How to Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head?

How to Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head?

Several individuals like to start the day with a nice, warm bath. However, using a shower head that gives you hard jets of water instead of slow flow and relaxation can be a rough start to a new day!

Would not it be a beautiful and inviting way to start your bathing experience for the modern day if you have a shower head that flows more slowly? Your solution is easy to get a rain showerhead!

What is a ceiling mounted rain head?

Although there are some different styles of shower heads, the main feature is the size of the drops of water. Instead of the fine spray produced by most showerheads, a rain head produces more massive drops that are reminiscent of real raindrops.

Although there are rain showerheads such as Delta Faucet Single-Spray Touch-Clean Rain Shower Head that directly replace a standard showerhead, many people prefer the style that is built directly into the ceiling.

These showerheads can create an extremely relaxing stream of water, similar to what you would experience when standing in the rain. Although flush-mounted rain showerheads are usually more expensive than many other types of showerheads, most users find that they prefer the showering experience.

Things to consider before installing the ceiling mounted rain showerhead

Before you decide to invest a rain showerhead, there are a few factors to consider. It is essential to check the water pressure because if you do not have sufficient force, you should choose shower heads with built-in water flow adjustment functions.

If you have expressly hard water, it is recommended to select a metal shower head a coating to prevent rust and tarnish. You should also ponder about whether you prefer a steady water flow when showering. If so, the gentle rainwater pattern of a rain shower head may not be to your liking.

After considering these points, it is now time to install your unit. Follow the below steps.

Collect all the required tools

The first thing that you have to do is to collect all the required tools. Make sure you have the installation accessories. Also, be sure that your shower head if for example the STAR BATH Ceiling Mount Shower System has everything from the manufacturer.

Make the connection waterproof

When screwing into the manifold, use the glove strap and sealing cord on the areola. That makes the club waterproof. An “areola” is a pipe with strings on the two closures.

If your showerhead and its connectors have a pleasant, clean overall, use your hands to fix and secure it. If you use pliers, they can scratch and ruin the completion.

Install the rosette and the shower head

Place the guard over the areola and flush against the celling. The guard is used to cover a hole between an infiltration funnel or control valve and the complete diverter surface from which it protrudes.

Usually, a little, flat, ring-shaped metal that protects the water from re-entering the manifold. Spread the rest of the areola close with tape. Unscrew the casting head as far as possible from the areola.

Why should you install the ceiling mounted shower heads?

There are many benefits of learning how to install ceiling mounted rain shower head. The position where you install your rain shower is another advantage of such shower heads.

Since it must be mounted directly above the ceiling, rinsing and showering is much more comfortable. This is unlike traditional wall showers, where you always have to adjust your body to shower itself.

The manual heads are even more uncomfortable as your arms get tired. Therefore, the rain showers are the best because your showers do not have to last so long. This means you can save more money!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How high should you install a ceiling rain shower head?

You have to take into consideration the height of all the persons who will use the shower room. However, I would recommend a length of between eighty-four to eighty-five inches from the floor. That will be the most comfortable height for all the members of the family, whether short or tall!

How far should it be from the ceiling?

When it is too close to the ceiling, it will most likely splash some water on it and hence causing damages. To prevent and to elongate the life of your roof, I would recommend a distance of between three to four inches from the ceiling!

How far from the wall should it be?

Another factor to consider is the distance between the wall and the showerhead. It should be at least far from it. That is because it can absorb water, and in the end, make it lose, or the paints might come out!

I would recommend a distance of between five to six inches away from the wall. Much of it, however, will depend on the size of your shower room!

Do they have pressure?

The supply of water will determine whether it will have pressure or not. However, the rain shower head equipment has many outlet nozzles that allow water to flow out from every part of it.

If several people use the same water along a similar line, then the pressure will be low. In normal circumstances, it has an excellent balance of both level pressure and water!


Installing the ceiling mounted rain shower heads should not be a problem. After purchasing your unit, follow the above steps, which are very simple and straightforward.

Moreover, the steps doesn’t require use of specialize equipment. Any of the mentioned accessories will come with your unit that you will purchase.

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