Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors

8 Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors in 2021

We all have heard stories about people slipping and badly injuring themselves in a wet bathroom, especially seniors. That is why a non-skid shower mat is essential. To save you the hassle, we bring you a list that includes the best non slip shower mat for seniors. 

There are thousands of models in the market, and to be honest, looking for the best deal on the internet can be very troublesome.

Hence, we researched for you, so you don’t have to waste your time and energy looking for shower mats online. We have done intense research and listed the top ones that will suit all kinds of customer needs.

This article provides all essential details which will give you an overall idea of what we have found. Hopefully, all this will help you make the best choice.

Top 5 Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors Comparison in 2021

  • Size: 20″ X 32″
  • Material: Velvet, Memory Foam
  • Pattern: Solid
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  • Size: 20″ X 32″
  • Material: Velvet, Memory Foam
  • Pattern: Solid Grid
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  • Size: 16″ X 25″
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pattern: Waved
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  • Size: 16″ X 35″
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pattern: Solid
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  • Size: 18″ X 24″
  • Material: Moso Bamboo
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
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The 8 Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors Reviews

Here is a list of a few mats that you can get if you have a senior living in your house. These mats are slip-proof and will prevent all abrupt falls!

Best Choice: Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

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The first runner that we have on our list is one of the best shower mats for seniors. We love this to death because it is comfortable to stand on and gets the job done as well!

To give you that soft buttery feel, this inside shower mat is constructed of a velvet exterior. These, quite literally, feel like clouds underneath your feet. 

Inside the velvet, the cover is a strong core made with memory foam. As soon as you stand on the carpet, the quick-drying construction absorbs all the water. 

After that, the rug also dries clean in no time. That way you don’t have a soggy carpet in your bathroom. 

To keep the shower floor mats clean, you can throw them in a washing machine. The seams won’t rip, and the foam won’t come out either. Wash and dry at home without needing professional dry cleaning! 

Polyurethane Memory Foam ConstructionThis foam makes it more comfortable to stand on the rug.
Coral Velvet CoverIt makes the carpet feel soft and cushiony
Solid PatternHelps with absorption
Durable Velvet and Memory Material MixIt won’t tear or rip any time soon


  • Can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and even on front doors
  • Variety of colors and sizes to choose from
  • It stays in place, does not slip
  • Easy to maintain; just throw it in the washer!


  • It takes a long time to dry after washing because of the thick foam

Premium Pick: Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat

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Gorilla Grip is known for making scatter rugs that don’t move no matter what, making it the best non slip bath mat for elderly. Even if your bathroom floor is soaking wet, the thing will not slide unless you want it to. 

Thanks to the thick fabric of the rug, even if it is getting wet every day, the seams will not tear. So you might not have to replace this for quite some time. 

Extra ruffles on the rug ensure that your feet get that extra comfort at the end of the day. 

As non slip shower mats can get heavy after it has absorbed all that water, you will have better luck machine washing it rather than hand washing. Although if you want, you can wash it by hand using cold water. 

Based on the size of your bathroom, you can choose one of the different sizes. Colors are also available to match the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Rubber BackingIt keeps the rug from slipping out of place
Thick fabric ConstructionThe rug doesn’t tear at the seams
Soft Foam InteriorIt makes the runners more soothing for the feet
High-Density foamHelp make the scatter rug extra fluffy and absorbent


  • Has ruffles to add more comfort to your feet
  • You can wash it by hand with cold water and soap or in the washer as well
  • Dries fast after getting wet without needing to squeeze or hang
  • It does not hold an odor


  • Requires a lot of space

Best Value: Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Mat

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Buying a shower slip mat with three digits worth of monetary value can never be worth it. No matter how much you take care of these, you need to replace them. Otherwise, you risk a buildup of germs. 

That is why we recommend the Clara Clark memory foam rug. This one is made with microfiber so, it helps absorb water much more efficiently. Then it also dries up quickly, so you do not risk any germ buildup. 

Added PVC dots underneath the rug helps to hold it down in position, making it one of the best if not the very best shower mat for elderly. 

And even when wet, the rug will not exceed a weight of 2 lbs. No need to worry about picking up a wet, soggy, and heavy runner for drying!

Lastly, the runner is made with all-natural fabrics so that people with allergies can use them without needing to sneeze all the time! Non-toxic bath scatter rugs, as such, are also great to have around if you have a kid or a pet. 

Includes PVC shower floor gripsHelps hold the rug in place; does not move even when the floor is wet
Microfiber MaterialHelps with quick water-absorbing and drying
LightweightIt does not become heavy even when wet
Soft Sew EdgesNo harsh or sharp edges; perfect for the elderly


  • Natural Microfiber construction makes this non-toxic and safe for people with allergies
  • Available at a very affordable price; can be replaced easily
  • The quick-dry fabric helps prevent mold or germ buildup
  • Help keep feet warm against the cold floor


  • Shape and feel changes drastically when thrown in the washer; better if hand washed

Gorilla Grip Patented Bath Tub and Shower Mat

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Since this product is entirely made of plastic, it is the best non skid bath mat for elderly. Luckily the item does not even absorb water; it is completely waterproof. 

Drainage holes have been placed throughout the surface so that the water can pass through easily. Therefore, the shower mat with a center drain hole keeps no room for mold buildup. 

There are approximately 320 suction cups to keep this thing stuck in place. Once you safely attach it to a floor, the product will not move- because it is made of plastic. You also do not have to worry about tears and rips. Overall, these are great shower mats for the elderly that will last you ages!

Over 300 Suction CupsIt helps with positioning and makes the carpet non-slip
Added Draining HolesImmediately gets rid of the water, thereby decreasing the need to wash and dry the mat
Extra Large 35 x 16 inches SizeGives great bathroom tile coverage
Plastic BuildDoes not tear or rip easily; does not absorb water either 


  • No need to bleach; just rinse and dry
  • A shower mat with drainage holes that helps prevent water and mold buildup
  • It dries completely in 20 minutes
  • Water-resistant non slip bathroom floor mats for elderly


  • Not compatible with textured floors; the surface needs to be plain and clean, or the it won’t be non-skid

Premium Bamboo Bathroom Floor Mat

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Now, this is a bathroom mat that will surely intrigue you. Wooden bath runners are not that common yet, but they are slowly making their way into our modern-day lives. 

Made with Moso wood, this runner is an excellent example of eco-friendliness and utilization of renewable resources. 

The model comes with six soft pads that make it one of the best anti slip bath mats for the elderly. 

Anyone around 250 lbs can stand on this wooden runner without causing damage. So, you will not have to worry about breakage. 

Because the material is wood, they also work well as outdoor shower floor mats. Unlike a cushioned shower mat, this one will not retain water. Leave it outside, and it will dry up on its own. Even when used indoors, this one does not need much time drying, thanks to the slatted design. 

One of the advantages of owning wooden runners such as this one is that they do not hold odor!

Moso Wood ConstructionAn eco-friendly material that makes excellent use of renewable resources
Slatted DesignImproves air circulation and helps the product dry faster 
6 Soft Pads UnderneathHelps attach the wooden runner to the floor
High Weight CapacityIt does not break and can take on a weight of 250 lbs


  • And eco-friendly material that is good for the environment
  • Non-toxic and allergy-friendly construction
  • No need to wash that often
  • Stylish, modern, and unique design that is truly one of a kind


  • It weighs about 4.5 lbs

Navy Blue Bathroom Rugs Slip-Resistant Extra Absorbent Soft and Fluffy Striped Bath Mat

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If you like thick and cushiony shower stall floor mats, this is the one for you!

This runnner is made with a fabric of 2000g/sm weight. It is one of the softest and most mattress-like shower floors covers you will ever come across. 

Thanks to the plush fabric on the top, the product feels extra soft under your feet. The warmth that the floor cover can give you after a cold shower is incomparable to any other feeling!

However, keep in mind that the product might weigh more than you expect because it is constructed from such thick material. And that also means that you will need more time to clean and dry the rug.

2000g/sm WeightSofter and better quality material that holds up better than the usual 1350g/sm
Extra Thick Chenille FabricSoaks up water from your feet instantly, preventing puddles
SBE Hot Melt Spray BackingIt makes for a great non slip shower mat for elderly
Plush Tuft Top SurfaceFeels soft and warm on your feet after a cold shower


  • It works like a sponge and keeps your floors dry
  • Extra thick material almost feels like a mattress for your feet
  • Classy colors and extra-large shower mats; fit for most bathroom décor
  • The striped pattern helps water flow faster into the foam from the surface


  • Quite hard to clean as the material is so thick
  •  Long drying time

FRMMY Store Non Slip Bath Shower Floor Mat

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We love these rubber shower matting for a modern touch in the bathroom. It brings a minimal style into the décor. This one, in particular, is great at keeping the elderly safe.

Plenty of suction cups at the bottom of the body prevents it from sliding around in the bathroom. These suction cups are so strong that people have complained about them sticking on too hard at times!

However, if you pull them off the floor once in a while, it should be alright. A slotted design helps the unit get rid of all the soapy water immediately. In this way, there are fewer chances of someone slipping and falling in the loo.

Slotted Drain HolesThe holes in the carpet help soap and water to just pass through; no absorbing
Rubber and Plastic ConstructionStretchable; does not rip
Wave Textured TopIt prevents you from slipping and falling without being uncomfortable to the feet
Suction Cup BottomKeep the mat from slipping and moving in the bathroom


  • Rubber shower mat that stretches but does not tear
  • Tiny suction cups peel off easily when you are trying to take off the mat 
  • You can scrub it clean and dry in minutes
  • Easy to roll and travel with


  • It needs to be taken off the floor once in a while to prevent the suction cups from clinging too hard

SlipX Solutions Extra Large Square Shower Mat

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Lastly, we have another one of the popular rubber or plastic style bath runners.

This one is special because it has small balls on the surface that gives your feet a massage while you are in the shower. The feature will be great to have for relaxing after a long day at work. 

Oversized shower stall mats such as this one can cover a lot of the bathroom floor. Therefore, they are preferred more often in houses with older people. 

A giant center hole allows all the water to pass into the drainage. Added air holes help keep the thing dry at all times. So. No more walking onto a soggy plastic runner!

High Coverage 27 x 27-inch sizeGood coverage, making almost the entire bathroom non-slip
Made with Untearable PVC MaterialYou won’t have to replace it even with years of usage
Includes Air HolesSafety shower mats for the elderly allow ventilation which helps the mat’s surface to dry up quickly 
Large Center HoleLets most of the water flow off into the drainage


  • Eye-catching colors that make it easy to spot in the bathroom
  • Allows air ventilation which helps keep the mat dry at all times
  • Can cover most of the floor if attached in a small bathroom
  • Great for attaching in showers
  • Tiny balls on the surface give your feet a massage
  • Easy to set up and remove for cleanup


  • Weak suction cups

Before You Buy What to Look for the Best Non Slip Shower Mat for Elderly

After looking at the shower items, do not rush into the decision of buying. For getting the best deal, take a look at these points and cross-check with the products of your choice. 

Material of the Mat

You need to look at the material. That is true for not just shower mats but any kind of product you buy.

When you buy a shirt or any other clothes, you pay close attention to the material of the cloth. The reason for that is because you want to know if the material is suitable for your needs.

For example, in winter, you want your clothes to keep you warm, so you look for woolen clothing items.

Therefore material plays a huge role. In the case of the shower mat, you know that it will get wet more often, and you don’t want it to slip. So you will go for ones which are made of PVC or rubber. For shower mats, this type of material is ideal.

Suction Cup

If you want your shower carpet not to slip on a wet surface, suction cups are crucial. When you look at more shower mats, you will notice that the surface above and below the rug is not exactly plain.

The upper surface of the item will have inclined bumps as if small pebbles are placed on it. The same goes for the bottom part as well. However, the bottom surface will have hollow holes.

Now both the upper bumps and the bottom holes have their functions. The upper bump will make the surface of the carpet uneven so that your feet will have more friction with the surface. It will reduce the chances of you slipping off the rug. 

The lower holes suck in air when you stand on it, keeping it fixed in position. It is very similar to the toys you stick on the glass of your car.

The air gets trapped in the hole, and it sticks in position. For your carpet to be an anti-slip suction cup is very important.


When you are looking for mats, make sure you keep the size of your bathroom in mind. The size of the bathroom will determine the size of the carpet best suited for you. First, you have to determine where you want to place the runner. Then try to figure out the size of that place. Remember, if the size of the runner is not according to the area your will place it in, then all your money will go to waste.

If the size is too big for the area, then it will not fit properly. The mat will have curls which might make it more prone to slipping. Even if the runner is an anti-slip one, the curls will let air pass making it equal to a typical scatter runner.

Short sized runners will also be a problem. A small mat means you have to stand on a smaller space which can get very uncomfortable. You can fall just trying to stand in that uncomfortable position. For elderly people, a short mat is not recommended.

Drain Holes

To avoid puddles, you need a shower scatter runner with drainage holes. These are holes put in the mat, allowing the water to pass through. The function is very similar to your bathroom floor drain.

In the case of bathroom mats, the higher the number of drain holes the better it is. That is because a higher number of drain holes means the mat will not hold water in it. Therefore it will get dry sooner than those without drain holes.


Bathrooms are the house to millions of germs. The environment is wet and moist, making it an ideal place for germs to grow.

Since your carpet is always in the bathroom, there is a high possibility there will be germs in the mat. You might think that after a shower, you are clean.

However, due to your carpet, you might carry germs on your feet. This might have many side effects including, you getting extremely sick.

So when you are looking for bathroom scatter rugs, make sure you give special attention to the anti-germ ones. That will save you a lot of trouble and keep you safe from bacteria and other germs.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

When you buy an item, you want that item to be long-lasting. You want your investment to be worth every penny.

Additionally, you do not want it to give you much hassle. Therefore when you are looking, for carpets make sure you are giving special attention to this point. It will be an additional hassle for you if the rugs you buy does not last very long or is difficult to clean.

Reasons to Use Non-Slip Shower Mats for the Elderly

The elderlies need some extra attention. Unlike younger people, they need to be cautious about many things. The reasons why it is so essential for the elderlies to include shower mats are as follows:


When someone gets old, their body gets a week. Some require a walking stick to walk. The reason being, the bone density of a person decreases with time making their bones weak.

That is why when you get old, it can get difficult for you to walk. They can easily fall as they have less balance. 

As mentioned before, slipping in the bathroom is a very common phenomenon. The water and the tiles are simply a bad combination for stability.

It happens to people of all ages. So if the person has less balance, it makes them more prone to slipping in the bathroom. For this reason, bathroom carpets are very useful.

Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors

Slippery Tiles

Bathrooms have very slippery tiles, and water makes the situation even worse. Finally, there are products like soap or shampoo which can add to the problem.

In short, it is very easy to slip on the bathroom floor, and this is true for people of all ages.   

Even a young person with a good balance can slip on the bathroom floor. Therefore an older person would especially need it as they have a higher chance of slipping when compared to a younger person.

Advantages of Owning the Inside and Outside Shower Non Slip Mats

You can put a shower runner both outside and inside the bathroom. Putting mats outside the bathroom was a more common thing before.

Afterward, due to certain advantages, people started using anti-slip shower mats, both inside and outside the shower. The advantages include:

Inside the Bathroom

The bathroom space is wet, and we use soap, shampoo, and other products in it. That makes the bathroom very slippery.

Mats stick firmly to the tiles floor, and they are made with rubber or silicone, so you will not slip off the runner either. It will give you a safe place to stand, in the bathroom where you will not slip.

Outside the Bathroom

People also slip outside the bathroom. Since tiles flooring is present outside the bathroom, there is a very high possibility that you might slip outside the bathroom.

It happens because when you are coming out of the shower, you might have dried off your entire body; but, your feet are still wet. 

As a result, they slip. In this case, using an anti-slip mat outside the bathroom is very helpful. You get out of the bathroom, step on the mat that will absorb all the water from your feet. Your feet will be dry, and you will not fall due to your feet being wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep mold off my shower mat?

There are several ways you can keep mold off your shower mat. The simplest way is to wash it every month or maybe every two weeks and drying it in sunlight.

The sunlight kills all the germs and keeps your mat fresh. You can also try soaking it in vinegar and water. Soak it for 15 to 20 minutes, and then dry it off.

How often should you change your shower mat?

That entirely depends on the durability of the runner and your preference. If you want to change your mat to change the aesthetics of the shower and your house, then it depends on your likings.

Other than that, you need to change it if the mat is wearing off. If the mat has stopped serving the purpose you bought it for, then change it.

How do I make my shower floor non-slip?

There are tons of ways you can do that. You can, first of all, wear rubber slippers in your bathroom. Anti-slip mats are also a good option.

If you want, you can also get the anti-slip spray which works wonders with bathroom tiles. But, it would help if you did your research before you investing in any one of them.

Do shower mats work?

Shower mats work. The bumps below the mat trap air and creates a vacuum when you step on it. That allows the mat to stick to the tiles floor, and not slip. There is no reason for you to believe that it does not work if you understand the science behind it.

How do I keep my bath mat from slipping?

You can get an anti-slip shower mat. They put the suction cup on the mat to keep it from slipping. Even if there is water on the floor or there is soap foam, the anti-slip mat will not slip.

What is the safest flooring for seniors?

No one can tell you that, as this is entirely based on your preference. But the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat is a good choice for safety.

Do bamboo bath mats get moldy?

Bamboo bath mats have certain benefits, which is why many buyers prefer bamboo mats. Within those benefits comes the mold resistance benefit. Bamboo mats are water-resistant, so the mat does not usually get moldy.

Are wooden bath mats better?

Wood and water do not go well. Water ruins wood very easily. So wooden bath mats are not better than the other types. One of the most important qualities of a bath mat is the ability to withstand water, and wood does not have that.

Are shower mats sanitary?

Anything in the bathroom is sanitary if you maintain it that way. Otherwise, the bathroom is a very unhygienic place so, anything that you don’t clean frequently can get infested with germs.

So make sure you clean your bathroom mat once every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it clean and sanitary.

 How do teak shower mats work?

Teak mats have more texture in the material with which they are made. On top of that, they are designed in a way that makes them stable and anti-slip.

The design and texture allow the mat to have more friction with the floor not to slip easily. This type of bathroom mat is best to use inside the bathroom. 

What kind of bath mat works on a textured tub?

Any rubber or silicone mat which fits the size of the tub is suitable for a textured tub.

Final Words

Since these shower mats are for the elderly, we were very careful while listing the products. They require some extra help, which these products will provide.

Also, these can give them the additional safety they need. We have listed the recommendations for the best non slip shower mat for seniors, keeping their safety in priority. Even then, choosing from the list can get confusing. 

So to conclude our review, we would suggest that you buy the Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat. It works both inside and outside the bathroom.

Also, the product is known best for absorbing water quickly. If you want something aesthetically pleasing, go for the premium bamboo bathroom floor mat by Bambüsi Store.

But the over best for all kinds of need would be the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat. That is because it looks great, performs well, and is affordable as well.

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