Best LED Shower Head Reviews

9 Best LED Shower Head Reviews with Buying Advice in 2021

After a stressful day of work, a soothing shower at just the right temperature will rejuvenate your mood very quickly. 

With the best led shower head, you will be aware of the water temperature all the time and have a pleasant bath with different water patterns and colors. These shower heads are loaded with more benefits than you can imagine.

Our article over here consists of a review section that has the most amazing LED shower heads. Along with that, there are multiple sections that contain important information to help you make the purchase decision.

Wait no more and get started now.

Top 5 Best LED Shower Head Comparison in 2021  

What Is a LED Shower Head and How Does It Work?

Well, if you have come this far without knowing what an LED shower is and how it works, then this is the perfect part for you. In this section, we will be answering both of these questions in detail, so get ready!

What Is a LED Showerhead?

Allow us to start with the first question, and that is: What is this product we are talking about? 

The name of the shower should be pretty self-explanatory. These showers are the same thing that is inside your bathroom, but they have a cool feature. They glow up. Yup, you did not read that wrong; these showers illuminate! Using this attribute, you can set up the mood in your shower depending on what you desire. 

Apart from this, you can use these showering gadgets as a way of determining the perfect temperature. Suppose you come home after a tiresome day and want to refreshen yourself with a shower. In that case, if you set the water too hot or too cold, it will not be a pleasant experience. 

Hence, the best solution for this situation is to have LED showerheads. These can practically change color according to temperature, and thus, will enable you to get the best experience. 

How Does It Work?

As light and electricity are concerned, you might be thinking that they are hazardous and costly. No, LED showerheads are not dangerous. The reason behind this is that they do not require an external power source to operate.

So, how do these electrical devices work? It’s pretty simple; they use hydroelectricity to generate the required watts. 

The water flowing through the shower rotates a turbine. Then the turbine collects the kinetic energy and converts it into electrical energy. Here is where a little physics comes into play. You see, the turbine is connected to an induction system, which generates electricity. 

Now, this system is designed so that it provides the accurate electricity to run the system and every other additional sensor.

Such a mechanism provides three benefits: 

  • Since it has no battery, there is zero hassle of needing to change. 
  • It does not require any connection to the primary power source of the house, so the chance of a severe shock is null. 
  • Subsequently, it is not using a battery or a power source. Thus, no energy is being used, and ultimately, no money needs to be spent on operating it.

The 9 Best Led Shower Head Reviews

Having an LED light-changing showerhead is a fun experience, and you want to have the best one. So, the only way to do that is to get yourself a top-quality showerhead. That is the sole purpose of our article. Here you will find all the essential information regarding the topic.

Buckle up, my friend!

Light Dual Shower Head (BEST CHOICE)

Taking a shower is one of the most relaxing moments of the day. Imagine you come home from a tiresome day; you can refresh yourself with an excellent hot shower. And the most straightforward way of achieving that is by buying an Ana Bath LED Multi-Purpose shower head. But, why this one? 

Well, the first thing that makes this unit a great option is its blue LED lights. Showering is a calming moment of your day, and it has been said that blue light is one of the most calming shades in the world. Hence, its blue LED lights offer a first-class environment for you to wash off all the stress you amassed over the day.

In addition to that, the unit comes with numerous spray patterns, hence, permitting you to choose the pattern that suits your mood the most. 

One hoax about light up shower head is that they are not long-lasting. That’s not the case because this one has been crafted from high-quality ABS, Brass, and Stainless steel. Such a feature grants the item extreme endurance to damage and rust and ultimately ensures a longer lifespan.

Soothing Blue ColorGrants a very satisfying and calming environment to take a shower.
Various Water PatternsAllows you to pick from different water patterns for a perfect experience.
Long-lasting BuildWill keep serving you for a very long time.


The blue light creates a soothing and calm environment

Built to last for a long time

Comes with an anti-clog system that guarantees unhindered water flow

You can fit the unit in any bathroom

Easy to use

Features numerous variants of water patterns


The lights are not of the highest quality

Dream Spa All Chrome 3-way LED Shower Head with Jet

Why go through the hassle of purchasing a showerhead and jet spray separately when you can get them both at the same time? No, you are not imagining stuff because that’s exactly what this package offers! However, that is not the only reason why you should go for it. 

The name ‘dream spa’ is a very fitting title for this led lighting shower head. Rest assured, you will get a superb experience from this item. The showerhead contains four different spray patterns right off the bat, including an eco-mode that guarantees to save water for you. 

Furthermore, the unit has three pre-installed color modes. Hence, allowing you to choose the perfect color that suits your mood. Speaking of moods, if you are having a bad day, please try the shower’s blue light, which is highly soothing. By the way, it has a remarkable innovative attribute. 

The combo features a sensor that lets it detect the temperature of the water. Thus, enabling the product to change its color according to the temperature. Apart from all these, the merchandise is easy to install and use. Plus, it has a very robust and dependable build. In short, it might be the perfect thing for you!

Two-in-oneYou get a showerhead as well as a handheld jet spray.
Temperature SensitiveColor changes according to the temperature and lets you decide the perfect water temperature.
Tool-less FittingPermits you to fit the item in a matter of minutes.


Effortless installation and usage

Contains a very sturdy and everlasting construction

3-preinstalled light changing features that can adjust according to temp

Has four different flow methods


Might end up getting clogged


Would you like to take a fancy shower? Well, we might have the right product in store for you! This merch has a chrome color with a square 8-inch dimension. Such a structure makes it look sophisticated and should give you a very majestic feeling while you are showering under it. 

Aside from this, it is a color changing showerhead. By that, we are saying that the product will change its color by reading its temperature. There is blue, violet, and pink-ish/red-ish hue. Hence, you can expect to have an entertaining experience while showering.

Besides, the color-changing perk will also enable you to select the perfect water temperature. The color is blue for 31-degrees, purple for 32-38 degrees, and red for 39-45 degrees. In addition to the color-changing attribute, the product comes with excellent construction. 

It has an ABS chrome exterior that ensures the item is impervious to rust and any other corrosion. Furthermore, the ABS build ensures exceptional sturdiness and longevity. Ergo, we can guarantee you that you will have a blast using this item. Moreover, it is easy to use, effortless to fit, and a lot of fun. 

Extremely Enduring ExteriorThe chrome coating makes the unit impervious to rust, dents, and corrosion.
High Pressure Each droplet has a perfect force and grants a refreshing moment.
Temperature SensorsColor changed due to temperature, which lets you choose comfortable bathing temps.


Highlights changing lights that can be used as a sign to depict the ideal temp

Durable and everlasting construction

Installing and using the product is a very effortless chore

The LED does not need any battery to work


Arrives with a single water pressure

KAIREY 7-Inch Handheld Shower Head

Few can compete with the KAIREY 7-inch showerhead. Do you want to know why? Well, firstly, the product is made from some of the finest materials. It has a stainless-steel build, which grants it exceptional toughness and long life. Also, the chrome finish ensures the ultimate protection from rust and other corrosion. 

Have we piqued your interest? Well, there is more! The built-in LED lights ensure you a new experience whenever you are bathing. These lights are auto-changing. Thus, every second the color of the hand shower will keep changing. All you need is music, and it is a party! 

And, to enjoy all these world-class perks, you literally need nothing. The item comes with a design that enables you to attach the unit to your bathroom within a few minutes. You will only need a few tools like a plus, crank, or screwdriver, which should be available in your toolbox. 

Besides that, the build of the item is excellent. It has a high-quality ABS construction that confirms everlasting service. Plus, the anti-clogging attribute of the product makes sure your enjoyment is never hindered. 

Sizable dimensions Provides more amount of water than conventional ones.
Constantly Changing ColorsGrants a very different showering experience.
Effortless FitmentLets you set the unit up in a matter of seconds.


Designed never to clog or get blocked

Contains a highly robust and long-lasting build

Installing the unit inside your bathroom is a very effortless chore

You can enjoy various moods thanks to the color-changing effect

Allows you to select the perfect temperature


You will not be able to vary the water pattern

PowerSpa Luminex 7-Color Shower Head & Air Jet Combo (PREMIUM PICK)

Are you searching for a new and fancier showering experience? Well, you have got to give this a try! It emits seven different colors. And you can set a different color on each of the components (showerhead or air jet). 

Along with this, many things make this an exceptional LED color changing shower head. It contains a very long-lasting and sturdy construction. The reason behind that is two raw materials: stainless steel and high-quality ABS.

The ABS used has chrome plating, which enhances the service time of the product by a lot. Due to the chrome coating, the product resists dents, scratches, and rust and can serve you for a long time. 

Furthermore, the merchandise has a stainless-steel hose system, which improves the overall longevity even more. 

By the way, do you like having more options? Well, you get four water patterns. It comes with rain, massage, and rain with massage modes. So, if you want to have a lovely experience while showering, it is a phenomenal option. 

Moving on, the fourth mode is a pause option for saving water. Hence, if you want eco-friendly stuff, this is a sweet option.

Color OptionsYou can set the color for a more refreshing event.
Sturdy BuildGuarantees a more long-lasting construction. 
Variable Water Patterns Allows you to select the shower pressure and pattern for an enjoyable shower.


Sturdy and offers a hefty service time

Comes with seven color choices, and you can set them separately on each one

Fitting the product on your car is a very effortless task

Contains three different water flow patterns


Changing the water setting is a tad tricky

PRUNGA LED Shower Head

So, the very first thing that is lucrative about this product is its filtration system. Yes, this showerhead comes with a purification mechanism. Therefore, you would be able to shower with a high level of clean water, which should give you a more refreshing feeling. Besides, it’s a good thing for your skin health. 

Now, the product is also a temperature shower head. Do you not know what that is? It arrives in three colors: blue (85 to 105 Fahrenheit), red (105 -120 Fahrenheit), and green (85 Fahrenheit). Thus, you can set the perfect temperature and have a pleasant experience while taking a shower. 

Next, you might be thinking about how often you need to change the battery of the system. Well, you do not have to! So, does it need to be connected to a power source to work? No, again! The product works on a pre-installed water turbine, which allows the item to generate power on its own and turn on the LED. 

Along with all these, the product is easy to fit, eco-friendly (saves 35% more water), and has tons of other perks. You need to try it if you want to know more about it. 

Has A Temperature Shower HeadYou will be able to choose the perfect temperature according to your desire.
Comes with A Pre-installed TurbineCan generate power by itself and switch on the LED
Durable BuildWill work properly for a very long time


Fitting the unit is a straightforward task

Warns you about the water’s temperature

Provides you much safer and healthier water to shower with

Can be used by children as well as adults


The water pressure is not high

You will not be able to change the water pressure

Hotel Spa 3 Colors LED Hand Shower

Is there a simple yet high-performance and vastly endowed showerhead (perk-wise)? Well, yes, and if you are looking for something like that, then this might be one of the best purchases in your life. Are you interested in knowing why?

Right off the bat, the product comes with three water patterns. Ergo, delivering you with a wide variety of showering choices. Besides, shifting between these modes is an effortless thing. All you need to do is rotate the switch, and the water pattern will be changed immediately. 

Also, it arrives with a temperature sensor that permits you to deem the water temperature. So, before you get into the shower, you can set the perfect temperature and have a soothing shower. However, there are tons of other things that this item has in its arsenal. 

It has a tough and lifelong construction. The ABS and stainless-steel build practically make this unit indestructible. Plus, the chrome coating turns it impervious to rust, dents, and scratches even more. And you can install this exquisite merch in your bathroom in a couple of minutes. 

Numerous PatternsSimple change, and you can vary the flow style for a more pleasant shower.
Temperature SensorEnables you to establish the best temperature for a shower.
Robust ConstructionEverlasting service


You can install the showerhead in your home in a short time

Has a very robust and everlasting construction

Can be used a system to tell you the temperature of the water while bathing 

Offers you three different water patterns

Affordable pricing


Might make an uncomfortable noise

YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Handheld Shower

If you are tired of the old conventional showerheads, then this might be a good chance. Unlike the other handheld showerheads, this one has a very unorthodox build, which gives it several ergonomic perks. Moreover, this is one of those few showerheads that can be used for both humans and pets. 

Other than that, the unit features a very high-pressure nozzle. Thus, you would be enjoying a calming and pleasant bath. Except for that, it’s first in the class when it comes to technology. This one has a built-in thermometer that lets you check if the temperature is right for you, your pet, or your children. 

By the way, this is a colorful water shower head. Therefore, with the change of temperature, the color of the showerhead will also start varying. Now, you can use this perk to check the temperature of the showerhead. 

Moreover, it has a robust construction. Thanks to that, we can confidently tell you that the product will keep providing you the best service all the time. In addition to all these, it is a multipurpose product. You can use it for bathing yourself, your children, and even your pets. 

Unconventional DesignHas a different ergonomic build for a more comfortable and fun shower.
Enduring Infrastructure Offers a longtime service.
Temperature Controlled Color changes according to temperature, allowing you to pick the best temps for bathing.


Has a very unique and easy to use design

Comes with a thermometer that lets you pick the perfect temperature to bathe

Everlasting and sturdy build

You can use it for your children and pets

Contains multiple lighting effects that produce a fun experience


Not efficient and eco-friendly

Saeuwtowy 10 Inch Large Square Rainfall LED Shower Head 

Why opt for the small and compact showerheads when you can have this one? The 10-inch dimensions of the showerhead, along with its high-pressure water, will make you feel like you are under a soothing waterfall. 

Since this is an illuminated shower head, it will change colors. Now, that is a very different experience. Due to that, not only will the color change with the temperature, but it will also provide a fun and unique event. Couple that with its high pressure, and you end up with a refreshing bath. 

Anyways, there is more about the product that you have to know. It has a very robust and strong construction, which ensures excellent longevity. Also, with this package, you have nothing to worry about. All the essential accessories will be provided on the day of purchase.

Dependable BuildEnsures everlasting service, so no need for any replacement anytime soon.
Uncomplicated Installation Easy to install and lets you enjoy all the perks without much issue.
Colors ChangingThe color changes according to the temperature for a more satisfying bath.


Ensures top-notch durability and excellent service duration

Changes color according to the temperature, which is very soothing

You can use it as an indication of the perfect temperature

Installing the unit is very easy


The nozzles might get clogged at times

What to Look for Before Buying the best led showerhead?

Buying a showerhead is a big commitment, especially if it is a LED. Therefore, it might not pan out to be a good thing if you chose the wrong one. That is why we suggest that you go through the entire article. In this section, you should find all the necessary reasons for the topic. So, let us get started!

Temperature Sensors

There are many LED showerheads. But the ones that we suggest for you are the ones that are temperature sensitive. Here is why! Thanks to the temperature changing attribute of these showerheads, you can know whether the water is too hot or too cold. 

Once you have that info, you will be able to get the right temperature. Plus, we are confident that after a stressful day, you want a warm and calming shower. That is easily attainable if the showerhead has this feature. 

Water Pattern

Many think that this is not an essential attribute that you have to keep in mind. Well, we have a different opinion. The feeling of water falling on your skin can definitely influence your mood. Now, if you can change the way each droplet falls on your body, you would be able to manipulate your mood better.

In short, having an LED showerhead that contains a variable water pattern and lets you control the pressure is the best way of having the best bath. Try it out, and we can assure you that you will be surprised! 

Variant of Showerhead

Now, whenever you are in the hardware store thinking which type of showerhead you should pick, you can either go for the combo, the single showerhead, or the handheld one. Let us get to the bigger question: which one you should opt for! 

Answer: The one that suits you the most. 

Each of these showerheads come with their own sets of perks and features. And the easiest way of selecting the one that is pleasant for you is by choosing something that ticks all the essential features in your list. 

Easy Operation

It is a showerhead! If that has a mechanism that makes it hard to change the water pattern or the pressure, that defeats the whole purpose of refreshing and revitalizing yourself. Hence, the best solution is to look for something easy to use. 

How can you do that? It is pretty simple. Many shower heads have a small rotating lever on the side or a rotating lever across the nozzle. These are the most straightforward to use and will take you not more than a second to shift between the modes. 

Uncomplicated Installment

We, humans, love it when things are made easy for us! Ergo, if you have a product that delivers easy installation, do you not think that is a better thing to have? Or would you like something that takes you long hours of labor and many tools to fit?

We are pretty sure that you are leaning towards the first option. There are loads of color changing led shower heads in the market, and if you do a little digging yourself in this case, nailing one is not a very tricky task. 


In this world, we all want to be savvy buyers. Even if it is for something as simple as a showerhead, you need something that is affordable and grants you all the necessary perks you desire. Now, how can you achieve that? Well, the first step is making a budget. 

Showerheads are not very expensive unless you are looking for something too extravagant. If you have a budget of 20 to 100 dollars, we are confident that you can get yourself a first-class and excellent showerhead. 

However, if money is not an issue, you can opt for 200-dollar ones or for those that cost more than this. 

Benefits of a LED Shower Head

If you are wondering why you should opt for an LED shower head, this section should help you out. We understand that you are new to this concept, and it is very natural! Nonetheless, this section should provide you all the key reasons that make it worthwhile.  

Temperature Detection

Well, it is true! Using this product has a very basic advantage. You will love how nicely the item can predict and tell whether the water is too hot, too cold, or just right. And, when it comes to bathing, such a thing is a very crucial aspect. 

Various Water Patterns

Another cool thing about these products is their water patterns. These are conventionally designed to offer you the most satisfying bath ever. That is only achievable if you have something that you can use to change the way the water falls on you. Due to that, you can select the mode that suits the situation. 

Soothing Colors

You should know, lights can influence our mood. It is a scientific fact that colors can change how you feel. So, the color-changing attribute of these things can literally lighten your mood.

In Tokyo, the streetlights are blue. Because of the blue shade, people tend to be calmer, and it has contributed to dropping the rate of road violence and suicides.

As you can see, colorful light has a heavy influence. Now, imagine this while taking a shower after a hard day. Seems pleasant, right?

Drawbacks of  a LED Shower Head

If something has pros, then it must come with a set of cons, and that saying goes with LED showerheads as well. So, to give you a clear picture, here are the drawbacks of using LED Showerheads. 

Water Pressure

Yes, the pressure from these water lights is not the best. Though it is not very bad, it is not very powerful either. Therefore, if you prefer high water pressure, then this product might not be for you. Instead, stick to your conventional shower head. 

Not Very Good Lights

The lights used to make these shower heads are not of the best quality. Although the sensor used for temperature detection is excellent, the same cannot be said for the lights. And if you want to go for something with superior light quality, you might have to pay a hefty sum.


Now, LED Showerheads are not extremely expensive. But we have to be honest; they are not cheap as well. If you target the best of the best, it might cost you around 100 to 150 dollars. On the other hand, a simple showerhead might cost like 20 dollars, and if you want higher quality, it would be around 100 dollars. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED shower heads safe?

Of course, they are! Even though these components use electricity to operate, they do not come with anything that will cause the water or the object to conduct electricity in any way. Plus, the power it produces is minimal. So, there is practically no chance of any danger. 

Do LED shower heads need electricity?

LED lights are installed within the showerheads. Now, to run those lights, we need electricity. Therefore, our answer is a yes! Nevertheless, the electricity is produced inside the machine by the use of water turbines and other stuff. So, there is no need for any battery or a connection to the closest power socket or terminal. 

How do you clean LED shower heads?

Cleaning an LED shower head is similar to the conventional ones. The item is protected by a layer, which prevents any water from entering the system. So, to clean it, you have to get rid of the sediments that accumulate over time. You can clean that by washing the unit every once in a while.

What is the best LED shower head?

Well, it is not easy to declare one of the items as the best. There are lots of things that we have to consider before we can do that. However, if we had to choose, we would select a couple of them. In our eyes, the Ana Bath is an excellent option amongst all the others. 

The Prunga LED Showerhead is an excellent choice as well. It is very eco-friendly and will offer you all the necessary perks. In short, all the products in this article are amazing. We would suggest you go through their specifications and choose the one the suits your needs.

How long do LED shower heads last?

LED Showerheads are meant to last for a long time. If you opt for a high-quality showerhead, we can assure you the best of the best performance, including longevity. An A-grade showerhead will last for at least six months before you need to do anything. 

Where can I buy LED shower heads?

There are two options. If you like to see things physically and inspect them part by part, you can go to any supermarket or sanitary store. But in this day and era, online shopping is the gig. We can certify, if you get your stuff from authentic online stores, you will not have any.

Final Words

If you have come this far, then you should have become a pro on the topic. We have made sure to provide you all the essential information regarding the subject. Each of the products on our list is worthy of being named the best led shower head. So, have you chosen yet? 

If you have not, let us make things a little more straightforward for you. Out of all the options we have introduced, the Ana Bath is the most suitable. Give it a try, and you will not regret it!

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