How to Wash Shower Curtain Liner

How to Wash Shower Curtain Liner | Easy 2 Ways

Does your shower curtain liner get dirty quite often? Most probably, yes. The reason is that it might be in constant use in the shower room. Cleaning it might be a challenge as it involves some protocols. So, how to wash shower curtain liner?

The article will deal with the procedures for cleaning your shower curtain liner, and there will be a few FAQs on the topic. There will also be a conclusion. Please read on for more information.

How the shower curtain liners get dirty?

Liners get dirty over time because of its use in the shower room. Among the factors that make it get unsanitary include:

  • Mildew.
  • Soap scum build-up.
  • Mold and,
  • Dirty water from taking a shower.

Other things that may make it dirty include dust from the surrounding environment, paints from the wall of the shower room. These paints that are wearing out can easily damage the liner. If it is new, then it might not have much problem with the curtain liner.

How then does one clean the curtain shower liner?

You can do the cleaning in two easy ways. They are:

  • Hand wash and,
  • Machine wash.

You can also wash in two ways, and these include: wiping the liner using a dampened cloth or immersing it in water and cleaning it. You have to take a lot of precautions when you fully immerse it in water because it may get damaged easily.

Hand wash of the curtain liner.

This method does not necessarily require one to immerse the liner in the water, rather, wiping it clean with a soft cloth. The procedure requires one to:

  • Get a clean, soft cloth and immerse it in water to make it damp.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda over the cloth so that it creates a light layer coat of baking soda.
  • Scrub the curtain from top to bottom. The bottom part is could be dirtier because of constant contact with water and other unsanitary conditions. Start with light scrubs to remove the loose dirt first and the grime.
  • You will need to rinse the liner. Take a new clean cloth and dampen it in warm water.
  • Wipe the liner with that new cloth. It will remove all the baking soda and water traces from the curtain liner. Keep on dampening the cloth and wiping the liner until all the traces of baking soda and dirt comes off. To that end, you will have washed out the basic/grime dirt on the curtain. You will then need to proceed to thorough cleaning, whereby you will deal with more tough stains.
  • Clean the remaining stains by getting the cloth damp again and sprinkling it with baking soda.
  • Scrub off any remaining dirt vigorously as the stains might be tough this time around. You will need to focus more on the mold and soap scum. These two components can be challenging some times.
  • Rinse the liner. Get a clean cloth and dampen it again in clean, warm water.
  • Rub it over the liner to remove the remaining traces of baking soda and other dirt.
  • Repeat the process as much as the dirt still exists. If you leave any dirt behind, it will stain the liner more, and it will be hard to remove it subsequently.
  • Repeat the process until the liner becomes clean. If you leave any dirt behind, it will stain the liner more, and it will be hard to remove it subsequently.

Please remember not to stop rinsing if you can still see the traces of baking soda. It will make the liner dirty and hence shortening its useful life.

Machine wash of the shower curtain liner.

The process of machine washing is simple since the machine is automated. Put the liner in the machine and wait for the cleaning process to end. The procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the liner from its grill.
  • Remove the metal hooks in the liner before placing it in the machine. Metals can damage your washing machine if they find their way in there.
  • Place it in the washing machine.
  • Accompany the liner with one or two clean towels. They are for scrubbing the liner while inside the washing machine. Another reason for putting them in is to prevent the liner from wrinkling or sticking to itself. Also, make sure that the two towels are clean and stain free.
  • Close the washing door before proceeding further.
  • Add the detergent as well as the baking soda. The two components should be of appropriate proportions, putting into consideration the level of stains on the liner. Do not exceed a cup of baking soda. You should between half a cup and one cup of the same. However, if the liner is quite large, you may require to add more of the detergent and the baking soda.
  • Adjust the machine with the right settings then start it. Select the highest cleaning level and adjust the settings to warm water. Warm water will dissolve tough stains such as soap scum, fats, and grease if any is present. Read the cleaning instructions on the collar of the liner or the curtain.
  • If your liner has tough stains that have built up over time, you will need to add some bleach. It means that you will wash with the three components to do the cleaning.

Please note that the bleaching agent is excellent only for white or transparent liners. If you add it to colored ones, it will remove all the colors and make it look faded and ugly. Again, consult the washing instructions on the collar of the liner.

  • When it reaches the rinsing stage, open the machine and add some distilled vinegar. A half a cup of vinegar is okay.
  • Restart the machine and let it finish the cleaning process.
  • When the machine stops, remove the liner. Check to see if it clean. If there are still some stains left, you can restart the process again or wash it by hand.
  • Hang the curtain on a clean grill and leave it to drip. You should avoid placing it in a place where there are direct heat and sunlight. Never dry it, but it should drip on its own. You should return it to the shower room and let it dry on its own.
How to Wash Shower Curtain Liner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Why does my shower curtain liner turn pink?

Mold is responsible for such changes. It arises when you clean the liner in warm water. Mold thrives well under damp and warm conditions. This condition is readily available in the bathroom. Mold can change a clear liner to pink in color.

How do you get mold out of shower curtain liner?

To remove, place the liner in a couple of other dirty liners and place it in a washing machine for cleaning. Add an equal measure of both the laundry detergent and baking soda, preferably, half a cup each.

Wash it in warm water and add a cup of vinegar during the first rinsing session. That is the procedure of cleaning any curtain liner in a washing machine.

How do you wash a shower curtain liner in a front loader?

They are variable machines. If yours has a drum without a center agitator, then put in the liner with detergent and vinegar and start the cleaning process. Wash it cold and hang it in the shower to dry when complete. Other machine types have different settings.


A shower curtain liner is always under a heavy attack by unsanitary agents in the shower room. It requires regular cleaning to keep it clean and fresh. You can either wash it by hand or by machine. In either way, you should follow the instructions, as explained in this article. Give it a try!

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