How to Take Off Shower Handle

How to Take Off Shower Handle?

Do you have broken shower handle and need to replace it? If so, there is no compelling reason to bypass the search for someone who fixes the problem. If you are familiar with devices and follow important instructions, you can save money by solving the problem yourself. Of course, you must first measure your own abilities before you feel free to solve the problem.

Anyway, the idea of  saving should be enough for anyone to figure out how to fix a broken shower handle. Here we guide you through the steps of removing the shower handle on your own.

How to take off shower handle on your own?

Knowing how to remove the shower handle is often important in view of the fact that it can be multi-functioning. The extraordinary sultriness caused by baths and showers causes mold, breaks, and stains. Added to this is the gradual use and treatment of washroom facilities.

There are also cases where you simply have to change the style of the handle, regardless of whether it is still in exceptional condition.

In such case, you do not have to deal with a do-it-without-help manual to evacuate a fixture handle. It is usually a basic thing to find the setscrew that holds the device handle on the valve stem, expel this screw, and pull the handle off.

Simple peas … except when the pin handle is obviously held in place by minerals in the water, especially calcium salts, which can fuse the handle to the handle in every way.

Do not try to loosen the binding and remove the pin handle with a hammer. It will not have much impact and you will damage the handle and possibly the attachment.

This problem has forced some makers to develop an exceptional device called the “Handle Puller” which can be used to take off a shower handle. This device works for handles with locking screws. For switch handles, a level bar is a superior alternative.

How to Take Off Shower Handle

How to locate screws on the handle

If you do not see the screw holding the handle on the stem, it is very likely that it hides behind a shell. The top usually shows the manufacturer’s logo or a red or blue hot/cold seal. You can usually do this with a flat-head screwdriver.

Find the head of the screwdriver between the top and the spigot and tenderly pat, it on a sled, and the top should fly off. If you have a device with a switch, look for a set screw under the switch. You will need a 1/8-inch hex wrench to drive it out.

You would prefer not to lose this screw in the channel, so it is ideal to put a small compartment under the pins to get it. These screws tend to fall out of the blue when released. At the point where this happens, you’ll be glad that the owner is here given that you do not have to make an unusual hike to the hardware store to buy another one.

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Using a handle puller to take off the handle

If the stuck pin handle does not fall off after taking off the screw holding it, you can try to use the screwdriver as a switch to wipe it off.

However, this does not work in general. For this reason, plumbers carry pullers. A   handle puller is a sort corkscrew device that usually has two long forks. You tie the fork like end to the rear of the handle and place the piston on the gap from which you removed the setscrew.

Turn the screw on the tenon puller to push the piston into the opening and against the valve stem. The handle is pushed outward until you can pull it off.

Replacing with another handle

If the stuck pin handle is excessively old or damaged, look for a replacement that has the same root depth and number of ribs to fit. It does not have to be from the same manufacturer to in order to fit. You can regularly find generic handles that take responsibility.

Before setting the new handle, it is recommended to moisten the device handle with vinegar and let rest for a few hours to remove any remaining debris. This should keep the handle from staying again – at least for several years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to remove a shower handle without screws?

You will still need a screwdriver to remove it. In most cases, shower handles without screws are only covered with caps that could be at the base of the faucet!

You will need to use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off. On the inside could be some screws, and you have to use an Allen wrench to remove the now visible screws!

Be careful not to damage the parts when prying off since it can be quite expensive to replace.

How to remove a seized shower handle?

The procedure is the same, especially if it does not have screws. However, if it has some, then you will have to use a screwdriver to unscrew it.

Once you have removed all of them, then you will need to pull it outwards gently to avoid breakages and damages to the system!

How to remove a shower handle stem?

A stem is always on the inner part of the shower system. To remove it, first, you have to take off all the other components such as the washer, handle, and diverter, and so on.

Remove all the screws that hold the other parts so that you can reach the shower handle stem.


With this piece of work, it is now clear that removing or taking off the shower handle will not be a problem again.

For sure, the removal of this special device is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your time, even without turning off the main water supply as we have seen above.

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