Top Materials For Commercial Shower Stalls ideas

How To Choose The Top Materials For Commercial Shower Stalls?

What’s the very first concept we think of when we hear the word bathroom? Better still, what’s the first concept we want to think about when thinking about a bathroom? Privacy? Commodity? Both of them? Sure, no one wants to spend some time in a public bathroom that’s vandalized, dirty, and the door just won’t lock. 

Worse still, would be to take a shower in a stall that is under such conditions! Just imagine cleaning yourself up in a place that is not clean enough. That’s hypocrisy, isn’t it? Indeed, privacy and commodities are a must. Because after all, comfort is the result of feeling at ease in your environment.

So, when it is time to provide such a safe environment, one should focus on selecting only the best materials out there. Those that will resist the most. Those that look so great that users will want to take care of them.

It is important to ensure durability, functionality, and efficiency. The elements mentioned here will guarantee the three of them. 

Starting with the Foundations – Selecting the Right Tiles

If you are planning to set up the entire bathroom from scratch, then you might consider placing some tiles on the walls and floor.

Tiles are not just a matter of looks, they are also practical. Tiles work marvelously at the time of dealing with moisture. Tiles are made of a material that fits wet environments. What’s more, they are resilient and can last for many years if they are taken care of in the proper way.

The question is, what material should the tiles be anyway? Here are the best options you can choose from.

First, you could go with a classic: ceramic. It is a highly absorbent material, really appropriate for slippery places. Also, it is less expensive than other elements.

Next, you could try porcelain tiles, which are even harder than the ones made of ceramic. A plus for porcelain is that it is easier to maintain than ceramics too! So you might think twice before purchasing the first option. Although we have to warn you, porcelain is more costly.

Lastly, if you would like to let loose your artistic crafter, the right choice is to decorate the shower stalls with glass tiles. They are bright, colorful, and memorable, which of course, the users will love. Sure, this one is probably the least reliable option you would select of them all. Glass tiles require too much effort and money for a commercial shower stall. But of course, it was worth mentioning it, just in case you might think it is the right selection.

Partitions: what’s the best material to build them from? 

Remember when we talked about privacy? Well, here’s the partitions’ call to action. Partitions divide the bathroom, making for an individual shower stall each. Don’t forget that a public shower stall turns private when you create a sense of intimacy. They designate the amount of space the user will have when he or she is taking a well-earned shower.

Partitions are great because of two main reasons, First, they are easy to install. Once the set arrives, it can be set in the blink of an eye, ready to be used. Second, partitions are simple to clean. Any affordable cleaning solution can get rid of the fungus that water generates on them.

Now, if partitions are so important, then the material they are made of must be important as well. Sure it is! The one you will select depends on a variety of reasons. However, here are the ones that could work the best.

Commercial Shower Stalls ideas

Solid plastic partitions are both resistant and low-budget, which means that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a quality item. They are long-lasting and resist different temperatures.

Another great option is phenolic. Phenolic partitions feel as if they were made of wood. However, phenolic is undoubtedly superior for this scenario.

Wood is not waterproof and could be affected by constant wet air. Phenolic, on the other hand, is impermeable. Plus, it is resistant enough to receive hits and scratches without resulting in drastic damage.

Close the door… I’m taking a shower!

I know that we said that partitions are important for providing intimacy, and we were right. However, the real deal for supplying confidence and coziness are the doors.

See, hundreds of people take their everyday bath in a commercial shower. Unfortunately, some of them don’t even have curtains! For many, this is rather uncomfortable. So much that they prefer leaving the gym all sweaty than having to be seen taking a shower. To be honest, it is understandable, especially for very shy people.

Naturally, there is a way to solve this inconvenience: simply provide something to cover with!

And that something can be a door or a curtain. Which one will you choose?

The best curtains are made of cotton. They endure hardships and can be washed without any problems. One thing to consider, though, is that cotton curtains are a bit more expensive than other types of curtains.

In that case, you could then get curtains that are made of heavy-duty vinyl. They are the ones used in hospital showers, for example. A plus is to add an antimicrobial coat to the curtain, so mold doesn’t affect the curtain itself.

More expensive still is getting doors or screens instead of curtains. A screen made of glass would look fantastic and give a sense of luxury. But if that is too much, then a door would do. Whether you choose a swing door or a slider it will be up to what you are looking for. 

Paint: The Devil’s in the Details 

What’s the main function of a shower stall? To provide water, of course. Lots and lots of water come out from the showerhead all day long. A human-made waterfall. Certainly, with this situation comes a big issue: moisture. Tiles can be affected by it, although with a quick cleaning the moisture is gone. But what happens to the paint on the walls and ceilings? Well, moisture can permanently damage it. The wall could peel and flake. Having to repair the wall is no easy task and demands much more work than simply rubbing a soft dry with a cleaner.

The right place demands selecting the right paint. In this particular case, we recommend latex paint since it is made for enduring moist atmospheres. Also, if you want your shower stall to stand out, use either semi-gloss or high-gloss paint. It will create a more unique room. 

Think about the grannies as well, please! 

Sounds silly, but this detail is very important. I want you to imagine the following. Suppose that, for example, the commercial shower stalls are part of a club. Now, imagine that that club has one or more swimming pools. Then picture that many elderly people go to that club, and use those pools. Eventually, they’ll need to use the shower stalls, and here’s where the problem emerges.

Many old people need something that they can grab onto. Consider that many run the risk of slipping and falling down, which would be catastrophic both for the elders and the club itself. What we are trying to say is that installing a railing could be a wise idea, especially if many elders go to the building and use the shower stalls.

Commercial Shower Stalls ideas
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Most shower grab bars are made of stainless steel. This avoids rust and corrosion, which ultimately, has to be avoided at all cost. If this material doesn’t convince you, then maybe a brass bar could work. All in all, brass is inexpensive and also strong, and reliable.

Other materials that you might take into account are plastic, nylon-coated mild steel, or vinyl-coated metal. Focusing on plastic solely, we can mention that, although not as strong as stainless steel, it is still a hard material that will guarantee safety.

So go for it! Getting a shower grab bar will send the message that you care about your customers.

Constructing a good commercial shower stall is more important than you may think. In the end, the fastest solution is to purchase the cheapest materials of them all, install everything in the right place, and open the installations for everyone to use. I mean, they are public after all, which means that they will not be taken care of, right?

Well, there is a bit of truth in that statement, unfortunately. It is not uncommon to find public services deteriorated, wrecked, and vandalized by the customers. It is a shame indeed, there is no denying that.

However, that doesn’t mean that taking care of these details is a futile task. On the contrary, investing in quality materials and focusing on the tiny features that a shower stall has could lead to the opposite result: users appreciating the service, and taking care of them.

The tips provided here will make the process of having the perfect shower in your ideal bathroom so much easier and practical as well.

Start with the right foot, and your customers will follow.

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