Best Delta Shower Head Reviews

5 Delta Shower Head Reviews [2021] | Top Picks

The old style was to either stand under a shower, or slide into the bathtub for your bath. But with the creation of hand held shower heads with hose, you can relax in the tub whilst enjoying the pour from your shower head.

It’s a great addition to the bathroom, and you surely would not want to mess up style on the basis of getting a knockoff shower head. This review would provide you with information of the best delta shower heads in the market, their good and bad sides and where to put your money that would give you enviable quality.

Top 4 Best Delta Shower Head Comparison in 2021

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The 5 Best Delta Shower Head Reviews

1. Delta Faucet Dual Handheld Showerhead 4-Spray

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It is a premium product that features both the showerhead and the hand shower all in one package. The product is powerful comes with massaging jets and up to five spray options. The manufacturers provide a lifetime limited warranty on the product.

The features:

 The showerhead releases powerful sprays for the full-body cleaning. These water jets will satisfy all your shower needs within a short time.

 It also produces massaging jets that relieve the body of the days’ stress. The jets also relieves the muscles of soreness and tiredness. The massaging jets aim the give your body ultimate shower experience.

 It features dual showerheads that you can use while holding or even when you attach to the wall. Choose the design that you will take depending on your shower needs.

 The showerhead comes with five powerful spray options that cater to all the needs of the body. These options will make the body to relax while getting the best out of the shower room.

 The design features a chrome finish, which makes your bathroom look luxurious and modern.

 Its handles are thin, and it can fit any palm without many problems.


  • The showerhead relaxes the body with its powerful sprays. It is ideal for use at any moment, not just when you feel tired and worn out.
  • The product’s weight makes it the best choice for use by anyone.
  • It is a two-in-one product that caters to all the shower needs of the user.
  • The product features an excellent flow rate that does not get affected by the level of water pressure.


  • It is costly due to the features that it offers to the user.
  • The showerhead does not save on water usage and water costs.

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2. Delta Faucet 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head review

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A core feature of the Delta Faucet 4 Spray In2ition is the fact that it gets water to reach significant places. It’s ideal for bathing young children and pets if you like. With its easy installation guide, you can get set up in no time, and enjoy shower even more than the traditional standing under the shower. The detailed instruction provided in the guide, will help you get things set up all by yourself without calling for a plumber. What’s more is the fact that you get to save time and strength with this easy to install shower head.

An added advantage to making use of the Delta Faucet 4 Spray allows you to choose either a fast massage spray or full body spray or both. This in2ition dual hand held shower head offers you different options of water spray. Makes it more fun for the little ones.

With a pause button to check water flow, this shower head ensures that you get to conserve water whilst washing up. The feature reduces the water into trickles and can revert back to full burst when you’re ready. What’s more is that this shower head offers you a stylish design as well as reinforcement by making use of chrome coating. It’s sleek as it is durable.

But it has its defects. The hose tends to be a bit stiff in some packages, thus making it difficult to steer the spray to where you want it. That means that due to its stiffness, it can break. If you exert too much force on the neck overtime will cause it to break. In general, it’s pretty good.

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3. Delta Faucet 7-Spray Touch-Clean Hand Held Shower Head Review

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Delta Faucet 7 Spray allows you to enjoy the luxury of using a hand shower and an overhead shower head. Designed for comfort and ease in cleaning off residue from the nozzle, you can be rest assured that water flow will not be restricted, and you won’t have any difficulty in getting water to reach where you want it to reach – it is flexible.

Overtime, the nozzle of your shower head accumulates calcium and some other dirt which may restrict water flow. But the Delta Faucet 7 Spray is designed such that the nozzles can easily be wiped clean of blockage – be it your finger or a brush, you can easily get this shower head clean.

What’s more is that it comes with six spray options and a pause feature, you get to enjoy bath time using either the drenching spray, massaging spray and even the energy saving spray option – it all depends on you. The pause feature is also great to restrict the flow of water when you’re not in need of a full spray.

But be careful though, you might find that the water flow is disappointing due to the default setting to prevent sudden burst of water whilst installing. Coupled with the fact that the water regulator to increase the pressure is obscured, you might feel like you’ve bought a knockoff whereas it’s just hidden at the base of the handle. So before you return or order a replacement, check for the regulator and enjoy your Delta Faucet 7 Spray.

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4. Delta Faucet Single-Spray Rain Shower Head review

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Changing your shower head can be one of the fastest replacement you can ever get done, and the Delta brand offers great shower heads that are easy to install without needing the services of a plumber.

This particular shower head is very easy to install and also comes with a chrome finish to ensure style as well as durability – virtually all the parts of this shower head are metallic, thus erasing the fear of breakage which is common among plastic shower heads.

Also, be it low or mild or high pressure, the Delta Faucet Single Spray water regulator will allow you take a bath in either levels of pressure with ease. What’s more is the fact that depending on how you set the regulator, you can get a wide range of spray or restrict it to a level. Although it’s a single spray shower head, its wide range ensures that water gets to all necessary places.

All in all, this shower head has been known to be the best among all shower heads because of its efficiency. Even at that, it doesn’t lose touch with modernity as its metallic nature gives it a stylish glossy finish. But then, the water regulator can cause a lot of noise which some customers have complained about.

If you want to churn out the annoying noise, remove the water regulator. The regulator does its work and the noise might be offsetting for you. You basically get more than the regular for your money.

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5. Delta Faucet 4-Spray Touch-Clean In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head review

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Another easy to use and easy to clean hand held shower head with hose is the Delta Faucet 5 Spray which is stylish as it is efficient. You definitely can’t go wrong with this as its metallic structure helps it last longer than regular plastic shower heads.

If you’re looking for a spray with a wide range, then this is the one to buy. Packaged with an installation guide to put you through, you can get this set up in record time and enjoy the classy feeling it adds to your bathroom.

You don’t have to worry much about cleaning since a simple swipe of your finger or a towel, can clear any accumulation of mineral or other residue at the tip of the nozzle without stress. What’s more is that with each bath, the water burst helps to keep the nozzle clean.

The Delta Faucet 5 Spray besides being classy, offers you a long time of use without having to get a replacement or worry about the neck snapping. It is metallic and that means it’s one of the sturdier ones unlike the plastics. Depending on what you want, you could go from full body spray to drenching full body spray and even massage. 5 spray options are available for you to pick from.

But be careful though, the hose is flexible it can easily break, and you just might have a hard time finding a proper replacement. All in all, the Delta Faucet 5 Spray is a great addition to your bathroom, and you definitely aren’t wasting money buying it.

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Buyer’s Guide For The Delta Shower Head Reviews

Shower heads have been a thing of class since 1889. Prior to their invention, the ideal way of taking a bath was to either stand under a shower, slide into the bathtub or get to the bathroom with a pail of water, a bathing bowl and mechanical fetch and pour water on yourself.

Just like all things evolve into something more advanced and stylish, the shower heads were invented to erase the mechanical fetching and pouring, and the monotonous standing under a shower or lying in a bathtub. The shower heads now offer the luxury that all three old forms of taking a bath could give when combined together.

But like all classy things, knockoffs have pervaded the market, and you might find yourself spending your hard earned cash on a low quality knockoff that might scare off ever trying to enjoy the luxury made available by shower heads. This guide is to ensure that you don’t fall victim of knockoffs, and that you get qualitative shower heads that your money can buy. Let’s get to it:

Best Delta Shower Head Reviews

Water Pressure

One of the commonest heartbreaks with shower heads is the fact that some have no pressure at all and cause poor water flow. True the US law provides that you can use no more than 2.5 gallons a minute with an 80 pounds per square inch water pressure, some shower head brands tend to use that as an excuse to deliver poorly.

The truth is that irrespective of the US water regulation law, the best shower heads in the market can still deliver optimally without breaching the law. Pressure is an important factor when buying a shower head, do a double check on it before buying.

Note however that you shouldn’t buy a shower head with extreme pressure – the painful spray of water would definitely not be enjoyable.


Most shower heads in the market claim to be made of stainless steel, but the truth is that you will find more plastic shower heads than stainless steels. If you’re looking for a qualitative shower head, then by all means get one that is actually made of metal – it will ensure that the shower head lasts longer.

But if you’re looking for something economical, then a mix of metal and plastic would be ideal. For the Delta Shower Heads, you will find more that are made of plastics, and metal and plastics to ensure durability, efficiency and pocket-friendly.

Shower Fixture

Best Delta Shower Head Reviews

It’s ok if a shower head gives off hot water at a minimal pressure that’s not too weak nor strong, but in order to maximize pressure, you have to check the type of fixture used for the shower head.

Single phase shower heads only offer one style of spray, but those with multi-phases or setting offer different type of spray, water pressure and ranges.

Here are a few things to note on shower heads and their fixture types; single phase spray shower heads usually have a lone adjustable head that sprays in a fixed pattern.

Rain shower heads can be placed directly above you to allow for a wide range of spray. Multi-phase shower heads are designed to hold two or more shower heads that can be adjusted as you deem fit – wider range and different spray patterns.

Adjustable Spray Patterns

Besides the fixture, material and the other important things to note when buying a new shower head, put in mind that you would need something that gives you control. A shower head that comes with an adjustable spray pattern and still maintains its durability among others, trumps others. You can also check out the additional features on shower heads to make your choice – go for functionality over style.


One of the most enjoyable moments for most persons is taking a good shower – the liberty to think while water sprays down your body among others. Hence, choosing the right shower head could make a difference and spice up your day much more than you realize.

True there are tons of shower heads in the market, and yes it can be a really tough task making your pick. But with the information you’ve gotten from this review, you can be rest assured about picking the right shower head at a pocket friendly price. Don’t forget to leave a review for others who might need the same information for delta shower head reviews.

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