How To Take Apart A Handheld Shower Head

How To Take Apart A Handheld Shower Head | Easy Steps

There are several instances with which you may need to take apart the handheld showerhead. It could be due to:

  1. Cleaning.
  2. Replacing the parts or even the shower head.
  3. To replace the flow restrictor.
  4. Poor shower head performance.
  5. Exchanging the entire system or any other reason that warrants it to be taken apart.

In cases where water that flows through it is too salty, chances are high that it clogs all the time. This means that it will need regular cleaning to remove the dirt in the holes. For this o happen, it has to be taken apart. This article is going to provide you with the comprehensive technical know-how on how to take apart the shower head. Please follow through for more information.

How to take apart/disassemble the handheld shower head?

  • The first thing to do is to protect the showerhead from damages. Use a towel to wrap around the shower head and the parts that attach to it. The purpose is to prevent the fixture from scratches. The tools that you are using to take it apart can cause serious damages to the shower head. Therefore protect.
  • Separate the head. Use a wrench and adjustable pliers. Hold the collar using the wrench while at the same time turning the adjustable pliers anticlockwise direction to unscrew the nut. This is the nut that holds the main parts in the showerhead together. Now hold tight the pivot ball nut and turn it again in an anticlockwise direction to fully separate the showerhead from the Pipe. After doing the above two operations, the showerhead is free. Now take it off. Be careful not to lose some parts.
  • The next step is to take off the rubber washer which is usually located inside the showerhead. This is done with the help of needle-nose pliers. The rubber washer is delicate hence it needs to be pulled off with a lot of care. Another thing to remove also is the mesh filter screen. This is a part of the showerhead too that can be separated from the system.
How To Take Apart A Handheld Shower Head

The work is not yet complete because there is still the water regulator to remove. To remove, slightly bend the tip under one edge with some little downward pressure. It will then pop free. Taking apart. Some manufacturers have designed shower heads with removable face plates on the head. You can notice this by the screws seen on the front of the showerhead. All you need to do is to take a screwdriver and unscrew it off. Then take off the plate and detach all the parts that you desire to remove.

How do you put back the handheld shower head after opening?

This is the reverse of the above process. Depending on the reason that motivated the taking apart of the parts, putting back is therefore necessary. If the intention was to replace a worn-out part, then you must do a replacement first. Then put everything in the order that you used to remove. Also, use care so as not to break the delicate parts. If the showerhead is the one that can be screwed to open, the process is even simpler.

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Is it possible to clean the handheld showerhead without removing any parts?

Mostly, the holes on the faceplates get blocked when used for quite some time. It may not necessarily need you to put everything apart to clean it. You can use a toothpick or a pin to poke into the holes of the showerhead. This process will lead to the removal of any dirt that has built up on and over the holes. Then run water through it to wash out the dirt that does not come out with the toothpick. So yes, it is possible to clean the handheld showerhead without removing it.

How To Take Apart A Handheld Shower Head

Can a handheld showerhead have its water pressure increased?

Well, the pressure from the showerhead is dependent on many things. First of all, the size of the tap and the amount of water supplied. Another factor is the cleanliness of the showerhead as well as the flow restrictor. If all the above factors are fixed, then you will have a good amount of water pressure being released from your handheld showerhead. When the showerhead is new, it naturally releases water at high pressure, as compared to when it has been in service for some time.

The most common thing to do to increase the pressure is by replacing the flow restrictor. This component tends to clog with time, leading to the ineffectiveness of the showerhead.

Is it necessary to turn off the water when opening the handheld showerhead?

Generally speaking, it might not be practically possible to detach part of the showerhead while the water is running. It may lead to loss of small important parts. On the other hand, it may not give you a perfect environment to operate. Naturally, you must turn off the water to open and put apart the components of the showerhead. You cut turn off the water from the bathroom, but for more convenience, you better do it from the main switch.


Many reasons can make you desire to disassemble the showerhead. They are varied and wide. Always follow the above-listed steps to complete the operation safely. Observe care so that you do not scratch or break the delicate parts or even lose the small parts.

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