How to Measure a Bathroom Sink for Replacement

How to Measure a Bathroom Sink for Replacement?

Have you ever tried wearing clothes of the wrong sizes? In case your answer is no, then why haven’t you?

If we’re not wrong, the reason is they simply won’t fit. To pick up the right size there, you don’t need to roam with a measurement tape as it’s written on the clothes. But there’s nothing like that on a bathroom sink and that’s why you need to know how to measure a bathroom sink for replacement.

We know it’s a simple task. But even a minor mistake here can cost you a lot. That’s why you need to be precise here, which can be done only by following the right steps, and that’s what you’re going to learn today.

Measuring a Bathroom Sink for Replacement: Step by Step

As you’re looking for a bathroom sink for replacement, we’re guessing you’ve already got an existing one, and now you’re planning to get rid of it. But to get the new one, you have to be accurate on the measurement, and getting that is easy as pie with the following steps.

Step – 1: Get the Required Tools for Measurement

First of all, bring in the required tools you’re going to need to take the measurement, and those include a measurement tape, a notebook or writing pad, and a pen or pencil. If you think the notebook and pen are nothing but some extra hassles, you can use your phone too for writing down the measurements.

Step – 2: Measure the Width

You’ll have to start the measurement with the width first. Basically, you can start it from any of the sides as the size is not going to change any matter from which end you start it.

To get started, put the tape on one end and keep opening it up till you reach the other end. Check out which number you’ve got at the other end on the tape and write it down. Make sure you’re writing in it inches, as most of the sink makers measure their sinks in inches too.

How to Measure a Bathroom Sink for Replacement

Step – 3: Measure the Length

The next thing you’ll have to measure is the length. Generally, the length represents the distance between the front and the rear of the sink. Follow the same procedure as you’ve done with the width. Once you’re done measuring that, write it down again in your phone or notebook.

Step – 4: Measure the Basin’s Exterior

Now get ready to measure the basin’s exterior. Here you need to take the measurement from the top to bottom as the distance of these two is called the height of the sink.

Step – 5: Measure the Interior

Maybe calling it the depth will make it easier for you to understand. It’s basically all about the amount of water it’ll be holding within. Just like the exterior, you need to measure the top to bottom here too. Like the previous steps, write this one down as well. Once you’re done with that, you’ve got the accurate size of the sink.

Importance of Getting The Right Measurement For Sink Replacement

Everything we do in our daily life is backed by certain reasons and reasons standing on the ground of certain importance. Things are pretty much the same when you think of replacing your sink and need measurements for it. But why is it so important? Well, there are a few reasons that have caught our eyes like –

Getting the Right Sized Sink

Clearly, isn’t it the most obvious one? So, the prime reason why you need the precise measurement is getting a sink that can perfectly replace your existing sink without any extra struggle on the size.

Imitating or Improving the Sink Performance

We usually think about replacing our sinks under two circumstances.

One, when the present one becomes so damaged or unusable that it’s not remaining good enough to be used regularly. 

Two, when your current sink is not being able to deliver the kind of performance you’ve been asking for. The right-sized sink can pull both off for you.

Preventing Excessive Pressure on the Cabinet

The wrong sized sink comes with a chance of putting extra pressure on the cabinet, which can, later on, lead to cracks on it. So, your best chance to avoid that is to get a sink of the right size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bathroom sink do I need?

We don’t know what the size of your current bathroom sink is, but we say better stick to that size if you want a new one. If you’ve forgotten the size of it when you got it in the first place, try measuring it again to get the numbers.

But if you’re asking for an average answer here, there can be variations to that as well under two different circumstances when you’re asking for a new sink. One, when you want a round or oval-shaped sink, and two, when you want one with a rectangular shape.

If you’ve decided to go with the round or oval one, we’d suggest you go for the standard one with the diameter of 16″ to 20″ where the bowl depth will be 5″ to 8″.

But that’s when you’re looking for the rectangular one, you’ll have to think of it from the width and length perspective. You better go with the standard size on this one which is 19″ to 24″ in width and 16″ to 23″ in length. Don’t think about going for a bowl size more than 8″ or below 5″.

How do I choose an undermount sink size?

Undermount sinks will ask you to think a bit differently when it comes to choosing the right size. That’s because, unlike most bathroom sinks, you’ll have to consider the cabinet size as well before buying one.

For example, if you’ve got a cabinet with the size of 29″ you’ll have to go for a sink that is a few inches smaller than this to make it fit in properly. This means you’ll need a sink that is 26″ to 27″ in width.

According to some, bigger sinks need bigger differences with the cabinet size. For instance, if the cabinet size is 36″, you better go with a sink that is 33″ on the width. Less than this might not be enough to carry the weight of the sink once it’s filled with water.

What does minimum cabinet size mean for sinks?

If there’s anything you need to be more concerned about making a sink fit in, then we say it’s going to be the cabinet. Thankfully, most of the sinks can easily fit with the average depth of cabinets which is 24″.

If you’ve already checked out different sinks, then you probably have noticed that they come with the minimum cabinet-size requirement. The makers mention it as you need that number to be sure if the sink is going to fit into your cabinet or not.

Final Words

Finding out the right sink is nothing but a piece of cake when you know how to measure a bathroom sink for replacement. After going through the whole article we don’t think you’re going to have any problem there from now on. All you need to do now is just get up and get started with that measurement tape of yours.

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