after a tiresome day on duty. There are many ways with which this can be done. However, using a whirlpool to relax and unwind can give you the best experience. Whenever you want to buy one, there are procedures to follow. Once in the market, identify the product of your choice. After that, get to understand what the product offers before making any purchase

Every product has its positive and negative attributes. It is upon you to carry out a due diligence study on the market before making a final decision. Finally, buy a product which best suits your needs and desires.

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