How To Clean Shower Stalls | 6 Simple Steps

The shower stall is one of the most important places in your residence. Because it is in constant use, the chances of it getting stained are quite high. Water, soap and other agents are the things that make the shower stall get dirty with time. It is advised that you clean the stall as frequent as possible.

There are many demerits of a dirty shower stall, among them being the breeding of bacteria. It also makes the area near it to stink. With all these negative attributes, it is important to adhere to the hygiene of this important area. So how do we clean it? What is the best frequency to clean? Which material do we use to do the washing? For this and more information, please follow through the article. It is equipped with up to date information on everything you need to keep your shower stall clean.

How do we clean the home depot shower stalls?

There are many ways that this small office can be cleaned. People worldwide have varied ways of beating the germs. There are common ways of doing cleaning. Things to use to clean include:

  • Vinegar.
  • Ammonia.
  • Baking soda.
  • Soap.
  • Hot water etc.
How To Clean Shower Stalls

The procedure is:

i. Mix the above components in measured proportions.ii. Put the mixture in hot water and stir well.iii. Apply the solution to the walls of the shower by use of a soft sponge or a cloth.iv. Use a brush with soft bristles to scrub off the dirt from the walls. Scrubs until all the scum comes off.v. Rinse well with clean water. Repeat this process until the water becomes Wipe off all the water until the shower stall becomes dry.

The process above is so necessary when the shower stall is seriously stained.

Is there a way of preventing the home depot shower stalls from getting scum/dirty?

If the shower stall is used for quite some time without cleaning it, it will definitely become dirty. Normally, cleaning this place when already too dirty is a very hard task. However, there are a few steps that if followed to the latter, it will minimize dirt from settling on the walls. So what are these steps? They are as explained below:

  • After taking shower, wiper off any water that is on the walls. Keep mildew away from any surface.
  • Often, spray the shower area with the disinfectant, or a mildew inhibitor. This will keep this annoying component from dirtying your shower area at least until you get time to clean.
  • Immediately after showering, leave the shower door open to allow for the circulation of fresh air inside the shower stall. The fresh air will drive out the mildew and moisture from the shower. It minimizes the chances of the above components from attaching to the surfaces of the stall.
  • Remember that you do not have to fully open the door, but just slightly open. If the shower stall is in the house, you will also need to leave your windows wide open. This is to allow for even a greater circulation of air from the outside environment into the house and vice versa.
How To Clean Shower Stalls
  • Vinegar and water solutions are always at hand to help you when in need. This can be used to remove hard water that is on the shower enclosure.
  • Failure to clear this water in time will lead to clogging of the outlet, hence flooding the shower stall with dirty water. This will lead to the breeding of bacteria and other harmful matter in the whole house.
  • Apply the coat to the tile walls of your shower to prevent soap scum from attaching to the wall.
  • Always clean the showerhead of the shower system by using a vinegar solution and water. When it clogs, it will start discharging water unevenly even to the walls of the shower stall. The water in the wall will cause it to scam and make it hard to clean.
  • Apart from using the vinegar and water, use a brush to remove old stubborn deposits from the showerhead. Use a toothpick or a pin to poke the holes of the shower head to remove off any deposit blocking the holes.

What are the home depot shower stalls made of?

Often times, with the evolvement of the technology, it is now possible to make the shower stall using any material. However, the most common materials used at the moment to make them are:

  • Fiberglass.
  • Cement.
  • Tiles.
  • Roofing sheet if the shower is a stand-alone one.

The fiberglass is composed of polyester resin which is usually mixed with woven glass fibers. The mixture is then placed in a mold. The end product from the above mixture is a solid piece that is seamless.

The reason as to why many people prefer the use of glass in making the shower stall is because of its durability. No one would like to construct a stall that won’t stand the test of time. Another reason why it is preferred is that it is gel coated. Gel coating gives the fiberglass more resilience over scum and disintegrating. The above combination is the best choice for anyone.


Cleaning your shower stall should be one of your priorities. Any unclean stall is a recipe for infections and harmful bacteria. Always use prescribed material to give your bathroom a nice look and smell. However, you can as well prevent the bathroom from getting dirty by observing the preventive measures listed above. When building a shower stall, use the best-recommended material for the best results.

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