Luxury Doorless Walk in Shower Ideas

20 Luxury Doorless Walk in Shower Ideas

A doorless walk-in shower is one of the best ideas that one should embrace. Such kind of showers has their floors sloping gently towards the drain. You can as well install another drain to reduce the risk of water flowing out.

The shower brings in a sense of luxury as you get to enjoy the ambiance while keeping the water from flowing to your room. If you are planning to construct a shower room, I would recommend you to this one.

In this article, I am going to take you through 20 ideas for doorless, luxury showers. Please read on for more information.

What are the twenty luxury doorless walk in shower ideas?

This article is going to look at various ideas that you need to implement when building your bathroom. I hope that you will pick the most out of the subject.

The traditional appearance/style.

It is indeed classy to enjoy a piece of modernity in the form of traditional presentation. Many traditional shower rooms bring in the sense of ambiance, and nature making the shower room pleasant.

Here, you will have to incorporate both the blue and white colors on the wall paintings, and slightly on the floor.

The traditional glass walls on either side would make the bathroom feel larger. On the walls also, a nearby window will, then, let in yellow light and make the shower room full of nature.

On the tiles, a navy blue color would work well to present the much-needed ambiance and serenity.

The shower room is doorless, and hence you will enjoy your shower with a pleasant view of nature.

A shower seat.

If you want to give your shower room a touch of a spa, then you should consider having a shower seat in it. Many people, however, do not think that this is a deal, but I would encourage you to try it.

For a perfect walk-in shower seat, consider having a marble one that floats above the floor. It will give you a place to relax your legs while shaving.

The seat also comes with a compartment where you can place things such as shaving razors, shampoo bottles, soap wrap packages, and so on.

A shower seat makes one enjoy the bathroom moments because you can relax while showering. Next time when you build a shower room, consider having a seat in it. The experience will be excellent, and you will love it.

Multiple showerheads.

Installing multiple shower heads helps in creating a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your room. For the best experience, make sure that you install the rain showerhead near the ceiling.

It will give you the feeling of natural rain when you open it. The tiles, the walls, and the mirrors, as well as the shower seat, will make the room spacious, bright, and all-natural.

Remember to clean your shower head at regular intervals, especially when the water flowing through it is not soft. The residue from such waters clogs the head of the shower, especially when it is in constant use.

Multiple showerheads will increase the water flow in the shower. It, therefore, makes the shower room to be more of nature than the area under control. The fact that it is doorless makes it even ideal to have it in your room.

Honeycomb tile shower.

Such kind of tiles brings in a lot of natural light by way of reflections and neutral coloring. The shower room will have more ambiance, and multiple colors will bring in the colors of nature.

To increase the beauty, introduce a transparent glass wall on both sides to maximize the impacts tile wall. The transparent glass will reflect light in multiple directions and hence making the shower room brighter.

The advantage of the glass wall is that it does not hold water, hence remaining clean at all times.

A lofty look.

It gives the bathroom a contrasting brick that is exposed and features a stone surround. The pebble floors, on the other hand, continue the natural look on the floor.

Whichever type of shower head that you will use will make your bathroom look and feel like a spa. With that kind of an environment, you will always want to be in the shower room.

Half wall marble shower.

Such a shower room will bring a lot of light and openness to your shower room. It is a kind of design that keeps the bathroom bright and spacious.

The bathroom uses classic marble and also a dark tile for an ambient environment and a contemporary style.

With this type of a shower room, a dark theme on the wall, and a white theme on the floor will bring in excellent contrast.

Colorful mosaic tile.

A doorless walk-in shower that combines multiple colors to make a serene environment for the user. The shower room is a low-cost budget, and hence anyone can have it. The shower has a partial transparent glass wall that displays the beauty of the tile job.

Electric shower bench.

The electric bench of this shower wall adds elegance and brings in a lot of personal touch to the shower room. It has am electric design featuring an oil painting as well as a cabinet. The shower room combines both décor and a personal touch.

For this walk-in doorless shower room, it uses large tiles that feature fewer grout lines and hence do not become dirty frequently. The costs and the time of cleaning, therefore, reduces significantly.

On the base are small square mosaic tiles that add some beautiful texture that keeps the feet from sliding and even falling off. The user of this facility, therefore, is safe from harming themselves because of the non-slip floor.

The electric bench brings some warmth and glam to the bathroom.


As the name says, one of the best ideas for a walk-in doorless shower room is not to have a barrier. A barrier will take away the fun of having a nature-like environment in your bathroom. The idea is to have you walk directly in and out of the shower room without any barrier.

To prevent the water from flowing out, you will have to raise on one part of the floor and let it slant towards the drain. Water will, then, splash but not flow out as it will redirect to the shower drain.

Master ensuite and contemporary.

If you want to feel a sense of class in your bathroom, then you will not spare any chance to make it appear classy.

Here, you will have to combine various colorings and color coating that brings in the same nature to your shower room. The lighting should come from the mirrors that you can fix to either side of the wall.

Introduce some piece of spa and sauna in the bathroom by having an electric marble bench for relaxation while taking a shower.

The natural stone.

The natural stone brings a lot of ambiance and nature into the shower room. Enjoy the environment like that of a waterfall as you take your shower.

The stone gives a shower rook a sleek look together with an excellent stylish finish. When it comes into contact with water, it produces an aroma similar to that of the ground when it rains. Enjoy all that this shower room offers.

The views.

If you are planning to put up a shower, you should always consider unhindered access to the outside environment. As you take a shower, you also get the chance to view the beautiful nature around you without any disturbance.

Consider designing one side of the bathroom to face nature, and you will have a stunning view anytime you go for a shower.

Unique and natural.

Do not just build a contemporary bathroom. Consider coming up with a unique style that is not common in the neighborhood.

In as much, you may want it to stand out, consider that the water may spill out when in shower. Build a sloppy floor, raising the door slightly higher.

Make some glass barriers around the entrance that will prevent water from spilling out of the shower, especially when showering. The glasses should be moveable so that you can push it aside when getting and out of the shower room.

The advanced walk-in shower room.

Probably you could be wondering as to what I mean when I say so. You need to build in in such a way that it does not resemble any other shower room. Where possible, consider a waterproof wall that will prevent the water from spilling out.


There are two aspects to this. The shower room can be warm in terms of temperatures around it. In the alternative, the construction around it will retain heat.

You should consider using wood for all the interior construction as it is a poor conductor of heat. In essence, the heat, or the warmth does not escape through the wood, but rather, the entire place can remain warm indefinitely.

Even though it is doorless, the aspect of the warmth should always be a prominent feature.

Blue-green tiles.

Putting the blue-green tiles on the walls is one of the ways to make it brighter and pleasing. Whenever you switch on the bathroom light, the walls will reflect the light creating an incredible environment that looks like a blue ocean.

These tiles will direct water towards the drain, and will not let it flow out into the room. Where possible, raise the floor towards one end to contain the water from splashing outside.


Most bathrooms come in the standard format that we know. When building one, you should consider making it luxurious and elegant. The idea is to make you feel relaxed as you enjoy having the water drip from the taps.

Elegance combines both modernity and the style to bring out one of the best shower rooms.

The brick wall.

Such kind of wall is excellent for your doorless shower room. Choose the correct theme for the bathroom. Where possible, let these themes of the wall and the floor have some slight difference for a more appealing look.

Install a soft glass covering around the shower area to prevent water from splashing out. The glass should be moveable to make the shower room appear like it is a doorless and a walk-in one.

The shower system.

To complement the beauty of your doorless shower system, you will need to install the shower system that matches it.

For a greater ambiance, for example, you will need to install more than one shower heads that will let water in large quantities.

Enjoy the ambiance of your shower room as you get the massages from water splashing at several shower points. Such an environment will make you relaxed and will want to enjoy more time taking a shower after a long day’s work.

One more thing about such the shower system, it should be easy to change the showerhead or even clean it when it clogs.

Mountain style.

A mountain naturally is a relaxing place. Many people love going up to get the most out of nature. You can transfer such to your bathroom by having a doorless walk-in shower representing such an environment.

Place the marble bench on one end of the shower, while designing the other end to carry the serenity of the mountain. In this case, you will not even feel like leaving the shower room.

One of the best ways to bring in nature is to let the natural light reflect in the room. Glasses around the shower room will make it appear too natural.


There are several ideas that you can implement when you want to construct a doorless walk-in shower. These ideas are virtually unlimited. It is upon you to pick the best design and implement it.

You can bring in the aspect of nature into the bathroom by way of art and design. In this way, you will enjoy your shower while at the same time, having a breathtaking view of the environment around you!

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