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5 Hansgrohe Shower Head Reviews [2021] | Top Picks

Being an essential tool in the bathroom, it is important that you don’t just pick a shower head off the shelf because it looks fanciful and it saves you cost, a great deal must be considered before picking a shower head.

Hansgrohe offers a great selection of qualitative shower heads, but this lists out the best among Hansgrohe shower head and why they’re the best. Read through and get informed so that you can get the best shower head that’s fitting for you out of Hansgrohe collection.

You will surely get quality for your money, and save yourself a great deal of hassle and frustration associated with poor and uninformed choices.

Top 4 Best Hansgrohe Shower Head Comparison in 2021

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The 5 Best Hansgrohe Shower Head Reviews

1. Hansgrohe Raindance Select Handheld Showerhead

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It is one of the unique handheld showerheads that come at a lower price than the rest of the brands. The product is resistant to clogging, and it features eighty-one spry channels. It also comes with three spray channels for a wide selection of the mode.

The features:

 The main head and the head are sold separately. It is, therefore, important to confirm the same before leaving the store of purchase.

 Select the spray modes that are comfortable to you at a single press of a button. It is easy to operate by the control of this button.

 The product features 81 spray buttons that ensures that an optimum amount of water passes through it for usage. These holes do not clog easily.

 It is easy to clean and maintain it. Clean the head frequently so that you can rid it of the solid matter that settles on it quite often.

 The product features three spray modes that give you a variety of options.

 It is lightweight. The chrome finish in the showerhead makes your bathroom appear luxurious.


  • It is easy to install and to use. The package comes with an installation guide that makes the process simple.
  • It is also easy to clean and maintain.
  • The product features a long hose pipe that enables one to reach every part of the body with ease.
  • Its handle is slim and can fit any palm with a lot of ease.
  • You can put back the showerhead to the bracket when not in use without any problem.
  • It keeps the water pressure constant at the showerhead even if the actual pressure is low.


  • It passes out a lot of water at any given moment and hence might lead to wastages.

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2. Hansgrohe 27495001 Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Shower Head Review

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This chrome coated shower head comes with 6 inches worth of face spray and three enjoyable spray modes – rain, balance and whirl, which makes bathing a little more refreshing. With its QuickClean function, it stands itself out from tons of shower heads as it allows you to easily clear of residual minerals that might accumulate and block the outlet of water.

Seeing as it is reinforced with chrome, it stands to reason that it’s one of the sturdier shower heads in the market; the warranty even covers product repair for over a year should there be any defect or eventual damage to the product.

All in all, this is a worthy purchase, and at its price you’re definitely getting quality for the money you spend. Be sure to leave a review upon purchase and use so others can check out this nice looking and efficient shower head.

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3. Hansgrohe 27474821 Raindance 240 Air Shower Head Review

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This single spray shower head offers you a whopping 180 spray outlets that leave you totally immersed in its drenching full body spray. It is simplistic in design and is resistant to accumulation of minerals that can clog the spray outlets.

Basically, it is self-cleansing, and you won’t have to worry about losing pressure because of clogged outlets. The fact that it is adjustable to about 26 degrees is a plus.

What’s more is the fact that it can either be reinforced with chrome or brushed nickel depending on your choice. This means that you won’t be needing a replacement early. Besides being able to standalone as a shower head, it can be used with other shower mixers with ease.

That’s a plus especially when you have an extra at home that you won’t like to discard. It’s also easy to install, so you might not need the services of a plumber in getting this set up.

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4. Hansgrohe 28492001 Croma Green 1-Jet Showerhead Review

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Coming off as one of the cheapest on the list, this Hansgrohe 28492001 Croma Green Shower Head packs a great water pressure that is sure to leave you drenched. Its simple design might sell it off as inefficient, but upon installation and use, you’ll definitely find out that it’s a great addition to the bathroom and offers full body spray.

It comes with an adjustable neck to set it at your preferred angle, and is reinforced with chrome to ensure it lasts long and serve you better. With this, you won’t need the services of a plumber seeing as it is easy to install in your bathroom.

Be it a family bathroom or a private bathroom, this is fully efficient, and at its price you definitely won’t see another of similar quality at the same price. Topping its efficiency is the fact that it is self-cleansing, hence you don’t have to worry much about the accumulation of residue.

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5. Hansgrohe 26465001 Croma 220 Showerhead review

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This small sized shower head offers you nearly similar spray like the big sized shower heads. It’s efficient for bathing little kids, and packs a great deal of pressure that you’ll find enjoyable. Its spray outlets are self-cleansing, and as such there’s no need to worry about the outlets getting clogged by residue.

With this chrome finished shower head, you won’t have any issues of breaking early on since it is designed to last you long – limited lifetime warranty. Although the price is a bit steep for a shower head in this list, it’s efficient dispensing of water and overall functionality sets it apart as worth every penny spent on it.

Seeing as it allows for a smooth rain flow of shower water that can be a great thrill to the kids and even you in person, you shouldn’t be scared off by the price – there are many more in the market with far lesser quality at greater prices.

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Hansgrohe Shower Head Reviews

Since the year 1889, shower heads have always given their users a feeling of class above regular overhead shower or tub users. Their invention has led to the best means of taking a bath, and seeing as the demand is high, there is definitely going to be creation of knockoffs by con men to get swift bucks out of unsuspecting buyers.

Hence, it is important that one knows what a real shower head is made of, the ideal price range and more, in order not to fall victim of buying fake shower heads that won’t last a week.

In figuring out what shower head would be most ideal for you, and to gauge yourself from buying a fake, here are certain factors you must keep in mind;


Quite a lot of shower heads, arms and pipes in the market claim to be stainless steel. But the truth of the matter is that most are coated with chrome to ensure that they last longer than plastics.

In a chronological order, you’ll find out that steel shower heads are more durable compared to others, and they’re pretty efficient in maintaining water temperature. Shower heads with chrome or brass nickel finish are next in line and are more common than pure iron shower heads.

They’re less costly and are just as efficient, but not as durable as iron shower heads. The least on the list are the plastic shower heads which are susceptible to breakage and leaks overtime, and you’d be better off without getting one of these.

So if you’re looking for a shower head that won’t tear your pocket and would last you long, the mixed shower heads with chrome or brass nickel finish are your best bet.


Money is a major player when it comes to getting qualitative products. In getting a shower head, first off, be sure of the cash you have in hand. You’ll most likely need other parts, so rather than just spending on a shower head alone, put into consideration other necessary parts before you decide to get that fancy shower head that you have in mind. There are cheap yet efficient shower heads in the market as there are classy and costly ones. Depending on your pocket, pick the one that would suit you and would last long as well.


Not many pay attention to this. Live customer reviews help a lot in deciding what product would serve you best. If you already have a shower head in mind that you want to get, do a brief research on it, check the pros and cons, and then check customer feedback on products in the comment sections.

In reviews, you can find simple tips on maintenance and installation, and also warnings should the product you have in mind be defective. So having saved enough money, you’ve decided on getting a particular shower head made of either materials listed earlier, don’t jump into the market to place your order. Patiently read through reviews to be 100% certain of what you’re getting.


Needless to say, information is vital in making any purchase be it online or offline, and in this case, buying a shower head doesn’t just answer to money and your individual preference. You have to learn from the reviews of previous customers, the specifications of each product and the money involved in order to make the right decision.

With a decent customer service that’s willing to tend to your complaints and enquiries, you can be rest assured that you won’t have any problem when complaining about a product’s defectiveness. Besides, these are the best in the Hansgrohe collection, and you can be rest assured that you won’t face defects.

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