How to Use a Shower Bomb

How to Use a Shower Bomb?

Using a shower bomb to clean oneself is a beautiful thing. It makes the body feel soothed and relaxed. By the use of a shower bomb, the body gets rid of things like migraines and congestions. It makes bathing refreshing by releasing aromatherapy essential oils into the air. Many are the advantages of using a shower bomb.

So does one use a shower bomb? What are the procedures to be followed when using this item to shower? This article has all the information on what you need to know. Please read on for more information.

How to Use a Shower Bomb

What is a shower bomb?

These are small tablets which when put in water dissolves to produce sweet aromatic scents that are soothing. Also produced in the process of dissolving are essential oils. It helps the body feel relaxed whenever you are taking a shower.

How to use bath bombs in a shower?

There are several ways in which you can use a bath bomb in a shower. Examples include:

  1. Placing a bag containing bath bombs on the head of a shower. The bag should be able to le water pass through it so that the bomb comes into contact with water. When the bag comes in to contact with hot water from the shower, the bomb releases a very nice fragrance that soothes the body.
  2. Another option is to place the bomb on the floor of the bathroom. When you run water in the shower, it will hit the floor as well as the bath bomb. As soon as it comes in to contact with water, the bomb is triggered and releases nice fragrances.
  3. Where you are bathing by use of a basin, you just need to dissolve some of it in water. When you will be throwing water to your body by the use of your hand, you will enjoy the nice fragrance of the shower.

Generally, you can use bath bombs even without having a shower. In such instances, you will need to soak the bath bombs in water before taking a shower.

How to Use a Shower Bomb

Is it advisable that you dismantle the shower to place the bomb inside the tap?

It is not a nice idea to dismantle the shower to have the bomb in there. This is because it will make the system wear out easily. Secondly, the bomb will disintegrate and disappear after using it for a few days. This means that the frequency of dismantling the system all the time it is fully used will be high. This may end up damaging the faucet in the shortest time possible.

To avoid this, you have to deploy either of the above-explained methods. This is either by dropping the bomb on the floor or even tying the bomb to the outlet of the showerhead.One bath bomb is enough at a time. Do not place too much of it especially on the shower head, rather, same some for later.

How to Use a Shower Bomb

Hot or cold water? Which one activates the bomb easily and fast?

Both water types can activate the bath bomb on contact. The difference, however, does exist between the two. Hot water can activate the bomb fast as compared to cold water. This is because hot water molecules move faster than that of the cold water. So whenever you want to have an instant impact of the bath bomb, always use hot water. When dissolving in in the basin for bathing manually, warm water would still be the best choice. However, cold water can do it too.

how to use bath bombs in the shower

What are the benefits of using shower bombs?

There are several benefits of using bath bombs. Some of which include:

They have excellent healing properties. Since it is made of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, when they combine with water, they produce a good sensation. Such sensation is good for repairing the skin, strengthening the blood vessels, cleaning and deodorizing the skin.

Bath bombs are good for the skin. Taking a shower with a bomb helps in softening the skin and makes it hydrated. The skin is made to look young and healthy all the time.

Bath bombs create a good atmosphere. Since it releases beautiful fragrances, it makes the environment and the atmosphere feel so good. This is what the body needs to relax.

They produce nice scents which make the air smell fresh all the time. The scent is all-natural and not chemically induced.

It contains natural products. While other bath types contain chemical elements to produce nice fragrance, bath bombs are all-natural products. Natural products are good at maintaining body health. Chemical products, on the other hand, harms the body because it is not compatible with body cells.

how to use bath bombs in shower

Are bath bombs safe for use?

Surprisingly, it is not safe to use bath bombs all the time. You can use it with moderation, but it is not the best idea to use it all the time. In many instances, bath bombs have been found to stimulate the following ailments to occur:

 Asthma.

 Eczema.


 Urinary tract infection & vaginal yeast infection.

 And even cancer among other diseases.

Though the bath bombs made of natural ingredients may be a bit safe, too much exposure to it may turn out to be harmful in the long run.

how to use bath bombs in the shower

Apart from using the bath bombs for the shower, are there other uses to it?

Yes, there are other uses of shower bombs. Another major function of the bomb is to eliminate foul air. So it has other uses which include:

 Drawer sachets. When you drop a few bags in there, it will produce a nice fragrance when you open the drawer. It makes the drawer to smell amazing.

 As a deodorizer. The deodorizer is used to make the air smell fresh all the time. In this case, the bomb reacts with the air to produce a beautiful smell.

 Sugar scrub bath bombs. This is usually used to scrub the body. Bath bombs cannot work on its own as a scrubber not unless you mix with other ingredients. It is a soothing scrubber that anyone should use.

 Maintain the fragrance of your room. Drop some few sachets of the bath bombs into the decorative bowl and let it make the house smell nice.

 For a person with smelly feet, you can drop a sachet to each shoe as you put on the shoe. It will absorb all the bad smells in the shoe and your feet will smell nice.

how to use bath bombs in shower


Bath bombs are good for making the air smell nice all the time. When used for shower, the body is made to relax and deodorized. The skin, on the other hand, is made to look you, relaxed, fresh and healthy.

Bath bombs have other uses apart from being used in the shower. Caution should be observed in that too much use of it may cause some health implications.

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