Best Ionic Shower Head Reviews

8 Best Ionic Shower Head Reviews & Buying Advice for 2021

A shower is supposed to be a pleasant experience, but lately, I have been worrying more about the water quality and being less chilled out! However, things started looking up when I tried using the best ionic shower head.

Yes, it does make a huge difference to the water because straight tap water can sometimes be very hard. Now, you might already have an idea about how harmful hard water can be, but did you know that the ionic shower can completely remove all the impurities from the liquid?

If you do not believe me, simply check these stellar reviews below. Not only did I have a fun and relaxing time while testing these products, but I also saw glowing results in terms of skin and hair texture! So, read ahead to know more about this miracle shower tool and how it works.

5 Best Ionic Shower Head Comparison in 2021

What is an ionic shower?

Before you understand what an ionic shower head does, you need to be fully clear of what hard and soft water is. Hard water basically has different minerals and ions such as calcium, magnesium, and sometimes even chlorine.

In nature, this water is harmless, but if you are using hard water day in and day out for your shower time, then it can have prolonged effects on your skin and hair texture. Cannot figure why your hair is getting rougher by the day? Well, it is mostly because of the hard water.

So, an ionic shower has mineral beads or specialized stones that are bioactive. In simple language, these beads absorb the chemical ions in water and help to balance the PH level. Thus, your water will not be excessively acidic or very alkaline.

Additionally, these beads are also excellent for filtering out physical impurities which would otherwise flow right through the nozzle. So, that is how an ionic shower softens the water and makes it suitable for everyday use.

Benefits of Ionic Shower Head

You cannot truly understand the widespread benefits of the ionic filter shower head without trying one. But, I will try to describe the experience as best as possible through words in this segment.

Less Clogging

One thing that not many people will point out is that shower heads clog up constantly! It is gross, and it reduces the pressure stream. But in these items, since the amazing filtration process cleans the water beforehand, the holes in the plate clog way less. And even if it does after a certain period, it is very easy to clean.

Better Skin and Hair

This is the benefit that everyone wants to hear about, and let me tell you, all the claims are true! The minerals in the filtration will improve the PH balance in the water. Thus, it will not be too acidic or basic for your skin and hair. Plus, the product also takes care of harmful chemicals such as chlorine.

Multiple Water Stream

Say goodbye to boring streams when you get these water purifier shower heads. You can change between different modes with one click and easily bring the spa experience home.

Save Water

Did you know that each hole in these shower plates is laser etched or made very minute? That is how the product handles excess water dripping and develops the pressure needed for a nice bath. Consequently, users can save up to 30% or more water with these items!

8 Best Ionic Shower Head Reviews

I cannot wait to share every soothing fact about these amazing bath items. By the end of the list, you will be as excited as me too!

1. GIFT ZEN Led Zen Ionic Filtration High Pressure Shower Head

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To find quality water softening shower heads is why you clicked on this review. But what if I said that a showerhead could soften the water while creating an amazing mood? Exciting stuff, right! This product comes with LED to help you set a mood.

But do not worry about needing electricity, because it has a turbine generator which produces the electricity needed to light the room. It uses the water pressure to run the turbine. So, it will be extremely safe and will not cost anything. The result will be a pretty shower and a moody experience.

As for the purification process, it could get rid of 99% of harmful substances such as chlorine and other elements that might turn the water hard. You can also see some beads in the hand shower. That means the product can also take care of physical impurities.

Since the tool is always around water, it is imperative that the material is of high-quality. That is why I was very pleased with the eco-friendly ABS material in the shower. It is very easy to clean and also easy to replace.

Another unique feature is the ability to maintain water pressure while having a micro nozzle structure. The intention of the nozzle is to save water, and it claims to save 30% of water.

  • Amazing LED light to set a mood
  • Electricity generating turbine
  • Removes 99% chemicals and impurities
  • Sturdy and eco-friendly ABS plastic
  • Has impressive water pressure
  • Non-adjustable water flow
  • Will cost some money

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2. Original StoneStream EcoPower Ionic Filter Shower Head System to Soften Water

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Aside from drastically improving the water quality, these bath products can also change the way you spend water on a regular basis. With the proper design, you can actually save water, and StoneStream shower heads are great at that!

This nozzle comes with laser cut holes, and there are 250 slots in each nozzle. Consequently, the water has to push through the nozzle, which creates a perfect spa-like pressure. So, even if your well-system or tank cannot supply the right pressure, this hose will take care of it.

Inside the component is a specialty white Maifan Stone that predominantly does the job of cleaning the water. It takes care of chemicals and heavy metals with the help of ionization. Most importantly, refill packs of the same mineral stones are easily available.

Thus, you can enjoy a perfectly balanced PH level in your shower water without having to visit expensive spas. Speaking of convenient experience, installing this piece will be super easy. It comes with a 2 cm connector, which works with multiple showers from different brands.

Besides that, an ionized aluminum plate makes sure that gunk or rusted iron cannot accumulate at the surface. It automatically wipes the head off of mineral residue! So, you will not have to get grossed out when you look at the showerhead ever again.

  • Contains a special blend of Germanium stones and white Maifan Stone
  • Reduces excess water consumption by 35%
  • Has a special plate that removes mineral residue
  • Easily connects to any shower
  • 200% increase in water pressure
  • Internal plastic parts are unsatisfactory
  • Might cause leaks

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3. Luxsego Ionic Filter Shower Head for Dry Hair & Skin

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An ionic shower head can be even more exciting if users could experience different types of water flow. That is why, when I was unsure about my mood, I loved using the Luxsego model.

It has three different settings for sprinkling the water. Hence, if you are in the mood for relaxing or need water therapy, then turn the rain mode or massage mode. The gentle stream of water will take away all your worries. On the other hand, turn the jet mode for a quick and clean shower.

Besides experiencing different water levels, the product generally increases the water pressure to a suitable level without making you consume a lot of water. There are visible beads inside that will take care of invisible chemicals as well as palpable dirt and debris.

It also comes with its own bracket where you can stow the shower. The bracket is sturdy, thanks to the ABS construction. And you can rest assured that the hose will not accidentally fall, cause nobody wants that while handling slippery soap!

Along with a sturdy bracket, the hose is also very flexible. It is a blend of nylon and steel wire which allows it to be flexible. But do not worry, as the outer pipe has stainless steel. So, the product will not start rusting on you.

  • Three different stream modes
  • Improved water pressure
  • Save up to 30% water
  • Transparent and solid shower head with beads
  • Comes with a strong bracket and suitable hose
  • There are some incidents of leaking
  • Might get clogged

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4. PRUGNA LED Ionic Shower Head with Hose for Repair Dry Skin and Hair Loss

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Another addition to the LED shower head family is from PRUGNA. This is a cool one because I had fun jamming to different songs and having my own center stage while having a shower, thanks to the color-changing LEDs!

Yes, the shower changes color periodically and with the water temperature! How cool is that? But besides all the fun, it gives you a thorough clean-up because it has laser-etched holes. So, the water opening is so tiny that the pressure improves automatically.

This feature also ensures that you end up using less water than usual. Its filtration is also very thorough as it has two types of beads. The orange ones in the handle will purify the water, and the grey beads will take care of chlorine and other harmful chemical vapor.

Moreover, you can take the shower head apart if you experience clogging. It is a very easy process, and I do recommend replacing the beads after every 6 to 9 months. Installing it is also effortless, as it comes with brackets, hoses, PTEE tapes.

The head itself has a chrome steel blend, and it is about 6-inches in diameter. So, having the bracket makes it easy to hang the head. Plus, the hose and bracket are of good quality as well.

  • LED lights that change color
  • Beads remove 99% of chemical and physical impurities
  • Comes with accessories for easy installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Chrome and steel blend structure
  • Head might be small for some users
  • Can spray outside its circumference

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5. XYCING Shower Head with Filtration Stone Beads and PP Cotton Filter

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If you have tried mineral filter shower head and want to try something new, then we suggest going with the XYCING item. It does come with the beads, but you also get special PP cotton filters.

These filters can also absorb impurities quite well and are easily replaceable. It visibly changes color after soaking all the gunk, and then you can insert the beads again or add another cotton filter. In this purchase, you will get two replacements, and from experience, I would say it needs a change after 6-8 weeks.

As for the beads, they are the trusty old orange and grey beads that soak any chlorine or heavy metal from the water surface. Besides that, another reason I really liked the product is its superior build quality. It boasts an absolutely leakproof polycarbonate tube.

So, you will not have to deal with annoying droplets throughout the day. What you can enjoy are the three different modes that are accessible with a simple switch. The rain, jet, and massage mode are all you need after a tiring day of work!

Another accessible feature is the 360-degree anti-twist hoses. So, you swing and swivel the shower all you want; it will not come loose. Moreover, the inner EPDM nylon tube also makes it very flexible.

  • Comes with two different filtration system
  • Superior construction on the handle and hose
  • 3 different shower settings
  • 360-degree anti-twist system
  • Saves water through added water pressure
  • Plastic bracket might feel unstable
  • PH level may remain unchanged

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6. Detachable Ionic Filter Shower Head

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I’m all for the multipurpose product gang because why will I complain when one product can do the job of multiple other products. Similarly, if you want to transform your boring shower head into a hand shower as well, then our 6th suggestion should tickle your fancy.

You can completely detach the head and add it to a hand shower hose. Plus, it comes with international standard locking, which ensures easy connectivity. Thus, you can use the ionic plus shower head on the sink, for the bathroom floor, and more.

Additionally, users can also use high pressure to clean the adjacent areas. Yes, this model increases the water pressure by 200%, and you can say goodbye to the sad droopy stream of water. Moreover, you can enjoy three different water streams as well. All you need to do is switch between the modes.

All the modes will still get actively purified thanks to the mineral beads. These beads can clear up the water so well that you will notice an improvement in your hair texture and skin condition. That is because, along with chemical removal, it also improves the PH.

The best part is how easily you can take care of the product. You will not have to call a plumber or any other professional. Just refer to the guide, and it will easy peasy!

  • Improves PH level in the water
  • High water pressure
  • Multipurpose shower head
  • Different water streams
  • International connectivity system
  • Unruly water stream
  • Does not have a hose or bracket

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7. KAIYING Filtered Ionic Shower Head

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One thing that I always face with shower heads is the absolute lack of water pressure. It can be a deal-breaker if you enjoy a pouring stream of water. Fortunately, the seventh recommendation did not have the same issue.

In fact, it is an excellent product if you want to save water and have the same if not better water pressure. The product makes that possible by designing very small holes in the nozzle.

Thus, the liquid gets accumulated before it exits the nozzle with high-pressure. The result is you can turn the head upside down and still get a fast sprinkle of water.

Moreover, users will not be stuck with extreme speed. It does offer three different modes, and if you like a softer bath time, then the rain mode will be perfect for you. And you can even switch the shower off at any time! Speaking of soft, the water from this component will be PH balanced and clean.

It comes with three different mineral beads, each having different purposes. For example, the white beads will balance the PH while the orange ones will absorb chemicals such as chlorine.

As a result, you will get better water-quality without hassle. Moreover, it will not be a hassle to install this thing either, and it comes with a detachable head, a 5 ft hose, and brackets for a complete ensemble.

  • High water pressure for relaxing shower
  • Three different streams can be switched on and off
  • 5 ft hose
  • Three mineral beads
  • Detachable shower head
  • Adhesive bracket might come loose
  • Needs quick bead replacement

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8. Junisel Ionic Shower Head with Water Hose and Holder

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A mineral shower head is perfect for situations where the water is very hard. I found that hard water made my skin very rough, and as soon as I switched to the Junisel product, I saw the immediate result.

That is because this item has three different kinds i8of minerals. The majority of the infrared beads effectively absorb heavy-metal and other impurities, whether visible or invisible. This should protect your skin from harmful stuff.

On the other hand, ceramic balls and anion minion balls correct the PH levels, which improves skin elasticity and hair follicles. So, you can completely rely on this tool to clean and cleanse your shower water. Moreover, it also handles pressure very well and saves 35% more water.

That is because the smaller holes in the plate encourage less water to escape, and that also increases pressure by 200%. You do get three modes as well to adjust the pressure according to your comfort level. The jet mode is the perfect mixture of a gentle and fast stream.

You can simply reach the switches placed at the shower plate and change the settings. What is even more convenient is the stainless steel hose and adjustable shower bracket. You can easily set it up with tape and without the help of any tools.

  • Different minerals improve water quality
  • Options to switch between water streams
  • More pressure, less water consumption
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Tool-less setup
  • A limited range of swivel
  • Plastic might crack

No products found.

Factors to consider when buying the best ionic shower head

Typically, these bath products come with all the necessary parts. But in the off chance that it does not, I have listed some crucial features that you can check out before buying.

Stream Settings

You might have already seen from several ionic shower head reviews that these items have different water streams. However, every model from every brand will not offer this feature. Sometimes the shower head might only have one mode, and if that is a deal-breaker, then you will have to look for another kind.

Moreover, in every mode, users should still be able to control the liquid temperature. Thus, they can have a comfortable bath that is not too hot or too cold.

Note: Using the switch on the side is how you can change the streams.


As we have mentioned earlier in this article, there are several parts to this device. So, you must check whether the box comes with everything. Otherwise, you will have to look for individual parts, which can be a hassle. Some brands even go the extra mile of adding a water-resisting tape, which helps avoid leaks.

Note: Make sure to always screw the junctions tightly.


Some shower heads are completely detachable, which can be a plus point if you want to multitask. However, not all brands offer a hose or a bracket. So, whether the kit comes with a hose or not, users should check whether the screw is universal and compatible with their shower or not.

Additionally, it will be wiser to check the length of the hose and its material. You want it to be decently long and flexible. Usually, a combination of stainless steel and nylon wires makes for the perfect match.


In most reviews, you will only hear about mineral beads. But there are also other purification forms available such as cotton sticks. Those can quickly absorb iron and chlorine. However, the cotton sticks do not last very long. Therefore, mineral beads are usually what people prefer.

Note: The mineral beads are of different kinds and have different purposes.


This is perhaps the coolest thing about these devices. With the LED system, you can make your own custom shower room without spending much at all. The result is a cool setting for creating the perfect relaxing mood.

Note: Some LEDs change color with the temperature.

How do you install an ionic shower head?

By no means am I a plumber or a professional in that field, but if I can attach the item all by myself, I believe you can too! But do not worry; I will leave some easy steps below.

Layout All the Parts

Surprisingly, there are multiple parts that come with the package. Check the guide quickly to know whether you have all the pieces needed to assemble, and then lay them all in front of you. That will help you to visualize every step.


Before you do anything, you will have to set up the spring inside the shower. Additionally, if the product has three types of the water stream or any kind of switch for an LED, then you need to align the switch as well.

After that step, you need to insert the metal plate through which the water will exit. Make sure to use the right side up (the side with the smaller holes) while you attach this bit.

Now, the mineral beads can be different based on the brand. Some might go in the stem, others in the shower head. Refer to your guide to check where each kind of stone needs to be.


Finally, when all the parts are aligned, tighten the stem with the head, add the hose if there is any, and you are all ready for a nice and relaxing bath time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are ionic shower heads any good?

These products are specially designed to remove impurities and chemically balance your shower water. Hence, the water quality improves drastically compared to regular taps and hoses.

Moreover, these items also come with additional benefits such as different water streams and LED lights, elevating the entire bath time experience. So, if you are interested in getting not only a clean but a safe shower, then these products are definitely worth the price.

Do ionic shower heads increase water pressure?

There is often a metal plate in these products where the holes are etched. These exit areas are extremely small, and they are laser etched to maintain an accurate size.

Usually, each plate will have around 200 or more holes, and this minute size is what contributes to higher pressure. The water needs to accumulate before it exits and consequently gains pressure. As a result, some brands even increase the pressure by 200%.

Do stone stream shower heads really work?

Yes, the brand offers quality products that should last for a long. The hoses and the heads come with materials suitable for water contact and will not rust easily. Moreover, StoneStream adds quality mineral beads for effective purification.

How often should I change the mineral balls in my shower head?

It mostly depends on the water quality in your household. For example, if the water is very hard, then the mineral balls would end up consuming more dirt and chemical in a short period. However, in a general sense, it is better to replace them after every 6 to 8 months.

Do showers create negative ions?

Yes, showers do create negative ions as there is a lot of motion happening among the water particles. So, the energy causes the ions to split, and that creates negative ions.

Do negative ion shower heads work?

The negative ions improve mood and also helps purify water, which is how it becomes beneficial.

Does the showerhead come with beads included?

Yes, these products come with beads, and they can be replaced as well. However, you will have to fill the stem and head with the beads yourself.

Do water softener ionic shower heads do they work?

These shower heads work by converting hard water into soft water through the filtration process.

Final Verdict

As we have arrived at the end, all I have to say is if you truly want a solution for getting supple skin and shiny hair, then please search for the best ionic shower head. Do yourself the service, and you will thank me later.

Of course, if you think you are ready to make the purchase, it would be excellent if you went with the GIFT ZEN Shower Head. It comes packed with mineral beads and even has a color-changing LED for the perfect mood.

On the other hand, if users liked the idea of different shower streams then, the Luxsego Shower Head will also be a great choice.

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