Best Shower Chair for Elderly

12 Best Shower Chair for Elderly in 2021

Showers are one of the most common places for injuries, and they are even more dangerous for elderly patients who might face trouble standing in an enclosed space by themselves for so long. Some older adults might be disabled, thus further not being able to take showers without any support.

In situations like this, shower chairs are amazingly handy. The best shower chair for elderly will include features that provide them with comfort while also taking care of their safety. How to get your hands on such a product?

Well, our review will help you do exactly that while also providing knowledge about what factors to look for while buying a shower chair.

Top 5 Best Shower Chair for Elderly Comparison in 2021

Types of Shower Chairs for Seniors 

There are three main kinds of shower chairs, and each one offers a unique benefit;

Shower Stools

Shower stools are for those elder people who do not have any mobility issues but get tired from standing in the shower for too long due to knee or back pain. These stools are lightweight and can easily be bought in and out of the shower. 

Stools offer a little place to rest while the user cleans himself, and the anti-slip legs also help minimize any injury risks. They generally do not take up much place, so you can use them in small shower spaces too.

Shower Benches

Shower benches, as the name depicts, are long benches. The main purpose of these benches is to help the user get into the bathtub and shower without difficulty. 

Sometimes it is difficult for older adults to lift their leg high enough to get into a tub or cross a shower lip. By positioning a shower bench half inside and half outside of the shower rea, the senior can just sit on the outside end and then scoot over inside the shower.

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are better than shower stools in the sense that they usually come with back support and armrests. Therefore, they ensure the utmost comfort of the user. 

Besides, they are usually heavier and more stable, providing seniors with the support they need in the shower. These ones are the best options for people with mobility and balance problems.

The Safe Use of Shower Chair for Seniors 

To make sure that the use of shower chair is safe for your loved ones, here are some tips you can follow –

Ensure Comfort

Make sure that the components of the chair are such that they help make the user comfortable. A soft padded backrest, good armrests, and a comfortable seat will do the trick. Always set the chair to a suitable position before sitting to avoid any extra pressure in the shower.

Clean Properly

Since the shower chair will be situated in the bathroom for a long time, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This is why it is important to clean it properly, so as not to create any risk for skin infections. 

After each shower, clean the chair properly with warm water. Add some vinegar to the water every few showers. You should also purchase a model that has drainage holes in it, so it can let go of water and prevent any moisture.

Extra Measures

Try to place the shower in such a place where there are rails or bars so that they can hold on to those for extra protection. The shower chair itself should be an anti slip, of course, there is no chance for compromise here.

Benefits of Using a Shower Chair

Elder people can benefit form using a shower chair in various ways, and it can definitely improve the quality of their life. Here’s how – 


When it comes to aged people taking showers alone, the risk is quite high. Shower chairs reduce a lot of that risk by decreasing the chance of slipping. 

Besides, some shower chairs are equipped with extra safety measures like switches that will prevent the chair from getting too low and batteries that work even when completely submerged in water.


Shower chairs can offer a lot of comfort to seniors through their various features. Some bath seats can rotate to any position, helping the user to sit in a way that offers them the most relaxation while showering. Back supports and armrests also help make feel that they are just sitting and relaxing while also being cleaned.


Many elders cannot walk or move around freely, and that limits them from taking showers too. Since showering is a private thing, many people do not feel completely comfortable with caregivers either. 

However, with the help of a shower chair, seniors can get right into the shower and take care of their needs without any extra assistance from other people.

The 12 Best Shower Chair for Elderly Reviews

Since there are a lot of options to choose from in the market, we have made a list of the top 12 products we absolutely love. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down your choices and also find some features that you really want in your purchase.

Medokare Shower Chair for Elderly

The first model we will be reviewing today is one of the best shower chairs for the elderly, and one that will definitely take care of their shower needs. 

This chair is lightweight yet sturdy enough to provide users with the support they need in the shower. Since it is only 4.6 lbs., you can carry it around to anywhere without any hassle.

We love that the model is equipped with storage compartments so that the user can put his soap, shampoo, etc., there and not need to get up in the middle of the shower. In addition, the comfortably padded seat will not make you want to get up either. To reduce the risk of falling, rubber feet, handles and grips are added to the chair.

Weighs only 4.6 lbs.Lightweight nature makes it easy to move around
Handles and gripsHelps to provide support and minimize the risk of falling
Built-in storage bagsEliminates the need to move around in order to access shower necessities


  • Equipped with padded seats and handles that make the whole process much more comfortable
  • Lightweight yet sturdy build adds up to the durability
  • Can be assembled without any hassle with all the necessary equipment already included
  • Height can be adjusted according to your preference and need
  • Rubber feet on the legs help reduce the risk of slipping


  • Rubber feet might come off after prolonged usage

GreenChief Heavy Duty Shower Chair

Next up, we have the GrenChief heavy-duty shower chair, which is a great option for ease of use among elders. The corrosion-resistant and lightweight model takes only a few minutes to assemble, and there is no need to use any tools either. This makes it one of the best shower chairs for disabled adults, too, undoubtedly.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a gift – a handlebar that can be placed on top of any surface, where it will stick due to its suction mechanism. This bar will allow you to move around easily with some support. 

We are also a fan of the drainage holes on the seat that promises to let water out and reduce any chance of skin infections.

Easy assemblyHelps save time and also give seniors the independence to get in and out of the shower without extra help
Drainage holesPrevents water from accumulating and moisture from forming, thus decreasing the chance of skin infection
Included shower handleCan be placed anywhere and used to get some extra support while getting in and out of the shower
Corrosion-resistantCan be kept in the shower for a long period of time


  • Height of the legs can be adjusted, providing you with the capacity to fix your own desired height
  • Backrest can be removed or fixed according to your preference
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame promises durability 
  • Can support up to 500 pounds
  • Lightweight and compact size helps it fit in almost every shower space


  • Can feel a bit wobbly to some

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair

Another one of consumer favorites is this model from Oasis, which can be termed as the best shower chair with arms. The seat has a cut-out hole in it, making it a great choice for patients recovering from hemorrhoids. 

Aside from that, it also helps in terms of hygiene as you can access the private parts much more easily with this kind of seat.

It is important to make sure that your feet are at a comfortable level while on the shower chair, and this model ensures that with its six different height settings. This is also quite comfortable, thanks to the padded components, which do not need much time to assemble at all.

Cut out seat openingProvides access to private areas for ease of washing
Six different height settingsAllows you to adjust the height according to your size
Padded seat and backrestProvides comfort by ensuring there is no strain on any body part
Tool-free assemblyMakes it easy to get ready by just under 8 minutes


  • Removable arms and backrest that can be used as per your preference
  • Shower grab bar to attach to any wall to provide some additional support
  • All components are made from materials that are rust-resistant
  • Offers ease of use due to its lightweight nature
  • Anodized aluminum frame helps hold weight of up to 300 pounds


  • It is hard to fit the back on the chair

Platinum Health Deluxe Padded Shower Chair

The model we will be reviewing now is from Platinum health and is viewed to be one of the best shower chairs for seniors. 

What makes this model unique is that it is very pleasing to the eye and super convenient in terms of cleaning. The polyurethane padding on the model helps get rid of stain super fast while offering some level of grip.

However, the model is not all about looks only. It offers heightened comfort through warm padded seats that are not only good to touch but also great for the skin. Moreover, the aluminum frame, the foam seats, and the stain-proof padding really helps the user relax in the shower without any risk of injury

Stain proof polyurethane paddingMakes the whole chair easy to clean while also preventing the user form slipping off the surface
Height adjustment knobHelps user find the optimum height for comfort
Warm to touch padded seats, backrest and armsProvides comfort while decreasing the risk of skin tears and infection
Anodized aluminum frameRanks high on durability


  • Approved by health workers and caregivers for its various features
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion and therefore stays in its prime condition for a long time
  • Offers a weight capacity of 310 lbs.
  • Rubber grips help avoid the event of slipping


  • A bit on the expensive side

Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair

Are you looking for one of the best portable shower seats for elderly people? Then this model is exactly perfect for you. With its ergonomically designed side handles, you can carry the Carex bath and seat chair anywhere with ease. 

Even with the extra-large seat, the model weighs only eight pounds, which also helps with the portability.

Another aspect to rave about in this model is its ability to hold up to 400 pounds. In addition, you can adjust the height of each leg individually, between a range of 16 to 21 inches. However, be careful that each leg is at the same level while showering, otherwise, that might lead to falls. 

Huge weight capacityCan hold weight up to 400 lbs.
Legs with adjustable heightAllows you to adjust the height between a range of 16 to 21 inches as per your comfort
Extra-large seatProvides more comfort and support than other models
Side handlesHelp the user to carry it around anywhere with ease


  • Equipped with non-slip rubber feet that eliminates chances of falling while getting in and out of the shower
  • Can be carried around easily as it weighs only eight pounds
  • Height of each leg can be adjusted individually with attached knobs
  • Can be assembled and disassembled quickly


  • Does not include armrests

PCP Shower Safety Seat

This model from PCP is one of the best shower seats for elderly. It comes with a backrest to provide elders with the support they need. Moreover, the backrest can be added or removed according to the user’s preference. 

Its legs can also be adjusted this way, which helps the chair be fitted into different shower spaces if needed.

Furthermore, the standout feature o this model is its seat itself. The seat is split almost in half in order to provide access to the private parts for hygiene reasons. This provides elders with the independence they need to clean themselves without any hassle and also makes the job of caregivers easier.

Removable backrestCan be added or removed according to user preference
Cut-out split topGives unobstructed access to the private area for ease of cleaning
Included gripsHelps secure the model safely to bathroom floors and tubs


  • Lightweight design helps to carry it around anywhere
  • Adjustable height makes it easier to be used by multiple users
  • Rubber tips on the leg help with gripping ensuring there are no marks on the shower floor
  • Comes in one piece, does not need any assembly at all
  • Fewer components make it easy to clean


  • Lack of armrests compromises the comfort

Drive Medical RTL12505 Premium Series Shower Chair

We are quite a fan of this shower chair from the Drive, as it is one of the relatively cheap shower chairs for elderly. Nevertheless, cheap does not mean that it has compromised with its quality, as you can definitely get all your basic requirements met here.

The model comes with a plastic body that is both waterproof and resistant to any sort of corrosion. This ensures that the model will stay in its prime condition for years, without so much as a crack. 

It also offers ease of use through its visible height indicator, from which you can see how much the height of each leg is. This reduces the risk of falling due to uneven legs on the shower floor.

Height indicatorMakes adjusting heights much easier
Tool free removalHelps with customizing the model in very little time
Waterproof plastic bodyEliminates risk of about corrosion and rust


  • Can hold up to an impressive weight of 350 pounds
  • Lightweight at only 10 pounds itself
  • Extra-wide seats ensure comfort and relaxation while sitting
  • Inexpensive option yet meets all the basic requirements


  • Might crack if it exceeds the weight limit by the slightest degree

Medokare Shower Stool 

Just like the first model we reviewed, this one is also from Medokare, with the only difference being that this is a stool instead of a shower chair. Despite being a stool, it has a quite standard weight capacity of 280 lbs, which is enough for the average-sized person.

The thing we love about this model is that its height is very easy to adjust. Unlike some other models where you have to rotate knobs or go in with tools, this model requires you to only slide the leg up or down to the height that you prefer. This adds ease for many users.

Easily adjustable legsLets you adjust the height of the stool by sliding the legs up and down
Durable frameHelps hold up weights of up to 280 lbs.
Rubber feetReduces the risk of falling down by providing grip on the shower floor


  • Padded seat provides comfort to the user
  • Ergonomically designed side handles help you remove or carry the stool anywhere
  • Drainage holes prevent water from accumulating on the top of the stool
  • Small lightweight size allows the model to fit into any shower space


  • Weight capacity is less than standard shower chairs

OasisSpace Shower Chair

Here we have another model from Oasis, which is just as effective as the last one. This is definitely one of the best, if not the very best shower chair for seniors

It comes with angled, height-adjustable legs, which are a great feature to prevent the chair from slipping. The legs are, in turn, covered with rubber slips that allow even further support.

Often times we leave the shower chairs in the shower once we are done. If there is water on the seat then, it stays accumulated there till the next time the chair is used. This is a major reason for the breeding of bacteria. The drainage holes in this model help eliminate that kind of risk. 

Six height settingsHelps to adjust the height per your need for a customized experience
Aluminum frameProvides durability and longevity
Drainage holesPrevents mold and bacteria
Angled legsEnsure stability ad a non-slipping experience


  • Super easy to assemble and can be done in under 2 minutes
  • Anti-skid rubber tips help to reduce the risk of slipping on wet surfaces
  • Comes included with a handlebar that is equipped with a strong suction cup
  • Can support weights up to 300 pounds


  • Handle bar might not be able to support too much weight at once

Ez2care Shower Bench Bath Seat Chair

Here, we have another consumer favorite – the shower bench from Ez2care. Just as the name suggests, this model makes it easy to care for elderly patients at home. It has a very safety-conscious design that also provides comfort to your loved one. 

Besides, it is made from anodized aluminum, making it very strong and durable in terms of performance.

The anti-slip seat and legs of the model helps to keep the patient seated safely throughout the showering experience. For maximum comfort, adjust the height of the bench van as per the user’s need. Since the model is quite lightweight, it can also be transported anywhere you want. 

Anti-slip seatEnsures that the user does not slide off 
Adjustable heightAllows you to customize the height to your need
Anodized aluminum legsProvides support while also reducing the risk of corrosion


  • Very affordable price tag
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds
  • Equipped with a safety-conscious design
  • Comes included with anti-slip rubber feet


  • Cannot be used by overweight people

Health Line Massage Products Heavy Duty Shower Stool

This model is a great shower stool from health line massage products, and it ensures stability through its every feature. The wide legs on the model are anti-slip and reinforce with cross braces, which reduces any chance of shaking. 

Besides, the height of the product is adjustable, and it ensures that all the legs are at the same level to avoid any unwanted accidents.

We are a big fan of the cushion that comes with the model. It can be removed if necessary and cleaned quite easily. There is also a shower handle equipped in the box that comes with it. This handle can stick to any nearby wall using suction and gives the user something to hold on to while getting up from the stool.

Adjustable height settingsHeight can be adjusted between 16 and 19 inches
Reinforced crossing bracesReduces shaking to a minimum
Detachable cushionEnhances comfort for the user
Free shower handleSticks to the wall using suction and provides something to grip on to


  • Compact design makes it ideal for small showers
  • Cushion can be removed and cleaned if needed
  • Equipped with heavy-duty angled legs to provide stability
  • Holes on the surface allow water to drain 


  • Seat might be too small for some

Medical King Store shower Chair

Last but not the least; we have a shower chair from Medical King which meets all the basic needs that you might have. What we absolutely love about this chair is that it has eight different settings for height, which is more than any traditional shower chair has. This allows you to get a true customized experience.

Assembling a shower chair can often be quite a hassle, and also quite irritating for disabled people. This model has a very easy assembly process; hence, this is the best shower chair for paraplegic people. It is also easy to carry around and super lightweight yet sturdy.

Eight different height settingsGives a more customized experience than other chairs
Easy assemblyGreat for disabled people
Drainage holesLets the water drain out to prevent mold from forming


  • Fits well in even the smallest shower spaces
  • Can be put together and taken apart very easily
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Able to clean with no hassle at all


  • Legs can bend after prolonged use

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Shower Chair for Seniors?

You cannot just go to the market and buy the first shower chair you lay your eyes upon. Since this is a product that is linked with the safety of a loved one, it is important to take note of some factors. These factors are all listed below:


The first thing you will need to consider is what size shower chair you will need. To find this, get accurate measurements of your shower space and the bathroom door. Make sure that whatever chair you buy, can fit through the door easily and be situated in the shower.

Most brands do not take the shower chairs back once you have opened them. Therefore, it is very important to get the size right when you are buying it. If the space where you shower is small, get a compact-sized chair. In case there are no such constraints, a basic or bariatric shower chair will be good enough.

Weight Capacity

You must buy a shower chair that can support the weight of the person that will be using it. Not all shower chairs can handle the same amount of weight, and there is a risk of the chair sliding if the weight of the person is too much for it to support.

Consider the range of weight that the shower chair can support. In case the weight of the person is close to the upper limit, it might be a good idea to find another chair to avoid any accidents. 


While choosing a comfortable height for the chair, make sure it is high enough so that the user’s feet can touch the floor and not too high so that the feet dangle. The backrest should also be high enough to provide the user with enough support.

According to surveys, the best height for shower chairs is around 17 to 19 inches. If the user is quite tall, they can choose one with a height ranging from 20 to 23 inches. Besides, there are a lot of chairs that are adjustable in height, and these are usually the best option for seniors.

Most chairs usually have six adjustable height settings. Some chairs also include eight settings. You might need to rotate a knob to get the adjusting benefits for some, while others can be adjusted by sliding their legs up and down. Each chair is unique, and you need to find one you are comfortable with.

Design (Adjustability, Back Support, Storage Compartments, Anti Slip)

Perhaps the most important factor to consider while purchasing a shower chair is its design. And by design, we do not mean just looks. Instead, we talk about an array of subfactors here;

Back Support and Armrests

These two are much-needed components in any shower chair to ensure that the elderly are comfortable. Besides, it helps to keep the user’s posture intact and eliminate any health risks while showering.


The seat itself needs to be slip-resistant, and be designed in such a way that the user’s private parts can be accessed even while seating. This is important, especially if the user in question cannot stand up easily and needs the assistance of a caregiver while showering.

Make sure the seat is neither too small nor too big. Meshed seats are a great choice to support the user’s body weight. Look for ones with drainage holes in them so that water does not accumulate on the seat while the user is showering.

Some seats come with removable cushions. This helps the user feel comfortable throughout the whole showering process. Make sure that the cushion is removable; otherwise, it might be hard to clean.

Storage Compartments 

Having some extra storage compartments in the chair can come very handy, especially if the user cannot get up easily and needs everything at hand reach. These will help hold any shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., and even make a place for towels.  


Shower chairs can be made from either plastic or aluminum. Which one you choose will depend on your preference and the benefits that come along with each.

Aluminum shower chairs or benches are usually very sturdy and the most popular. However, they come with quite a high price point. On the other hand, plastic ones are usually cheaper, but they tend to be flimsy. Marble and wooden shower benches are also becoming popular these days, mostly due to their aesthetic.

Whichever material you choose, make sure that the chair has anti-slip qualities, and you should be good to go. Corrosion and rust resistance should also be desired factors.


Since shower chairs are usually bought to be used every day by seniors, it is always a good option to buy one that can be transported anywhere easily. Therefore, buy a chair that can be easily disassembled and reassembled. Make sure the chair is lightweight and compact enough.

If the chair is meant to be located in the shower permanently, then the portability option does not come into play. However, if it is meant to be used only occasionally, try buying a model that is small and sturdy.


Last but not the least; shower chair should rank high in safety in order to be considered for purchase. A lot of accidents happen in shower since it is wet, so the chair needs to have qualities that will overcome this. Again, the legs of the chair should be anti-slip and sturdy enough to handle the weight of the user. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Will Medicare cover a shower chair?

No, unfortunately, Medicare does not cover shower chairs. Therefore, you will have to pay for this product yourself.

Do i need to clean my shower chair?

Yes, you need to clean your shower regularly. Otherwise, it will be a breeding place for mold and bacteria. The best way to clean your shower chair is by using hot water and vinegar after every few showers and really scrubbing the surfaces.

What height should my shower chair be at?

The height of your shower chair should depend on your size and your preference. Make sure the height is such that your feet touch the ground without being too low. Opt for chairs that have adjustable height settings. That way, if different users from the same family uses the chair, they can adjust the height as per their needs.

How to use a shower chair safely?

To use a shower chair safely, ensure that they have anti-slip legs. This will reduce the risk of falling down. It is always great o have additional handlebars that you can stick to some surface near you and hold on to for extra support. 

You also have to make sure that the chair can be cleaned easily to eliminate the chances of skin infection.

Do these bath chairs come assembled?

This depends on the brand and model you will be using. Some shower chairs come in one piece, while others have to be assembled. Moreover, some need tools, while others can be integrated by joining the components together only. Choose one that feels right to you.

Bath chairs can be easily stored?

If the bath chair is of standard size, it can be easily stored. Lightweight and compact models are the best in this regard. However, do not make size the prime choosing factor, if the other factors are not up to mark.

Can I get replacements for the rubber feet?

Yes, getting replacements for the rubber feet is possible and also encouraged. Rubber feet help reduce the chance of slipping and are great safety measures. If they wear out, you should definitely replace them with new ones.

Can bath chairs be used in the showers too?

Yes, bath chairs and shower chairs are constructed in the same way, so they can definitely be used in showers. Just make sure that they fit into your shower space. You can also try getting bath chairs with adjustable height so that they fit in your shower more easily.

What type of shower chair do you need?

The type of shower chair you need depends on the kind of problem you are facing. In case you have some sort of leg injury that makes it hard to get in the tub, then a shower bench will work perfectly. If you or your loved one just has trouble standing, then a shower chair with a backrest should help them relax. It all comes down to the user’s individual needs.

What size should a shower chair be?

A shower chair can be either compact or large. This totally depends on the size of the shower space you have and your eight. In case you weigh above 400 pounds, it is recommended to get a large bariatric shower chair. These are also more convenient to use if your shower enclosure is large.

How will a shower chair help the elderly?

A shower chair helps the elderly by offering them safety and comfort. They reduce the risk of any slip and fall injuries in the show and also provides rest to their legs and back while showering. 

Besides, it gives them a sense of independence if they prefer to take showers alone, as they can finally reduce the need for caregivers during shower time, thanks to the chair.

Why should seniors use a shower chair?

Seniors should use a shower chair to avoid the risk of any injury. Besides, it is not wise for seniors to keep standing for so long on a slippery wet surface, and a shower chair can definitely help with that.

Final Words 

If you have read so far, you must have understood the importance of a great shower chair. Getting the best shower chair for elderly people can definitely help make their life easier in ways more than one and avoid possible life-threatening injuries. 

Now when it comes to choosing the said best shower chair, it all depends on your needs. 

However, we would like to recommend the Oasis Heavy Duty Shower Chair. This model is made from fine quality rust-free material and has padded arms and backrests that are also removable. On top of that, the unique seat opening does wonders in terms of hygiene. Overall, this a great shower seat for elderly people. 

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