How to Clean Textured Fiberglass Shower Floor

How to Clean Textured Fiberglass Shower Floor?

Cleaning fiberglass should be a routine basis. Care should be taken when cleaning it since it is quite delicate. It may be costly to repair or replace too.

Since they are made of plastic reinforcements, chances are high that it accumulates dirt very first. With frequent cleaning, it will not accumulate much dirt; hence it won’t be a much problem to clean it.

There are however several ways of cleaning the textured fiberglass shower floor. You can choose from any of them. For more information on how to clean this kind of floor, please read through this article.

 How to Clean Textured Fiberglass Shower Floor

How to clean fiberglass shower floor.

There are stages of dirt cleaning on fiberglass. When you do the cleaning daily, then you will not have much trouble because dirt will not accumulate. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Use a soft brush which is not likely to cause scratched to the glass. Any form of washing detergent coupled with a soft brush will give your fiberglass a wonderful wash. Rough brushes will scratch the glass and even leave dents over some time. Apply some little water to the detergent before dipping in the soft brush. This will help you have a good spread of the detergent.
  2. Take a sponge or a soft cloth and scrub gently but thoroughly. Ensure that you scrub all the surfaces of the fiberglass. Remember that if you do not scrub all the surfaces, it will accumulate dirt, oils and other dirt which may become difficult to clean later. Regular cleaning of the fiberglass is recommended.
  3. When done with scrubbing, run the water over it/rinse the glass. One round of rinsing may not make the glass clean. This, therefore, means that you may need to require the process several times until the water becomes clear.
  4. Check to see if there is any surface that is not clean. You should be able to notice it at a glance. If the fiberglass is not yet clean, you will need to redo the entire process more carefully. Remember to scrub the surface gently since it is the glass that you are cleaning.
  5. Dry the glass by leaving it to drop water alone. Alternatively, you can use a clean towel and wipe off the water. There is a demerit by letting it dry naturally. This is because water will leave behind ugly traces of white lines which will make the fiberglass look dirty again. The best option is to wipe off the water using a clean and soft towel. Do not use an abrasive towel since it may scratch the surface of the fiberglass. A soft towel, just as a soft cloth or a soft brush would do fine for your glass.
  6. Allow the surface to dry properly before using it again. This will allow the active bacteria to be eliminated and at the same time leaving the bathroom to gain some fresh air from the environment.
how to clean textured fiberglass shower floor

How do you clean the textured fiberglass shower floor when it has accumulated tough stains?

When you do not do regular cleaning of the shower glass, chances of it accumulating tough and stubborn stains are high. To clean them, however, will need a more advanced way of doing it. The procedure is as follows:

how to clean fiberglass shower floor

By use of baking soda.

Scum is the main component that makes the fiberglass dirty. Over time, it becomes difficult to remove it using ordinary methods. Therefore you will need to use baking soda to dissolve this tough stain.

The soda dissolves the soap scum and makes it easy for cleaning. Mix the baking soda in some little amount of water. When the solution is ready, spread it over the surface of the fiberglass and leave it to settle for a couple of hours.

This will work well to dissolve the tough soap scum. After several hours of germ break down, boil some water and rinse the glass with it. This will wash off the surface stain exposing the underlying stronger which needs some more advanced cleaning.

how to clean fiberglass shower floor

By the use of vinegar.

Vinegar is stronger than baking soda hence it is good in dealing with extra tough stains. Take vinegar and pour it on specific areas where tough stains have settled.

Just like the baking soda, you will also let the vinegar to settle for several hours until the tough stains become weak enough to be washed off. Take a soft cloth or a soft sponge and gently scrub the fiberglass on the affected areas.

Remember that fiberglass is delicate and its surface may be damaged easily if you use abrasive brushes to scrub it. Scrub gently until all the stain has been removed.

Rinse off the removed stain by use of hot water. Wipe the water off again. Check for any remaining stains. If it still exists, then you will do even an advanced cleaning.

how to clean fiberglass shower floor

By the use of hydrogen peroxide.

This method works even better when the stains are quite tough to be removed by vinegar. Take a soft and clean cloth and dampen it with hydrogen peroxide. Cover the affected area of the fiberglass with the dampened cloth and let it settle for twelve hours.

Since it might be difficult to avoid using the bathroom during day time, then the process can be run overnight. When you wake up in the morning, scrub off gently the stains and rinse it with hot, warm or even cold water.

Hydrogen peroxide removes even the toughest of the stains. This means that by the end of this process, your textured fiberglass shower floor will now be perfectly clean.

To complete the process, wipe off the water from the surface using a soft cloth that can absorb water. Drain all the water and let the bathroom open for a moment to let some fresh air circulate in. The process is now complete and the shower house is clean.


Fiberglass is delicate. It does not have to be cleaned using an abrasive brush since it may damage the surface. Different levels of stains need to be broken down differently.

Where possible, clean the bathroom regularly to avoid tough stains accumulating on the floor. This will even make the cleaning easy always. You can carry out cleaning once or twice a week, and a thorough cleaning once in a month.

Keep your bathroom always for a healthy and clean environment. Won’t you?

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