30 Awesome Walk in Shower Tile Ideas

30 Awesome Walk in Shower Tile Ideas

Are you thinking of building an excellent walk-in shower with beautiful tiles and arrangements? Well, that would be everyone’s desire. In this article, I am going to take you through thirty awesome walk-in shower tiles.

The information therein is excellent for decision making. For more information, please read through this article.

Awesome Walk in Shower Tile Ideas

What are the 30 awesome walk in shower tile ideas?

Grip tiles.

Tiles tend to be slippery when it comes into contact with water and soap scum. The user, therefore, has a high chance of slipping and even getting injuries.

When shopping for tiles for your new shower room, kindly ensure that they provide a firm grip. It should be resistant to slipping agents.


Introduce beauty and sense of an ambiance into your shower walk-in shower room. Tiles of multiple colors will glam the walls and the floor of the bathroom.

You will always enjoy your shower moments as you have a look at the surrounding environment. You can use different colors for both the walls and the floor.

Design of the tiles.

Does the design and the shape of the tile excite you? If that is the case, then you should put that into consideration.

Tiles come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. That makes it even easier for you to decide on the best one for your shower room. Blend the designs whenever possible, to attain optimum beauty.

Easy to clean tiles.

Make it a routine clean your tiles at least once or twice a week. Some of them are easy to clean, while others present a lot of challenges.

When you go purchasing them for your walk-in shower room, get some that do not hide the stains. Tiles that have multiple colors can hide the stains for a moment till you wash.

Shower door ventilation.

When you close the door while having a shower, the place can be too steamy and slippery. Allow the steam to go out through the glass ventilator or tile cutting. In this case, you will be able to withstand the heat, especially when you are doing a sauna.

It is also important to try out tiles with a good grip in such a situation.

Lofty look.

A high contrast bathroom with visible bricks would be more appealing with pebble floor tiles. These tiles make the shower room appear so natural, and hence you will enjoy all your time in the shower room.

You can differentiate the colors of the walls from that of the tiles so that you will have a natural and a lofty look.

In-built storage.

Most of the walk-in showers do not feature the shower tub hedge that holds all the shower room accessories. You have to build a storage compartment.

Consider having a recess wall shelf using bright-colored tiles. Such shelves are excellent for holding and keeping the accessories from falling off to the floor.

Stand out the walk-in shower with tiles.

Enjoy the ambiance of your bathroom with a stone mosaic shower tile. The tile will attract your eyes as soon as you get into the bathroom. You can enclose the tiles by a transparent glass to preserve its beauty and appearance.

Repeat the same process on the floor as well, although you will not have a glass covering over it.

Pop of the pattern.

Make your walk-in shower room stand out from the surrounding environment by putting a mosaic tile border.

You can use one theme for both the floor and the walls. However, for outstanding beauty, you can use a range of themes.

You can have the floor theme to be brighter for a clearer border.

Seamless transition tiles.

The idea is to have a shower room that has a slight but transparent border. To achieve this, you will use a glass to separate the spaces right from the floor to the ceiling.

For the door, you will only place a curtain to separate it with the outer world.


Walk into and out of your shower room without any disturbance. The shower room will have tiles both on the wall and on the floor, but the door will remain open. A shower curtain will work well for such a bathroom.

Such kind of a shower room will give you an experience of convenience and design.

Transitional tiles.

It is a relaxing and fun shower room to use when bathing. Here, you will enjoy all your moments while having a warm shower. The tiles will transition you from nature to a spa and back, given their arrangement and beauty.

You can blend the colors to achieve a seamless transition in your shower room.

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The natural stone.

Walk into your shower with a lot of confidence because of the beautiful sight of the natural stone. The tiles can supplement the look of nature, either on the wall or even on the floor.

The stone also gives the bathroom a classy and stylish finish. Give it a try!

Unique and stylish.

If you are building a new shower room, then you should make sure that it is an outstanding one. Place a blend of tiles on the walls and the floor. Slant the floor towards the drain so that the water does not splash out.

Build a glass wall on the edges to stop water from flowing out to the floor of your room.


Most of the designs are old style, but as the technology is evolving, we are having new types of tiles coming up in the market today. Upgrade the floor and the walls of the shower rooms with these warm and modern tiles.

It has a simple design, and it incorporates wood to make it even warmer.


Enjoy all your time in the shower room with all the elegance and ambiance that it offers. The bathroom brings in both class and uniqueness. Its tiles are well-arranged to suit the status of the shower room.

You can build the surface with continuous tiles that bear a blend of all colors.

Turquoise tiles.

These tiles add a lot of color and beauty to the shower room. You can choose a single theme or even do a blend for both the floor and the walls.

Incorporate some marble tile seats that you can relax on as you have a warm shower.

Cool contrast tiles.

A blend of colored tiles will work well for your walk-in shower room. A frameless glass door, with visible handles, will set the tone for a modern tiled bathroom.

Terrazzo tiles, together with the glass covering, will give a long life to the shower room. You can also use the same tiles from the ceiling to the floor.

Mixed tile.

Combine tiles of different colors so that you can get a bathroom with a distinguishable look. These tiles bring in a lot of beauty that you will enjoy while taking a shower.

On the floor, use blue mosaic glass tiles to line the shower floor and the walls.

The upgraded shower room.

The idea is excellent for an old model shower that needs some little facelift or upgrading. Here, you will look for basic fiberglass to cover the tiles, especially on the floor.

You can also incorporate a small seat that you can use when taking a shower.

The mountain style.

It involves the use of tiles that represent the mountain set-up. All the tiles on the wall, floor, and also on the ceiling represent the cool colors of the mountain.

The tiles are in an irregular shape to appear like the mountain rocks. Such kind of a shower room brings in a sense of adventure when taking a shower.

Sleek and slick.

Here, you will use glossy and shiny tiles to bring in some sense of ambiance to the shower room. The colors of these tiles will make it look cool, and hence enjoyable when taking a shower.

Large shower.

It has a lot of space inside that allows you to place the tiles as per your liking. The floor can have granite tiles, while the wall can have normal terrazzo ones.

Penny tile style.

The colors match perfectly for the penny tiles. You can have a dark theme that makes it easier to clean and hard to spot any dirt.

Corner shower.

The corner can have tiles featuring different there, both for the floor and the wall. For the rest of the room, you can have tiles of different theme colors, or you can even choose to maintain a similar one.

Outside influence.

The outside environment will determine the theme color of the tiles that you will use. You can choose to have the one that matches the external area, or even contrast it.

Clear view.

It has a frameless shower door that also features a glass enclosure. The window lets in the natural light that hits the white tiles in the shower room and reflects the same all over.

Shower and steam room.

The shower has tiles right from the floor to the ceiling with no spacing. These tiles feature one dull theme color.

Elegant shower enclosure.

Mosaic tiles work best for such types of bathrooms. You can complement the tiles with neutral marble tiles to bring out the best beauty in the shower room.

Tile for showers.

Tiles enhance the looks of the bathroom. It is an excellent way to add color, beauty, texture, and ambiance to the shower room.


There are several tile ideas for the walk-in shower room. These ideas are ideal for both new and old bathrooms.

Indeed you can upgrade your old shower room to match the current trend, and at the same time, incorporate the tiles.

Remember that different theme colors will make it more beautiful!

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