Best RV Shower Head Reviews

10 Best RV Shower Head Reviews with Buying Guide for 2021

Life on the road in a recreational vehicle while taking in the national sites is undoubtedly a significant part of the American dream. You will certainly need to get yourself the best RV shower head so that you can keep yourself neat and clean while exploring the great outdoors.

Finding the ideal showering equipment for your RV can be quite a difficult task. The main reason behind this predicament is the present market which is full of options. Although all of them have eerily similar features, most of them become redundant due to a lack of performance and efficiency.

It can get thoroughly confusing to find a model that can get the job done consistently.

Reading this article can be highly beneficial for you as we have compiled all the information that you can need to get a good idea about this product. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Top 5 Best RV Shower Head Comparison in 2021

What is RV Showerhead?

An RV showerhead is a device that you can directly attach to the water storage of your vehicle to take a shower.

It is available in two variations of handheld and placed. Depending on your preference, either model can serve your purpose wonderfully. Other than the RV shower valves, you can also connect them to external sources.

RV showerheads can function perfectly even if your trailer’s water storage is empty. Simply connect it to a public water source, and its long hose will let you shower from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Furthermore, this product is fully dedicated to contributing to your comfort. It features a plethora of modes that range from drizzling range to calming massage.

Overall, an RV showerhead has the capacity to make your life on the road significantly comfortable. Therefore, purchasing it is a must before starting your journey.

Types of RV Showerhead

Essentially, there are three types of RV showerheads; wall-mounted, handheld, and ceiling mount. This item is classified on the basis of the position from which it is used.

Handheld RV Showerhead

Among all the RV variation showerheads, the most convenient one is the handheld version. You can control it easily, and it can quickly cover your body and also focus on one part efficiently.

Wall-Mounted RV Showerhead

Out of all the RV showerhead versions, the most common choice is the wall-mounted ones.

The main reason behind its popularity is its ease of installation. Furthermore, it is greatly compatible with most RVs having washroom areas of varying sizes. All you have to do is connect it to one side of the wall and enjoy showers anytime.

Ceiling-Mounted RV Showerhead

Lastly, if you have a luxurious RV, then you can consider getting yourself a ceiling-mounted showerhead. This variation is only compatible with vehicles that can accommodate a water connection on the top. It is an aristocratic choice as you will get to experience rainfall within your trailer through it.

What are the Most Trusted RV Shower Head Brands?

Although there are loads of RV showerhead brands currently crowding the present market, there are very few considered trustworthy options.


The most noteworthy one is the Oxygenics. Their products guarantee quality and offer you a satisfactory experience. Oxygenics are at a completely different level in comparison to their peers.


Another excellent RV showerhead brand happens to be Niagara. This brand is specifically for those who prefer to live an economical life while on the road.

All of its showering items are dedicated to conserving the water supply and ensuring you use what you need. On the other hand, it also focuses on giving you a comfortable experience.

Dura Faucet

Our next most trustworthy RV showerhead brand is Dura Faucet. This brand is perfect for those who are looking to buy a product for a more affordable price. All of their products are incredibly inexpensive.

At the same time, they also provide a wide array of features to ensure that you can use it conveniently without having to worry about it breaking apart.

The 10 Best RV Shower Head Reviews

Here are our top 10 picks for RV showerheads. Continue reading to find out about their features and how they can benefit your showering experience.

1. Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Handheld Shower: Best Choice

The first product on our list is a showerhead that is bound to revolutionize the way you shower. Very few options can measure up to the 92489 Fury in terms of comfort and performance.

Technological innovation drips from it, and you can choose between 5 spray settings depending on how you want to experience it. You can move around freely when using it as it is handheld, with the product staying firmly in your hands due to its rubber grip.

Unlike most of its peers, this unit doesn’t claim to have many features to attract you. However, the ones that it does have are specifically catering to your shower experience.

You will find the level of customizability extremely high as the inclusion of a flow control lever will undoubtedly elevate your comfort. Moreover, the inclusion of a 72-inch hose makes the model the best showerhead for RV.  

5 spray settingsIncreases versatility and customizes water pressure
72-inch hoseAttachable from remote water sources and upgrades flexibility
Flower Control leverEasy adjustability of shower pressure
Smart DesignRecognizes capacity and area of the tank and adapts itself accordingly
  • Rubber grip to prevent finger slips and spills
  • Large coverage area for comfortable use throughout shower space
  • Variable speed for deep cleaning and comfortable wash
  • Non-stick interior pieces that are free from corrosion and clogging
  • Hand toggle is inconsistent and may cause the water to drip
  • Hose is unnecessarily stiff and can be difficult to maneuver

2. Oxygenics 26481 RV Shower Kit: Premium Pick

Perhaps the most aristocratic model in our list, very few alternatives will feel in the same paradigm as the 26481. It has a premium touch, with polished nickel as its main body and an arched design to top it off.

Moreover, its water projection combined with its pressure will allow you to soak your entire body adequately without moving it around too much.

Other than being extremely efficient in providing a smooth shower experience, this product is also highly environmentally friendly and economical due to its SmartPause valve.

You won’t have to worry about your long hair as its spray pattern wonderfully caters to that too. On top of that, its 60″ hose makes it one of the most flexible RV shower units in the market, with a bare minimum requirement for maintenance.

Oxygenics innovationUplifts water pressure and extends the coverage area
SmartPause valveEfficient for saving water and maintain tank capacity with consistency in temperature
60″ hoseLong and connectible with distant water storage units
Arched designSmooth, natural grip with easy water spray direction
  • Polished nickel body to resist rusting
  • Saves water while controlling the heat level
  • Smart showering pattern to quickly soak long hair
  • Smart design for properly directing water spray and pressure
  • Stream of water isn’t as tight as other alternatives
  • Body-color is prone to scratching quickly

3. Dura Faucet RV Shower Head: Best Value

There’s no doubt that RV showerheads can be exorbitantly expensive sometimes. The Dura Faucet Shower Head is the perfect pick for those trying to get a good solid purchase without spending too much.

Its light body and highly durable build give you the notion of holding a premium model in your hands while also making it seem like a high-value item. On top of that, the design is quite ergonomic for effortless use.

We are pretty confident that you will find the Dura Faucet Shower Head to be utterly satisfactory. Besides being highly modern in its look, it also smoothly conserves water and lets you use it according to your need.

You will love setting this product up as it has an effortless and simplistic installation process that doesn’t require any professional skills. Overall, it’s an affordable and dependable commodity, and the perfect RV shower head upgrade.

Premium designHigh longevity level with superior sturdiness
Firm gripEasy to hold and valve switch prevents trickles
Easy installationSaves plumber fees and allows quick attachment
Synthetic resin bodyKeeps the showerhead free from fades and corrosion
  • 60-inch Hose for substantially superior flexibility
  • Aesthetic features do not fade over time
  • All necessary tools and attachments provided with each unit
  • High-quality build with easy to access switches
  • Rubber washer is cheap and tends to leak quickly
  • Plastic attachments prone to cracking quickly

4. Lokby RV Handheld Showerhead

One of the most annoying things you can face while on the road is a water source with very little pressure, which can ruin your showering experience. You will need your RV to have sanitation tools that have enough suction to get a steady stream of water.

The Lokby Handheld Showerhead can be the perfect partner in this regard. It is extremely powerful and comes with a variety of functions to adapt itself to any container despite its overall capacity.

Very few showerheads can measure up to the strength and suction of this unit. It has an extremely high-pressure interior that can maintain water flow anywhere. Furthermore, its five spray modes and pressure boost make this model an excellent high-pressure RV showerhead.

Moreover, you won’t face trouble cleaning it as it has a highly simplistic maintenance process. Furthermore, its intelligent layout of the nozzles allows the device to dish out an even flow consistency at all times.

Superior strengthYields continuous water flow anywhere at all times
Multiple spraying methodsEasily soaks all types of hair and quickly covers the entire body
Premium build materialHighly durable material with a premium finish and sleek design
Convenient maintenance processEasy to clean up and prevents inconsistency
  • Efficient combination of boost effect and various spray patterns
  • Pause option for conserving water efficiently
  • Silicone jets are placed closely for amplifying sprays
  • Free from lime buildup and hard water
  • Effortless installation procedure and universal compatibility
  • Water pressure can become uncomfortably high sometimes
  • Inability to remove water reducer and limited spray functions

5. Luxesgo Rv Shower Head

It’s common to encounter a tricky situation while replacing a showerhead while on the road. First of all, you might not find the shop in the area you are currently in with the hardware you need. Moreover, a replacement can be a costly expense which can set you back quite a bit.

From that perspective, the Luxesgo Shower Head is an excellent choice. It comes with a replacement hose and a bracket to make sure you will have substitutes for the product’s major components.

The layout is one of the most prime winning factors of the Lexesgo Shower Head. It has a subtle placement of the micro-nozzles to minimize them, amplifying the speed of the water and its pressure.

This design helps save water compared to most of its competitors. Moreover, its three different settings let people of all ages, including pets, have a comfortable shower. Overall, this is one dependable RV shower head and hose.

Triple showering featuresComfortable showering experience for men, women, kids, and pets
Unique beadsStrengthens the filter system to purify and soften the water
Effortless Installation ProcessSimple instructions with standard size for universality
DurabilityLittle to no chances of leaks
  • Double filtration process with beads for a quick cleaning
  • Mini nozzles with a pause system to conserve water use
  • Variable spray patterns of massage, rainfall, and jetting
  • Transparent yet sturdy body
  • Convenient deconstruction and cleaning process
  • Holder is flimsy and tends to loosen quickly
  • Plastic portions are susceptible to creating leaks

6. Niagara Conservation Water-Efficient RV Handshower

One of the worst issues RV enthusiasts face while on the road is monitoring their water conservation. It can get extremely tough in situations when a scarcity arises.

Buying the Water-Efficient Handshower can go a long way to alleviating this situation. It features a highly economical water flow rate that allows it to save water substantially more than most of its competitors.

Moreover, its jets will give you the comfortable feeling of getting a massage, making this product an excellent travel trailer shower head.

Another excellent aspect of the Water-Efficient Handshower is its universality and portability. It features a highly long hose which allows it to connect with public water sources conveniently.

You will be able to shower comfortably within the vicinity of your RV through it. Furthermore, the pipe doesn’t tangle despite its large size, allowing you to compress and store it effortlessly. Overall, this item is superbly dependable for its consistent performance and energy preservation.

2.0 gallon/minute capacityEfficient for storing water and spending as per necessity
72-inch hoseExtremely long, convenient, and hassle-free
9 jets on the showerheadProvides water massages and in different intensities
Aeration free spraysConsistency in temperature and energy conservation
  • Sleek chrome body to heighten aesthetics and give it a premium feel
  • Saves more water than 20% similar showerheads
  • 9 different spray patterns with jet-propelled water
  • Automatic cleaning process and requires no maintenance
  • Inconsistent pressure allocation
  • Hose prone to developing cracks eventually

7. PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head

Strength is a vital factor to consider when buying a showerhead. After all, it does contribute to the consistency and dependability of the overall product. In that sense, the PIH RV Handheld Shower Head is an ideal option as it provides excellent power and stability.

Its superior ability makes it one of the best for use in RVs and motor homes alike as they need the necessary pull to extract water from public sources.

Although this unit has a highly efficient water dispensation, it is pretty smooth in terms of control. It has a convenient pause setting that will allow you to cut off water flow at any given time.

On the other hand, you can also use it to boost the stream rate instantly. You can comfortably shower in peace without having to worry about the experience hindering you at all. Its multiple uses and different components make it an excellent RV showerhead.

Consistent high pressureAble to extract water from any type of source
Water pressure growthShower rate can increase quickly at any time
Pause settingQuickly cuts of water flow any time
Multiple attachmentsEasy replacement and substitutes of all components
  • High-pressure massage to calm the body
  • Water stream is amplifiable at a quick rate
  • Spray rate controllable for use in measured amounts
  • Wide array of functions
  • Spray nozzles lack a proper pattern and layout
  • Struggles to maintain heat level

8. Delta Faucet 7-Spray Handheld RV Shower Head

Imagine discovering a showerhead that has a little something for everyone. Well, that is what you will be getting with Delta Faucet Handheld Shower Head. It has seven convenient modes that are integrated to specifically cover the length of any range while also having specific options for particular targeting parts.

Moreover, it can cater to the water to massage and even drench your body as per your need to give you the ultimate showering experience regardless of age and build.

Unlike its competitors, you will face zero trouble when cleaning the Delta Faucet Handheld Shower Head. This RV shower system has a simplistic cleaning system. You won’t find yourself tiring out at any point when working maintenance on it.

Removing lime or calcium development in its interior is easily removable due to a simple swipe. Lastly, it has a convenient hose length of 60 inches for providing a comfortable experience.

Multiple spray patternsShower as per your preference and with accuracy
Hardy streamIntense water output to immerse the full body
Therapeutic water outputRelieves the body from pain when showering
Easy maintenanceQuickly helps remove calcium or lime within
  • 9 spray types for catering to versatile requirements
  • Jet sprays massage sore and strained joints
  • Consistently strong water pressure to retain performance
  • 60-inch-long Hose for convenient extendibility
  • Majority of components are made of plastic
  • Hose is extremely rigid

9. Camco 43712 RV Shower Head

One of the greatest problems with stopping the water flow in a showerhead is turning off the tap. This problem gets more evident when you’re on the road on your RV, and the source is distant.

Thankfully, the Camco 43712 RV Shower Head is the perfect pick to deal with this issue. It has a power switch in the main body to ensure that you can cut off the water supply at any given time. It’s also great for getting respite while applying shampoo.

A lot of thought went into the design of this item, and it is evident in the dimension of the showerhead and the jet layout. It has a 4-inch diameter with a 9-inch length to ensure that it evenly covers your head.

Simultaneously, its nozzles are placed in two different layers for the water to come out properly from all ends and give you a comfortable experience. Overall, we can confidently state that this unit has the potential to be a part of your RV showerhead kit.

Even bodyProperly distributes water to cover the entire area
Power switchEfficient for conserving water and cutting off supply anytime
UniversalityCompatible for both RVs and boats
Rubber nozzlesAllows easy clean-up of the internal components
  • 5 different options to simulate rainfall and massage comfort
  • Easily cleanable due to the presence of rubber tips
  • Ergonomic body for equal water coverage
  • Plastic packaging for easy portability
  • Showerhead prone to leaking over time
  • Comparatively consumes more water

10. WASSERN RV Handheld Shower Head

A vital factor that manufacturers often tend to overlook when making showerheads for RVs is their design. It can often prove disastrous and cause models to underperform drastically.

Thankfully, you won’t face the same issue with the WASSERN Handheld Shower Head. Its nickel finishing ensures that it never rusts or corrodes, while its futuristic design ensures that the chances for leaks in the future are minimal. Overall, it is a premium RV shower system in the present market.

There is no doubt that you will be thoroughly satisfied if you buy this model. Its overhead portions are fully adjustable, and you can set it up at any angle according to your preference.

Moreover, its steel is made from pure stainless steel with an 80-inch length to ensure it is thoroughly durable. It can provide you with a beautiful massaging experience even when the water pressure is low due to its minimal flow control of 2.5gpm.

Metallic brushingPolished premium look with a resistive body
Ergonomic controlsEffortlessly switch modes, stop water supply, and efficiently save water
Controllable upper portionCompatible for setup in multiple angles
Ecoswitch buttonEconomical water preservation and dependable water stream
  • Steel hose to prevent leaks while remaining flexible
  • Trickle dial to determine the water consumption amount
  • Massage mode persists even in low-pressure sources
  • A total of 81 nozzles for complete water immersion
  • Internal nylon tube is of poor quality
  • Low-quality joint connection in the base

What Features to Consider Before Buying The Best RV Shower Head?

It’s perfectly normal to feel perplexed when buying an RV faucet shower combo. The current market is completely saturated with similar competing models with eerily similar features. However, consider the following factors when looking to make a purchase for yourself, and you will find the ideal showerhead in no time!

Hose Length

You might find it funny that the hose length is an essential aspect of a showerhead. But, it can be a deciding factor in terms of convenience when you’re on the road on your RV. Having a long RV shower hose means that you can attach it to just about anything.

It will also contribute to smooth water flow consistently despite the distance. This feature will come in handy when your water distance is quite a distance away from your vehicle.

Ideally, the best camper shower head will have a minimum hose length of 60-inches. Buy one that is 72-inches long to make the most out of the product. Also, ensure that it is flexible enough to maintain the waterlines’ safety and have a comfortable showering experience.

Water Pressure

One of the things to keep in mind when traveling around in an RV is the diverse places you will be visiting. Therefore, it’s important to keep a universally compatible showerhead at hand.

It can be a concerning issue if you go to an area with a water source having low pressure if you don’t have a proper model to handle it. Therefore, it’s always best to go for an option that can work well with sources of different capacities.

Out of the many brands in the market, go for the ones that are popular for making products that pair well with low water pressure in an RV shower. These are the best when on the go because they can adapt to almost all adverse situations. Safe to say, you won’t have to worry about compatibility with it.

Shower Modes

There’s no doubt that the hallmark of an excellent showerhead relies on its comfort level. You want to feel relaxed and calm when you finish showering.

Therefore, such products need to have multiple options so that you can find an option that best suits your needs. After all, no one wants a horrible experience after driving for an entire day.

Typically, the most suitable showerheads have around 7-9 different modes. These include options that range from drizzle to massages.

Therefore, you can simulate different showering experiences without having to look for replacements. Moreover, having a massage option is incredibly comforting in relieving pain from strained or tired joints.

Control Panel

There are loads of elements to taking a shower. Therefore, it’s always a nice touch to get a showerhead that has a fully accessible control panel. It makes switching back and forth between the modes and options much more convenient. At the same time, you can stop it at any given time and prevent wasting water.

The best way to find out if you’re getting a good option is if the RV shower controls are right on the central part of the showerhead. That means you can control it at any given time without having to go out of your way. Furthermore, it also contributes to the overall showering experience in case of convenience.

Design & Layout

You might not think much of it, but the design of an RV showerhead is incredibly vital in ensuring you get a wonderful showering experience.

It is crucial for determining the water spray pattern and the area it covers. Not putting enough emphasis on this factor can result in you ending a simply inconsistent model and can ruin the entire fun for you.

Currently, it’s best to select one that has a multi-layer layout among the RV showers for sale in the current market. They are more effective in covering a large area, thus properly drenching your body with water quickly.

Furthermore, take special care to observe the nozzle placement to understand if it can provide a good flow when showering.

Water Conservation

One of the most valuable resources you can have while on the road is clean water. There will be situations where you might not get the chance to replenish your RV’s water storage.

Therefore, it’s necessary that you get yourself a showerhead that does not consume too much water. Having one such model can make you more economical.

Always go for an RV shower head with shut-off valve when making a purchase. These items allow you to cut off the water supply immediately with the press of a button. Therefore, you will be able to save water more efficiently and only use as much as you require.

Getting one with a trickle save option can be a bonus in this regard too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best RV showerhead?

The best variation of this device is the low-flow RV showerhead. These editions are incredibly versatile and can adapt to loads of different setups. They can perform exceptionally well even in a shortage of water supply and let you shower peacefully without worrying about it running low midway.

How to increase water pressure in the RV shower?

Increasing water pressure in your RV shower is extremely simple. All you have to do is have a piece of good knowledge about the water pump in the vehicle. Then, you will have to turn it up to the highest possible setting, and your water pressure will increase substantially.

How many gallons of water does an RV shower use?

There is no proper estimation for the daily water consumption rate of an RV shower. However, we can safely say that the average amount is somewhere between 30-35 gallons. It’s essential to keep in mind that the amount can vary depending on the user’s needs.

Do RV showerheads save water?

Not all RV showerheads necessarily conserve water. However, there are variations with the trickle save option and instant power buttons to help you use only as much water as you require.

Should I buy a high-pressure or regular RV shower head?

It’s always best to go for a high pressure RV shower head. It can provide more variety in terms of options. Furthermore, they have higher adaptability than the alternative and can perform well in adverse situations.

Can I use a regular showerhead in my RV?

Using a regular showerhead in an RV isn’t impossible. However, it is strongly suggested to go for the ones that are specifically made for the vehicle. The main reason behind this opinion is that these variations are catered to pair well with the water storage unit of the trailer and provide more effective performance.

Handheld vs. regular showerheads: which one is better for you?

Among the two variations, the handheld version is more suitable in terms of convenience and control. They are much more simplistic in terms of management. Moreover, you can use them to concentrate on different body parts.

On the other hand, regular showerheads are more rigid, and you will have to do most of the work when showering.

Why does my RV showerhead leak?

There are mainly two reasons why your showerhead might be leaking. First of all, check the outlines of the head to see if there are dents or if the adhesive is coming off. In that case, an RV showerhead replacement might be necessary.

On the other hand, the internal tube of the hose might be leaking. Try cleaning it to remove lime buildup, and it should perform better.

What does the GPM or PSI in RV showerheads mean?

GPM or PSI are both units of measurement for the water pressure your showerhead requires. It is one of the best ways of finding out if the product is compatible with your RV. Furthermore, it’s useful in indicating whether your water storage needs to increase its overall pressure.

 How do you clean and unclog an RV showerhead?

Nowadays, most RV showerheads have an automatic cleaning procedure, which eliminates the hassle of manual maintenance.

However, in case the model you’re using doesn’t have this feature, you need to deconstruct it. The interior tube is where lime buildup usually occurs. Swipe it away with a cloth, and it will be unclogged in no time.

 Are RV faucets the same as home faucets?

The difference between the RV faucet shower combo and the ones that you use at home is in the source of water.

Unlike the one you’ll find in apartments, the water supply within trailers is finite. Therefore, you will need to refill the storage containers for the RV faucets to run smoothly, a step that is not necessary for the latter.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through our entire article, we are confident that identifying the best RV shower head will be a piece of cake for you! Life on the road can be difficult and rough. You deserve to have the ultimate relaxing experience, and now you know how to find the device that will deliver exactly that.

Out of the 10 excellent products that we have showcased here, the answer is clear in terms of which one is the best.

No other alternative is remotely in the same level as the Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Handheld Showerhead. Its performance and efficiency are miles ahead of its competitors, and you will never settle for another model after purchasing it.

Now all that’s left is for you to install the showerhead of your preference into your RV and hit the road. The possibilities are limitless, and you’re bound to have a relaxing experience!

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