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5 Speakman Shower Head Reviews [2021] | Top Picks

The place of the shower head in the bathroom cannot be overemphasized. Seeing as the shower experience is one of the most enjoyable and soothing experiences in the home, it is important that you don’t just buy what’s on the shelf.

With a selection of Speakman’s best shower heads, you can get value for your money by reading through the specifications of each product, live customer reviews and the competitive prices attached to each product.

All the information you need concerning the best shower heads in Speakman’s collection are available here and worth the time spent in reading through and getting informed.

Top 4 Best Speakman Shower Head Comparison in 2021

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The 5 Best Speakman Shower Head Reviews

1. Speakman Napa Anystream 2-Way Shower Combination

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It is a hybrid shower model that comes with two showerheads. The technology allows the use of a diverter to make the water reach the two heads simultaneously. The product is handheld, but you can still use the bracket to fix it to the wall.

The features:

 The product comes with a 60-inch long nose together with a mounting bracket.

 You can either fix it to the wall or even use it as a handheld shower. It is a hybrid model.

 The product is easy to install and can fit any standard shower room setting and plumbing systems.

 It features a standard flow rate of 1.8GPM. Such an amount of water is sufficient for the two showerheads without compromising on the pressure levels.

 The product features Any Stream technology that allows the showerhead to spray at all angles. That happens even if you do not tune the showerhead to face multiple directions.

 Make your bathroom to appear luxurious with a showerhead that features polished chrome. It makes it resistant to dust, rust, and corrosion.

 The product is light and can fit your palm with a lot of ease.


  • It is durable because it is not prone to attacks by corrosion. The body also features a polished chrome that makes it strong and resistant to other environmental factors.
  • Select from a variety of spray options for an optimum shower experience.
  • You can choose to use both heads simultaneously, or even one at a time. Water pressure will remain the same in either of the two circumstances.


  • The showerhead might not lead to cost savings because of the two spray points that it features.
  • It is costly because of its uniqueness.

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2. Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head Review

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This polished shower head comes with an efficient design that ensures it can deliver either massive bursts of water or calm massaging spray of water. It helps to keep the body clean and refreshed through its array of spray patterns much attested to by customers.

What’s more is the fact that you can even combine both patterns of water and more to enjoy your shower time even more. With its simplistic yet silvery outlook, this Speakman S-2005 shower head comes off as classy and efficient.

Besides its great delivery of water, it’s a flexible shower head that you can get tilted to your preferred angle by a twist of the handle. It’s a great addition to the bathroom and comes off as easy to install and easy to maintain.

If you want to add the same ambiance of class you can find in the bathrooms of extravagant hotels and resorts all over the world, then this shower head is the one for you; and for its price, it is worth a lot more.

But just in case you’re looking for something totally metallic, you might not exactly like this one since it’s made of plastic with a chrome finish to make it sturdy and affordable.

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3. Speakman S-2251 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head Review

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The Speakman Anystream series is a great collection of luxurious shower heads that are pretty affordable. While some are costlier than others, they all retain quality that’s worth their price.

The S-2251 is no exception with its adjustable neck and wide range of spray. It’s further reinforced with chrome to ensure it lasts twice as long as regular plastic showerheads, and it’s got a strong pressure gauge that ensures water doesn’t get wasted.

The pressure is soothing rather than merciless. You can alternate between full body spray, massaging spray or drenching spray or any other spray option you deem fit.

So if you want something of quality among the Speakman Anystream series, especially one with a great water pressure, then this Speakman S-2251 shower head is your best bet. Its resistor is highly efficient that it can result in restraining the pressure and coming off as weak.

But all that can be resolved by removing the resistor that’s holding off the pressure. All in all, this is also a classic showerhead that is designed to be sturdy yet beautiful, and you definitely won’t be wasting your money if you get one of these. Don’t forget to leave a review when you get one.

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4. Speakman S-2251-BBZ Signature Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Solid Brass Shower Head Review

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If you’re looking for something that is as efficient as it is costly, then this Speakman BBZ Signature Icon S-2251 is the right showerhead for you. Made out of pure brass, this shower head guarantees that you’ll be making use of it for a very long time without having to worry about it coming off the wall, or breaking as a result of constant adjustments when taking a bath.

Its brassy nature gives it a distinct feel compared to others in the series that are reinforced with chrome. Adding to its efficiency is the Anystream system that ensures that you can adjust it to near 360 degrees, thus you can set it to virtually any angle that pleases you.

What’s more is the fact that it comes with a strong pressure that sends swift sprays all over your body through different spray options – drenching, massaging, full body spray and the likes. A great feature about this particular Signature Icon shower head is the fact that it is self-cleaning.

Seeing as it is designed with self-clean plungers that resist mineral buildup, you can be rest assured that you won’t have to get it cleaned by yourself. All in all, this is a great shower head at a great price.

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5. Speakman VS-3010 Neo Anystream High Pressure Handheld Shower Head Review

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This Neo Anystream handheld showerhead is the main deal when it comes to simplistic shower heads that are highly efficient. With its high pressure, you can be certain of getting bursts of water that will leave you refreshed after a great deal of stress.

Just like others in the series, it comes with different spray options and allows you the luxury of controlling the water pressure and adjusting the nozzle to where you want it. Its simplistic design makes it easy to use, clean and to maintain.

What’s more is the fact that besides being easy to clean and maintain, it is self-cleansing, and as such you can be rest assured that it’ll not get clogged by residue of minerals.

A great feature about this Speakman VS 3010 is the fact that it is highly cost efficient. This one definitely doesn’t require you emptying your pocket to get it, and it can still serve you just as much as regular shower heads.

It’s reinforced with chrome to give it a classic outlook, maintains a simple design that might deceive one into thinking that it’s not efficient. The fact is that it has an ingenuous design which sets it apart from others in the series. Be sure to buy and leave a hearty review.

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Speakman Shower Head Reviews

The bathroom is an essential part of the home, it has its basic use for bathing but offers a great ambience for thinking – shower thoughts. But where you don’t have a relaxing bath, those thoughts would not flow as they ought to.

Hence, besides the need to enjoy shower time, you also need to ensure that it is relaxing as it is refreshing; and that’s what shower heads are designed for. To add a taste of luxury to the bathroom, and most importantly, have a soothing bath, shower heads are your best bet.

They have been a thing of luxury since their inception in the late 1800s, and they still retain their classic nature till today. From full metal to plastic shower heads, you can find tons of them in the market at different prices to suit different budgets.

But you have to realize that it takes more than money to buy the right product. Even if you have more than enough money, but you’re not informed about what makes a shower head worth it, you would squander your money on knockoffs that will leave you disappointed.

So rather than entering the market on the basis of your budget alone, you need to pay attention to a number of factors before selecting what shower head would go into your bathroom. Here are those factors you’re to consider.


There are different great shower heads for different budgets in the market. The first thing to do is to know what your budget can buy – do you need a classy shower head with high end specs, or would you be cool with economical shower heads? It all boils down to your budget first.

In budgeting, you have to put into consideration, the fact that you might not be the only one using the shower head. If it’s a family bathroom, then you definitely need a sturdy shower head more than a fanciful shower head – that will help you set your budget.


Tons of fake shower heads have pervaded the market that you can hardly different the original from the fake. However, to ensure you get quality for your money, check the material used in making and reinforcing the shower head.

Plastics are common placed, but they can get broken easily and that means money for replacement. But plastics reinforced with chrome or brass nickel last longer and still look just as classy. They’re more economical that the full metal shower heads, but they’re not as classy.

If you’re looking for quality based on budget, set yourself for one made of pure metal or that reinforced with chrome or brass.

Water Pressure and Restrictor

You will need a practical testing to be certain of the water pressure. Be sure you’re getting a product with a decent water pressure – anyone can put a fake figure online, but those with decent water pressure levels are more trustworthy and you can easily increase the pressure by removing the water restrictor which serves to conserve water.

Spray Option

Depending on your personal preference and others that would be using the shower head, ensure that you pick a shower head that offers different spray options. This will afford you a bit of luxury whilst still saving your money.

Finally, read reviews on products. Live customer reviews on products, especially those that are around 3 stars are more trustworthy than most 5 star ratings. Ask questions, get responses and you’ll be better off for it than just buying blindly. All in all, pay attention to details and your budget when buying so that you don’t get swayed into buying what you don’t need.


Being informed is very important when getting a shower head; one moment you’ve bought what you feel is good, and the next moment you’re whining on the fact that you bought a low quality fake product.

Hence, in order to avoid sad stories and going through the hassle of filing complaints and returning the defective product, it is important you get informed.

Go through the information provided in this review, make your pick based on your preference and the product specifications, and you’ll definitely not have any problem.

What’s more is the fact that the customer service is great and will gladly attend to your complaints.

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