How To Change A Shower Head

How To Change A Shower Head?

Shower head, being I use constantly is prone to frequent wear and tear. Replacing it as often as possible is quite unavoidable. In places where water is a bit salty, it tends to get blocked or even get rusted. This, in turn, reduces the amount of force that water needs to be effective. In replacing a shower head, a few steps have to be followed.

These steps are going to be enumerated down in the article. There are a few more things that should inform whether you need to change the shower head or not. Please read through the article to find out “how to change a shower head? 

What informs the need to replace the shower head?

As stated in the introduction, it is necessary to replace the head as and when the need arises. It should be changed when:

  • The older one is broken down.
  • When the one you have been using is wearing out.
  • In the event that it is faulty and needs an overhaul.
  • If you want to change from the cold one to the hot shower one.
  • Sometimes, it gets blocked by particles in the water or through rust.
  • The need to spruce/upgrade your bathroom.

The reasons are varied but in either case, changing the shower head is inevitable.

What do you need before changing the shower head?

Before you start the actual work, you will need a few items here and there. They include:

  • A new shower head to be used for replacement.
  • Ladder or even a stool
  • Pliers to be used in unscrewing and screwing back the new shower head.
  • Thread tape for fastening.
  • A toothbrush for some little cleaning before fastening.
  • Wrench.
  • A cloth or a rag.

If desired, you can bring in any other material so long as it is useful in the process of changing the shower head.

What are the steps to follow when replacing the shower head?

  • Turn off the water. This can be done right from the bathroom, and not necessarily from the main source. It is important to do the replacement when the shower head is a bit dry.
  • Remove the old shower head. Take the clothing and place it over the pliers. This is meant to prevent scratching the fixture. Unscrew the old shower head in an anti-clockwise direction until it comes off.
  • Check for the threaded connection of the new shower head. It is located on the backside. Ensure that the rubber washer is firmly in place. Its main purpose is to ensure that water does not leak except but to go through the shower head.
  • Connect the new shower head on to the pipe. Turn it in the clockwise direction until it firmly holds.
  • Put the rug over the pliers to prevent scratching the fixture and tighten the connection. Do not tighten it excessively as it may break down, or even destroy the thread lines.
how to replace shower head
Changing the showerhead

What is the most important thing to consider before or when changing the shower head?

The shower heads are varied in design, size, and shape. Manufacturer inputs also determine the difference. There are several types of shower heads and they include:

  • Fixed-mount shower heads. This type is basically attached to the bathroom wall. It allows minimum room for the movement of the shower head.
  • Hand-held shower heads. They are commonly attached to the water source with a flexible pipe. It can be moved around the body while having a shower.
  • Rain shower heads are another type.

The above three types have different shower heads. So it may be unwise to use the shower head of one type on the other. It may not fit each other. That is the most important thing to consider, otherwise, you may end up getting very disappointed.

What is the importance of replacing a shower head?

There are a few important things that you derive from changing your shower head. These are:

  • Upgrading the bathroom. This gives your bathroom a new and refreshing leak.
  • Minimize wastage of water. Since the old ones could be worn out and dropping water, new ones reverse these wastage’s.
  • To catch up with the technology rapidly changing all the time.

Does changing the shower head affect the pressure of the water?

Basically, changing it does not lead to any change in pressure. The washer in the shower head is constructed so as to restrict the water flow. If you go ahead and enlarge the holes in the washer, the pressure will increase. This is because water flow will also increase due to enlarged holes. If you need to increase the shower flow and pressure, you can do the following:

  • Use a flow restrictor.
  • Amplify the shower head.
  • Rid the shower head of any dirt. Dirt restricts the flow of water hence reducing the pressure.
  • Increase the water volume in the tap. Alternatively, change the water pipe to be a bit large so as to increase the amount of water flow.

The amount of water pressure can be regulated to the liking and the desire of the user. Of importance to consider is that the higher the pressure, the more effective the shower head. The opposite is true, even for the normal water taps.


Replacing a shower head is a very necessary thing to do. With constant use, they tend to wear out or break down. Before beginning the job, ensure that you have all the required materials with you. Get the right shower head for replacement, as there are varieties of them. Care has to be observed so as not to scratch the fixture or break it down when doing the replacement. Give your bathroom a new look by changing the shower head.

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