Best Shower Transfer Bench Reviews

Best Shower Transfer Bench Reviews | Top 10 Picks for 2021

Shower transfer benches have become quite popular due to their increasing demand among different age groups. Especially among the elderly or people suffering from injuries and illnesses, shower transfer benches help out with getting out of a bathtub with adequate safety.

Finding the best shower transfer bench can be tough if you’ve never had one and lack the basics. No need to worry because we’ve got you covered. We know how important shower transfer benches can be, so we believe in providing the best options only.

To assist you in choosing a good quality transfer bench for shower, we’ve categorized 10 amazing options.

We’ve also included an informative buying guide that can help you in selecting the best option for your shower. Our review consists of all the necessary details that you might need to know if you’re a beginner with transfer benches.

Top 5 Best Shower Transfer Bench Comparison in 2021

What Is a Transfer Shower Bench?

A shower transfer bench is also called a bath bench. In general terms, it refers to a tool that is designed to mount on the edge of a bathtub. This tool helps individuals get out of a bathtub easily by offering support.

Users can sit on the edge of the transfer seat for shower and reach the opposite edge by moving their legs. In this way, they can avoid slipping and falling off from the bathtubs and injuring themselves.

A transfer shower bench is one of the most useful tools that you can get to avoid any mishaps and accidents.

What Is the Purpose of Transfer Shower Bench?

Now that you know what a transfer shower bench is- let’s discuss what purposes it serves.

Shower benches are safe, convenient, and very useful. They are designed in such a way that the user will be able to cross one edge of the tub to the other edge safely. These shower benches also provided accessibility, which is one of the main reasons they are so helpful for users.

The benches offer you the convenience of sitting down and relaxing in your warm bath with complete safety. It is very useful for elderly individuals or individuals with different health issues that face difficulty in getting up from their bathtub.

Plus, it saves you from slipping within the bathroom, which can be potentially dangerous.

People with different kinds of disabilities are more prone to such accidents since they are unable to coordinate their movements while taking a bath. In such cases, the purpose of a transfer bench is to offer maximum stability and protection.

Overall, a transfer shower bench serves multiple purposes. But its most important purpose is to provide security and comfort to the users.

How Does a Shower Transfer Bench Work?

A shower transfer bench blocks the challenges of stepping into the shower by raising your legs and standing while taking a bath and then stepping out again in the same manner. So, how does this bench work?

With this bench, you just need to sit on one side of the bathtub and swing your legs to reach the opposite side without having to stand up every time.

You can even hold on to the grab bars and use them to carefully sit on the transfer bench. Place your legs outside the tub and proceed from the seat to carefully move to the opposite side. You can take your bath within the seat without having to get up every now and then.

In the same way, follow the process in a reverse manner when you’re getting out of the tub. Try to towel your legs and feet as much as possible to avoid any excess water from making the surfaces slippery.

A transfer shower bench is actually pretty convenient in helping you move in and out of the tub without the risk of falling and getting injured.

Benefits of Shower Transfer Bench  

A shower transfer bench is designed with the idea to offer a boost in the quality of life. With its different features, it serves as one of the most important tools in the bath. From providing safety and accessibility, there are tons of benefits to this shower transfer bench.

Let’s see what benefits this transfer bench has-

  1. It minimizes the risks of slippage and falling out of the bathtub during coming out of a shower.
  2. The bench allows you to sit down and move your feet out of the tub and helps you relax in your bathtub.
  3. People with injuries or disabilities can hold on to one edge of the tub and move to the other edge with complete security.
  4. It helps you get inside the bathtub without raising your legs, which is a crucial point for elderly people.
  5. This transfer bench helps prevent falls in the bathroom and helps promote the safety of individuals.

With all these important benefits, you can be assured that this is a very user-friendly and convenient tool to have in your home.

10 Best Shower Transfer Bench Reviews

Looking for a shower transfer bench that will provide you with the best service? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 high-quality shower benches that you can choose from;

Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Our first pick for the best transfer shower chair is from Platinum Health. Platinum Health designs some of the best tools out there for your home and bath. This transfer bench is no exception. In fact, this is the best choice for you.

With a swiveling design that is efficient in minimizing space and a bath transfer bench with sliding seat, you can’t go wrong with this product. It also comes in contrasting colors to offer an attractive look. The different features of this bench help to assist you in enjoying a relaxing and safe shower.

The polyurethane padding within the seat is easy to clean and stays durable for a long time. This transfer bench is built with a swivel seat design that works well in saving space. It is more convenient for easy seating arrangement rather than struggling to find enough space for sitting down.

Moreover, the sliding function of the bench helps in blocking any slips, falls, and mishaps by allowing you to adjust the knob to secure the seat in its position. This sliding tub transfer bench is definitely a strong option. 

Slip-resistant paddingHelps to offer added protection as well as comfort throughout the seat
Swivel seat designSaves plenty of space surrounding the bench
Smooth sliding functionEliminates any challenges of falling over and getting injured
Adjustable legsAssists the users to position the seat according to their convenience


  • Padding offers extra support and comfort
  • Solid material provides durability
  • Swivel seat design minimizes falls
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Directions may be confusing to some users

Carex Tub Transfer Bench

Next, we have this premium pick from Carex. Carex has always been a step ahead of traditional brands when it comes to making good-quality tools.

This tub transfer bench from Carex is built to last long. Built with some pretty good features and a solid design, this transfer bench is a real gem.

With an adjustable seat height feature, you can position the bench according to convenience without any additional tools. Also, the combination of high-quality plastic and aluminum makes the build of the bench very strong and durable.    

The non-slip textures within the backrest as well as the entire seat help to prevent any slipping. Drainage holes within the seat also minimize the accumulation of excess water. Besides, the presence of adjustable legs assists the users in accommodating the seat according to requirements.

Adjustable seat heightHelps in easy positioning of the bench
Strong constructionAssists in boosting the durability of the bench
Non-slip texturePrevents any slipping, falling, and other accidents
Adjustable legsHelps in easy and convenient seating accommodation


  • Solid construction ensures the longevity of the bench
  • Height adjustability of the seat makes it convenient to use
  • Non-slip feature helps in resisting any mishaps
  • Safe and comfortable for all age groups


  • Width of the seat might be inappropriate for some

Medline Microban Tub Transfer Bench

Another great addition to the list, we have this one from Medline for the best value. The Microban tub transfer benches from Medline are equipped with strong anti-microbial properties, which makes this one a unique design.

With some solid features that ensure maximum safety and comfort, you can’t get anything better than this. It is built to provide the best service possible.

Built with anti-microbial protection, the bench prevents the accumulation of excessive bacteria or mold. So, in terms of cleanliness, you get the maximum benefit from this bench.  

The anodized aluminum frame within the bench offers maximum strength and resistance. A strong material like this lasts a long time. The presence of a reversible backrest helps in assimilating both right and left side transfers with no hassles.

Tool-free assembling feature helps in the easy set-up of the bench with minimum effort and time. You can adjust the height and legs according to your comfort without involving additional tools.

Anti-microbial protectionMaintains maximum cleanliness and sanitation
Strong materialProvides resistance to rust and corrosion
Reversible backrestAssists in maintaining stability and posture
Tool-free assemblyMakes setting up the bench easy and effortless


  • Solid material provides high resistance
  • Anti-microbial protection assists in maintaining maximum cleanliness
  • Can be assembled without extra tools
  • Reversible backrest helps in easy positioning


  • Suction cups are of poor quality

Drive Medical Transfer Bench

Next, we have the best tub transfer bench from Drive Medical Store that comprises some of the most excellent features. Such a remarkable design makes it easy for individuals to get in and out of the showers easily without any difficulties.

It has a solid design and some of the most convenient features that can make your everyday life easier. If you have any elderly person or a person with a disability at home, this might be the best gift you can get them.

With seat adjustability features, you can position your bench in terms of the height that you find most comfortable. The seat height can be changed to 1/2″ increments making the seat more stable. 

This bench is designed with blown plastic which is capable of withstanding regular use and resisting any damage.    

The presence of high-quality suction cups designed with non-slip texture keeps the bench in its position and maintains stability.

With a tool-free assembly feature, you can assemble the legs, arms, back, and all the components of the bench without involving extra tools. It minimizes the time to set the bench up and also prevents any discomfort.

Seat adjustabilityUseful for adjusting the seat according to convenience
Solid materialOffers resistance to damages caused by frequent usage
High-quality suction cupsLocks the seat in its place and maintains firmness
Tool-free assemblyHelps in minimizing the effort to set the bench in the tub


  • Seat adjustability makes it user-friendly
  • Solid construction improves the durability of the bench
  • Suction cups of good quality and non-slip texture
  • Needs no tools for assembling


  • Size can be too big for some bathrooms

Duro Med Transfer Bench

Duro-Med tub transfer bench is designed for individuals who want the best support for their daily showers. Aside from providing support, this transfer bench also helps in ensuring comfortable seating.

With a simple and basic design, the bench is lightweight and compact in size. It makes it easy to set up and adjust according to preference. Built with some solid features, you can count on this one to last you a long time.

Nylon straps within the bench provide maximum stability to the bench. These straps lock the seat when you’re taking a bath so that you don’t slip off the seat. The bench is equipped with adjustable legs and height so that you can fix the seating at your convenience.    

With an aluminum frame that is capable of withstanding rust and corrosion, this bench is quite strong. The addition of a metal handle adds more strength to the bench design.

Moreover, the specifications of the tub transfer bench are perfect for fitting most standard bathtubs and still leaving ample space for comfort.

Nylon strapsProvides steadiness during sitting  
Adjustable designMakes it easy for users to fix according to the necessity
Strong frameOffers rust-proof and corrosion-resistant property
Secure FitSuitable for standard-sized tubs and bathrooms


  • Spacious and comfortable design
  • Height adjustability makes the bench stable
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Strong frame material boosts durability


  • Plastic cut-out not very solid in nature

Platinum Health Cutout Transfer Bench

We have another option from Platinum Health, and like the former one, this one also has excellent features. You can consider this as one of the best transfer shower bench options out there.

It is built with the vision of providing the best results so that elderly people and people suffering from illnesses can make the best use out of this product.

With a classic U-shaped front bar, this tub transfer bench offers solid accessibility to the perineal region. Such accessibility provides maximum comfort to the users.

Instead of colors that suit the bathtub, this bench comes in HI-VIEW blue color that is perfect for elderly patients suffering from vision impairment and dementia. It makes it easy for such users to access the tub without any discomfort.  

The presence of triple molded handholds makes it convenient for users to stay put on the bench without falling or slipping off.

With height-adjustable legs, users can lock their seats in position according to the setting that makes them feel more comfortable. 

Front barAssists in obtaining the best accessibility
Color ConceptHI-VIEW blue color concept promotes strong visibility
Triple Molded HandholdsProtects the users from falling down and losing balance
Height adjustable legsLocks the seats in position


  • Front bar provides maximum accessibility
  • Adjustable legs make it easy to lock seats in place
  • Triple molded handholds offer slip resistance
  • Hi-view blue color provides the best visibility


  • Instructions are not so improved

Eagle Health Pro Slide Transfer Bench

Next, we have another great quality shower transfer chair from Eagle Health which is one of the best options for those starting out with shower benches.

A classic design like this puts the safety of the senior users first before anything else. So, if you’re looking for a perfect gift to give to your loved ones, this tub transfer bench might be the most useful product ever.

As safety is the top priority, this bench has an anti-slip rubber tip as well as safety belts to give maximum protection. The bench is built with an aluminum frame of the highest quality. It is capable of resisting rust, corrosion and lasts a pretty long time.   

With a wide cut-out and drainage holes within the shower transfer seat, there is minimum water pooling. So, the bench is pretty easy to clean and does not need a ton of maintenance.

The slide rails within the bench are designed in a shorter size facilitating the space surrounding the bench.

Anti-slip featuresOffers maximum security
Strong buildImproves the lasting power of the bench
Wide cut-OutHelps in reducing water collection
Short railsSaves a large amount of space surrounding the bench


  • Safety belt and non-slip tips offer the highest security
  • Aluminum frame designed to prevent rust and damage
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Saves space through small slide rails


  • Does not come with any assembling instructions

Drive Medical Folding Universal Transfer Bench

Another great design from Drive Medical Store, this universal transfer bench is the perfect option for disabled individuals. The most important priority of Drive Medical Store is to design tub transfer benches with maximum comfort and safety.

With this tub transfer bench, you can adjust the seat height to 1/2″ increments so that the bench is comfortable to relax in.

The adjustable feature also makes it more stable. With strong blown plastic material, you can expect the bench to last pretty long without additional maintenance. A strong material like this resists the damage caused by frequent use.  

Suction cups of non-slip design prevents slips, falls, and any other accidents. At the same time, these cups do a great job at maintaining the seats locked in their place.

You can assemble the bench in no time, and you won’t even need extra tools for the job! The arms, legs, and backseats are all pretty easy to assemble without any effort.

Adjustable Seat DesignOffers stability and firmness  
Strong MaterialHelps obtain maximum durability and resistance
Non-slip designMinimizes the occurrence of mishaps and accidents
Easy assemblyHelps in the easy set-up of the bench within the tub


  • Adjustable seat design provides maximum stability
  • Strong material improves the longevity of the product
  • Suction cups with a non-slip design minimizes accidents
  • Easy and convenient assembling


  • Large size can be uncomfortable for some users

HEALTHLINE Transfer Adjustable Bench

This transfer bench from Healthline is one of the best options that you can get for your home. With some remarkable features, this transfer bench ensures that your baths are safer and relaxing.

Now with a seat width of around 25.5″, there is plenty of space on the bench to accommodate users comfortably. A seat depth of 18″-19″ makes the position more stable. You also get seat heights from 19.5″ to 15.5″, which makes it a convenient size option.

The bench has adjustable legs that allow you to lock the seats in position and reduce any risk of falling from the bench.

Powerful blow-molded white plastic material accounts for its high strength and durability. With such a solid frame design, you can count on this material to last for years.

This bench requires no effort to assemble, as there are no complicated components and there is no requirement for any power tools. You can do it by yourself if you pay extra attention. Work hard, and you will have your bench set up in no time! 

Convenient Size OptionsIdeal for different tubs of varying sizes
Leg Adjustable DesignSecures the seat in its place
High-strength MaterialImproves the resilience of the bench
Effortless Set-upReduces the effort and time spent on installation


  • Comes in favorable size options
  • Legs and height can be adjusted according to the requirement
  • Good quality material assists in impact resistance
  • Set-up involves no tools


  • Supporting screws need maintenance frequently

Vive Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench

Last but not least, we have this bariatric tub transfer bench from Vive Store. They design very simple and basic tools for home and bath, so they are the best option for beginners out there.

The arms and backrest of the tub transfer bench are reversible to make room for any bathtub. This reversible design also helps in increasing the stability of the product.

With a strong and durable aluminum frame, you can expect the bench to withstand days of regular use. It is also a heavy-duty tub transfer bench, rust-proof in nature, which is also a plus point. 

Built with a non-skid design, this bench offers maximum security. The legs are equipped with non-slip tips that help to prevent fallouts and accidents. There are drainage holes within the seat that minimize water accumulation and prevent slipping. 

The bench comes partially assembled, so all you have to do is set it up manually with minimum effort. In this way, you can install it pretty easily by yourself without any tools.

Reversible DesignHelps in maintaining a steady balance during sitting
Strong FrameLasts a long time despite frequent use
Non-skid designProvides a secured seating arrangement
Easy installationTakes no hard work to install


  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and durable
  • Can be set up easily without tools
  • Non-slip tips prevent accidents
  • Reversible design offers maximum stability


  • Suction cups are not so high in quality

What to Look For Before You Buying the Best Transfer Shower Bench?

Now that you’ve acquired information regarding some of the best transfer shower benches, it’s time to know about the essential factors you should consider before buying one.

When you’re shopping for the best shower benches, you can’t pick one without assessing the key features and necessary factors.

There are some points you absolutely cannot overlook when it comes to choosing tub benches. Without the right features, you will end up with a product that might not be useful for you after all.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the factors you must consider before buying a shower transfer bench;


This is the most important factor that you should look for before buying a transfer tub bench. Size can make a lot of difference in any product, and it is true for this bench as well.

Before buying one, it’s important to take the measurements of your bathtub and the space surrounding the tub for obtaining the perfect size. Take into account the height that you might be needing for the legs of the bench to accommodate the tub and still leaving some room around.

The best option would be picking something that is designed to fit standard-sized bathtubs. Avoid going for something large and heavy and settle for lightweight designs.


The material also has an important influence on the quality and performance of the bench. Just like any other product, the material plays a significant role in its overall service.

Tub transfer benches with strong and resistant materials tend to last longer compared to the ones with poor material quality. So, for transfer benches, you should pick high-quality aluminum or blown plastic materials.

These materials are generally rust-proof, resistant to damage and corrosion, and can withstand days of frequent use. Besides, with powerful construction like aluminum and blown plastic, you can expect the tub transfer benches to stay strong for years to come.

So, it is very important to choose your tub transfer benches according to the best materials possible.


This is another important factor that you should look out for before picking a tub transfer bench. Of course, you can always use tools and work hard to assemble the benches. But honestly, why go through all the trouble when you can pick something easy and effortless?

To make your work easier and less complicated, pick benches that have a tool-free assembly feature within them. With a feature like this, you don’t need to assemble the arms, legs, and back of the bench using power tools. You can just assemble them manually with the instruction provided with the parts.

Another great way of getting easy assembling of the bench is to pick a partially assembled design. These designs already have their principal parts assembled beforehand, and you only need to set it up in your tub with absolutely less effort.

So, make sure you pay attention to this factor before buying a tub transfer bench for your shower.

Safety Features

Last but not least, the safety features of the tub transfer benches are another important factor that you should take into account before picking one.

Since the main job of this bench is to provide safety and security, these features are essential. Bathtubs are a high-risk zone for elder people, disabled, and injured individuals. So, the presence of a tub transfer can make their lives easier.

For getting the best safety out of these benches, look for the ones that come with safety straps, non-slip tips, and grip bars. Also, look for double or triple mounted handholds that offer the best security possible. Choose benches that have drainage holes within the seats to avoid unnecessary pooling of water and causing slips.

You should also pay heed to the quality of the padding under the seats. Pick water-absorbing paddings that allow the seats to remain dry and prevent you from falling out of the benches.

Therefore, with all these necessary factors in mind, you can carefully choose the transfer shower chair that works right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best transfer shower bench?

Carousel Transfer Tub Bench from Platinum Health is the best transfer shower bench, owing to its strong construction, excellent design, and unique features that promote the safety of its users. It also bears a shower transfer bench swivel seat design that provides maximum stability compared to traditional brands.

Where should a bench be placed in a shower?

A bench should be placed close to the shower controls so that you won’t have to get up or find it hard to reach the controls from where you’re sitting. Here, a good location is within an approximate close distance of the shower handles to offer the best water flow.

Does Medicare pay for tub transfer bench?

Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for tub transfer benches since they are listed in the comfort category. Most bath products that are listed within comfort categories are not covered by Medicare.

However, you can find most tub transfer benches in pretty affordable ranges depending on the quality and finish of the product.

How wide is a tub transfer bench?

A tub transfer bench varies in terms of width from brand to brand. However, an approximate width you can find in maximum brands for tub transfer benches is around 26 inches. The width might vary depending on the overall size and height of the bench, but it is always close to 26 inches.

How do you shower with a walker?

You can easily take a shower with a walker. For this, you need to place your tub transfer bench at a good distance in the shower. Take a seat on the bench by holding on to the grip bars and keep your walker away from the bench at a close distance.

Place your body towards the shower controls and alternate your feet side by side using the walker. Reverse the entire process when you’re done to get out of the tub holding your walker.

How do you transfer a patient from a wheelchair to a toilet?

You can easily transfer a patient from a wheelchair to a toilet seat. Guide them throughout the process to lean forward and keep their hands on the wheelchair arms and hold their waist to move them in a controlled position.

Support their weaker body sides and take small steps to make them bend their knees to sit on the toilet seat. Carefully lift them up and help them return back to their wheelchairs in a similar manner.

Do you really need a tub transfer bench or sliding shower chair?

You mostly need a tub transfer bench instead of a sliding shower chair. Sliding shower chairs are pretty difficult to work with, and there is always a risk of falling and losing balance.

However, with tub transfer benches, you can easily move your feet from one edge of the seat to the other, and you can get out without losing balance.

Is there any help to pay for a sliding shower chair or tub transfer bench?

Probably, no, there is no help to pay for a sliding shower chair or tub transfer bench.

You have to buy it yourself since insurance companies do not consider shower chairs and tub benches medically necessary and think of it more on the comfort side. So, unfortunately, you cannot get any help paying for these sliding shower chairs or tub transfer benches.

What brand of tub transfer bench or sliding shower chair is best?

In terms of brands, Medline makes the best tub transfer benches for elderly and diseased people. Due to its anti-microbial property, you can expect these tub benches to offer maximum cleanliness and hygiene compared to other brands. Besides, it has a lot of safety features that help improve the quality and performance of the tub benches.

Final Words

Wrapping up the discussion, it can be said that tub transfer benches are one of the most necessary and integral products that you need in your life. A product like this can guarantee the safety of your loved ones within the shower.

With so many options out there, it gets pretty difficult to choose the best shower transfer bench for your tub. Our reviews and informative discussions can aid you in choosing the best one for yourself.

Although all the options are pretty solid, the Carousel Transfer Bench from Platinum Health has won our hearts with its premium quality design, swivel seating arrangement, and excellent safety features.

It is built to provide the highest level of comfort and security to its users, because of which it has taken place in our top list.

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