how to keep glass shower doors clean

How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

Are your bathroom installed with glass shower doors? If not consider installing one. The most preferred brand that you can start with is the WOODBRIDGE glass shower doors. Glass shower doors are the best alternative for shower curtains.

However, a required responsibility you should take after installing glass shower doors is regular door cleaning and persistent maintenance. Since it is a glass door, it is your ultimate responsibility to keep it clean. 

If it is stained, the door looks unpleasant and you will not like. Depending on the design of the door, it is designed for easy cleaning.

Keeping your shower glass door clean

Standard glass is porous and can be damaged over time by soap scum, hard water, and even moisture. This causes it to be a challenge. Therefore, it is vital that you clean your shower glass daily.

If you only have to work a little bit every day, you do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning the shower glass. This process can also prevent potential permanent damage to your shower doors.

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Cleaning daily

The only and simple method to keep your glass shower door clean is to clean it daily. Clean it daily after using the bathroom. It sounds overwhelming. You have no otherwise if you need to keep your door clean and pleasant.

With a glass cleaner for the shower, let sit for a minute and then wipe the glass with a soft cloth, it is enough to get a nearly brand new shower. Some experts recommend using a squeegee to “squeeze” the water out of the glass after showering, but a soft cloth may do so.


The only other important step to getting your glass door glass is to ventilate your shower, so it does not store moisture. Moisture in the bathroom and the shower stall can cause adhering dirt and debris to adhere to the glass, resulting in a dirty look on some shower doors. Spray, wipe and ventilate daily, and your shower glass should remain beautiful for years to come.

Using protective coating 

Because glass is known to be porous, it is sometimes an option to use a protective coating to avoid daily maintenance. Most protective sealants are applied to the glass itself.

However, some are factory-laid on the glass and others, such as ShowerGuard, are not even a sealant or coating; in fact, it is a sealing process that is performed during production with an ion beam.

Although coatings and special glass can save a lot of time cleaning your shower door glass, they still need to be serviced. Fast daily wiping and occasional cleaning with certain products are still a must.

Homemade techniques for cleaning glass shower doors

Cleaning your glass shower door is not that easy. Especially, when there is already debris or dirty deposit. Luckily, some brilliant minds have discovered some techniques that are believed to be working. If you have looking for the way to clean you dirty glass shower door to look new again, here are the homemade techniques.

Use vinegar

According to old books, the most effective way to remove stains is to use vinegar, newspaper, and water for washing. First, you should put the vinegar in a small container and then add water.

Then dip a piece of paper into the mixture. Scrub the glass with the newspaper immersed in a circular pattern or vertical stripes. Shower soaps and water can remove the dirt on the glass doors.

With soap and vinegar

Another cleaning technique that has proven effective, as well as the use of soap and vinegar, is the steam cleaning technique. These steam engines are available for cleaning purposes.

However, the frequent use of steam cleaning machines can contribute to the factors that can have devastating effects on the environment. The steam is directed to the glass, which can dissolve the dirt and the glass squeaks.

Use the mixture of soda, vinegar, and lemon juice

Another homemade blend that can be used to remove body oils and soap is the mixture of soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. It should be measured carefully in the ratio 2: 1: 1 to achieve the desired cleaning effect. The mixture is ready for use only when it has become a thick paste.

After reaching the desired consistency, the mixture should be wiped into the glass spot. The dough should remain on the glass for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then rub the dried paste with a wet brush and rinse with water.

Always remember this before doing any other cleaning. You must first clean the glass shower door with a damp cloth to remove dirt or stains. This would make the rest of the cleaning process straightforward, and you will be ready in advance!

The above techniques allow you to have very clean and brand new glass shower doors. It’s effortless to do.  Especially the mix can all be made at home. You do not have to spend so much money to buy very expensive cleaning soaps! 

Follow the techniques for cleaning shower doors, so that not only do all passers-by cast a second glance at your glass shower doors, but they can turn around three times more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to prevent water spots on the glass shower door?

Plain water and soap scum can create a lot of spots on the glass door. Try to make it a routine to clean it after showering, failure to which it can become stubborn.

To remove these stains, you will have to mix water and white vinegar in equal measure. Put the solution in an empty spray bottle, splash some to the door and let it settle for a few minutes. Next, get a clean towel and wipe away the solution from the glass. You will realize that the stain is gone

What is the best component to use to clean glass shower doors?

A mixture of ammonia and warm, distilled water will work well in removing the stains. The procedure is to mix two tablespoons of ammonia with two liters of distilled warm water and place it in a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture to the glass door and let it settle for five minutes.

Wipe it clean with a dry towel.

How do you keep hard water stains off the glass?

There are several methods to do so. The common one is the use of water and vinegar solution. Spray to the wall as much as it requires until it becomes spotless clean.


If you already have glass shower doors and have difficulty keeping them clean, hopefully, some of these cleaning ideas will help. However, you may have reached your limit with the time it takes to maintain the shower.

In that case, hopefully, you will be looking into some alternatives, such as the protective coating or the ShowerGuard glass. If you don’t have a glass shower door, the Delta Shower Doors is also another good choice.

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  1. I never buy store bought glass cleaners! they’re just expensive and unnecessary, vinegar does the trick just as well!

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