How to Fix a Low Pressure Massage Shower Head

How to Fix a Low Pressure Massage Shower Head?

You might have upgraded your shower system recently to experience a massage or spa-like shower at home. Yes, a relaxing massage shower after a long day is indeed a delight. 

However, even though you got the best massage showerheads, the pressure seems significantly low. And you surely didn’t expect that. 

Well, several factors like low pressure in your home water source, clogged head, or inappropriate installation can lead to this problem. And in this guide, we will show you how to fix a low-pressure massage showerhead. 

Once you have identified the root of the problem, fixing requires only some basic DIY skills. So, read on and enjoy a superior massage shower at your home. 

How Does a Massage Shower Head Work?

Massage showerheads are designed to provide more pressure creating a spa-like feel. A pressure stream of warm water gives you a relaxing bath, reduces muscle soreness, pains, and aches. 

But higher pressure doesn’t always mean a higher flow rate. Most heads work come with a standard of 2.5Gpm or even lower. So, how does the pressure build-up?

Well, these heads hold the water into a reservoir that in turn creates pressure in the waterline and the head. The result is a concentrated, high-pressure flow regardless of the flow rate. 

Also, massage showerheads come with multiple spray settings to regulate the water flow and force. 

Why Is My Massage Shower Head Water Pressure Low?

Fixing the pressure problem of your shower head requires knowing the cause behind it beforehand. So, before going into the detailed description of how to fix a low-pressure massage showerhead, here are some common causes of the problem. 

Scale Build-up

If you live in an area with hard water, the minerals tend to build up inside the head over time, restricting its flow. And it’s a common cause for experiencing very low pressure in your shower. 

Issues in the House Water Pressure

Most areas have a restriction on the flow of water to limit water usage. The standard flow rate is 2.5 GPM, but it can be lower in other places. So, if you live in an area with a low flow rate, you are likely to experience low pressure. 

In addition, there can be other issues with your home’s plumbing system. If you can’t figure the cause yourself, consider hiring a professional. 

Piping Issues

Old and undersized pipes can lead to low-pressure as well. Living in cities, you are most likely to experience low pressure as it’s difficult for the authorities to replace the old pipes. 

Also, smaller-sized pipes in your home will cause this problem too. Most of the time, the shower pipes are smaller than your main supply pipes, restricting the flow rate. 

Flow Restrictor

Nowadays, most shower units come with an in-built restrictor to reduce water consumption as per the regulation. And it decreases your shower pressure. 

Closed Shutt-off Valve

The last time you have had some plumbing work done in your home, the plumber might have closed the shut-off valve. A closed shut-off valve can significantly reduce the water pressure flowing down your shower.

How to Fix a Low-Pressure Massage Shower Head?

With low pressure, you won’t get the most out of your massage showerhead. Instead of feeling relaxed, it might end up leaving you irritated. 

But have your patience and check out the things below to get rid of the problem. 

Clean the Shower Head

A mineral build-up of dirt is likely to reduce the water flow. So, at the very first chance, clean your shower head. You can clean the build-ups by soaking the head in vinegar overnight. This will require you to remove the head from the arm. 

If you don’t like removing the head, take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Next, hang the vinegar-filled bag with the head using a rubber band and leave the head submerged into the vinegar for some time. You can further clean each spray openings with a toothpick. 

How to Fix a Low Pressure Massage Shower Head

Check for Leaks

Any leaks in your home pipes will reduce the shower water. So, check if there is any, and if you find one, have them repaired as soon as possible. 

Check the House Water Valve

If the main shut-off valve of your house is turned off for some reason, you are like to get less water flow and pressure. 

So, check if that’s closed or not. If it is, gently rotate the lever arm anti-clockwise to open it. You should see a significant variation in the flow with the valves open. 

Remove the Flow Restrictor

Flow restrictors are added to heads to limit water usage according to the regulation. But if your area already has low water pressure, you might want to have it removed. 

And for that, follow the instruction manual step-by-step. With no restriction, your shower flow should be much better. 

Install a Shower Pump

A shower pump is a device installed in your home plumbing system that boosts the pressure of your shower. 

Although it’s going to cost you some money, it’s an effective solution for the low-pressure in your shower. Also, you might have to hire a plumber to install that. 

How Do I Remove the Flow Restrictor from My Oxygen Massage Shower Head?

Oxygen massage showerheads or Oxygenics heads infuse oxygen into the shower stream to give you the ultimate high-pressure massage feeling. But having a restrictor can affect the flow. 

For removing the restrictor, you can start by detaching the showerhead. Then remove the washer or gasket and shower screen. At this stage, the star-shaped restrictor should be visible. Use a paper clip or a flat-head screwdriver to pull it out. 

What Is the Most Powerful Massage Shower Head?

As massage showerheads are becoming increasingly popular, more and more brands are manufacturing these products with exclusive features and technologies. 

While pressure is a significant factor in these heads, many other features like power spray and stream with adjustable settings contribute to making it a powerful one. 

A quality power shower is designed to increase pressure in an area with a low permissible flow rate. 

So, what’s the most powerful massage showerhead? Well, check out reliable brands like Delta, Waterpik, Aqua, and others to choose the most suited one. 

Wrap up

It’s a wrap-up on how to fix a low-pressure massage showerhead. The massage showerhead uses high-pressure water to ease tension, muscular discomfort, and soreness. So, having a pressure problem has an impact on its performance and your experience.

We hope the methods outlined above will assist you in resolving your low-pressure head issues. It is also much easier to adopt a solution to tackle the problem if you can pinpoint its root. 

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