water coming out of shower head when filling bathtub

Why is Water Coming Out of Shower Head When Filling Bathtub?

Sometimes it could be so annoying when water drops out of the shower head even when not in use. This water makes your bathroom to develop moisture and even molds because it does not get enough time to dry down. Water dripping from the shower heads is occasioned by among other things the wearing out of some replaceable parts. In the faucet is the diverter that divers water from the bathtub to the shower head.

This happens when it is pulled down. However, if a considerably large amount of water is coming from the shower head, then there is even a greater problem. You would probably need to do repairs or replacements. How do you stop the water from dropping? What do you need to do in case of default in the shower head? This article is going to solve the above questions. Please read through for more information.

Why does water come out of the shower head when filling the bathtub?

If your tap is leaking when water is filling the bathtub, you will need to check either of the following:

a) The volume of the water flowing through the shower system. When the volume of the water is too high, it creates pressure which leads to water dripping from the shower head. The best solution for this problem is to use a pipe that has a wider diameter. It prevents the building up of pressure.

b) Wearable parts such as the water flow regulator.

c) Confirm if you have put off the water from the main valve.

d) Check on the diverter to see if it is in a good state. This is the component that diverts the water from the bathtub to the showerhead. If the diverter is weak or already worn out, then it will need a replacement. In case it has become loose, then you will need to tighten it.

e) Loose fittings in the shower system.

Why is Water Coming Out of Shower Head When Filling Bathtub

What is the procedure of fixing a shower head dripping water when filling the bathtub?

If you notice any of the above-listed problems, then you need to carry out corrective measures. Particular steps have to be followed if in pursuit of perfect works. These steps are:

i. Shut off the water from the main valve that distributes water to the whole house. You wouldn’t want to spill more water to the house as it would create a lot of inconvenience. It would also be very difficult to control water once you have dismantled some parts of the system. The best choice is to put it off first.

ii. Disassociate the showerhead and study it to find out more as to why it doesn’t hold water. Unscrew the screws in an anticlockwise direction to have it removed.

iii. Clean the showerhead to remove any dirt that has built up over time. As usual, be careful not to destroy the delicate parts. Do not lose the small parts that can fall off easily.

iv. Replace any worn out or broken parts before reattaching it back.

v. Put back the showerhead and reattach it by use of screws and a screwdriver.

vi. Test whether it is leaking by opening the water and letting it flow through it. Confirm whether it can stand pressure and whether it is still dripping. Should you find that it is still letting the water come out, then you have to redo the work. If the problem persists, then you may need to change the entire shower head. But if the water stops coming out, then you have done a good job.

How to adjust the diverter to prevent water from coming out of the showerhead?

The diverter is usually found near the handle. This is the area that you will operate in order to reach the diverter. You will do the following:

1. By use of a screwdriver (if necessary), open the handle and take it off. This is to give you access to the diverter itself.

2. Remove the metal cover which is under the handle. This will eventually expose the diverter. You will need to exercise some caution as it may get destroyed by accident.

3. Turn the notches in either direction as you might like. Adjust to the desired level.

4. Put back the metal cover and the handle. Close it tight but careful, not to destroy the parts.

5. Test it by passing water through it to see whether is functioning well now.

Why is Water Coming Out of Shower Head When Filling Bathtub

Can a shower head go bad?

Yes definitely. Everything that has been manufactured has an expired date. It may take a long period before it is fully written off. On the other hand, there are those which have defects right from the manufacturer. It is therefore important to test your shower head immediately when you purchase.

If it has a defect, then you will need to exchange it in the shortest time possible. But if it is good on start, then it will just undergo the normal wear and tear process.

A good shower head, however, does not go bad easily. It takes ages to reach that state. The only nuisance is the blockage by dirt and the wearing out of short term parts. It, therefore, means that you have to undertake maintenance of the shower head on a routine/regular basis.


Sometimes, water comes out of the showerhead when filling the bathtub. This phenomenon can be occasioned by a few underlying problems. You need to check on the by opening the showerhead and rectifying the fault.

Be careful not to break the delicate parts. Keep your shower head healthy by carrying out maintenance routine all the time. Such includes cleaning it and replacing and or tightening loose parts.

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