Why do Women Like Hot Showers?

Why do Women Like Hot Showers | There’s Scientific Reason

Taking a hot shower and on a regular basis is excellent for general body health. It has as many benefits as to the cold shower too. So many people do take a hot one even without being aware of these benefits. Some do just take the hot shower out of enjoyment or due to cold weather.

Studies have shown over the time that ladies (including both girls and women) prefer a hot shower to cold. The reasons for the same are varied and different.

To understand the facts of this preference, this article is going to provide accurate information on the same. Read through it for more knowledge.

Why do Women Like Hot Showers

Why do women take how showers? Why do girls like a hot shower?

The biological composition of the human body is different in both men and women. Men tend to have thick skin which does not allow heat to escape faster. Women, on the other hand, have lighter skin which loses heat fast especially when it is cold.

Women’s skin, however, tends to absorb heat at a faster rate. The entire body is made of fats that are used to retain heat. However, this heat can be lost in a short period of time hence the need to replenish it all the time. This can be done by:

  • Taking hot showers.
  • Basking in the sun.
  • When doing physical activities.
  • Cooking amongst many other events.

Another factor that causes women to love a hot shower is body temperatures. Women’s body tends to conserve heat by pulling it back to the organs. This heat is to be preserved and used during cold weather.

This explains the reason why there is a difference between the body temperatures of the man and a woman. Women are a bit colder than men because of heat preservation.

How sensitive are women/girls to cold?

As compared to men, women are very sensitive to both cold and heat. When temperatures fall drastically, chances are high that the female body will be stimulated by hormones to feel cold faster.

On the opposite, however, when exposed to prolonged low temperatures, their body would be sensitive to it but not to heat. To correct the above anomaly, women usually take a hot shower to fight off cold.

When not in a position to take a hot shower, any other physical activity would be fit to fight off cold.

why do girls like hot showers

What are the health benefits to women taking a hot shower?

Apart from the above scientific explanation of why women like a hot shower, there are positive health benefits attached to it. These benefits are what the body desires all the time. They are:

  • It helps in fighting the flu and cold. These are caused by low temperatures. The hot shower gives the body heat to inhibit the cold and flu.
  • If you want to fall asleep faster, then a hot shower is a good solution. Women who wish to fall asleep faster have practiced this for long. It helps the body relax well. It prepares the body mentally for a beautiful overnight sleep.
  • Women suffering from high blood sugar levels need to take a hot shower regularly. Hot water comes in handy in lowering and even minimizing blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Apart from lowering the blood sugar level, it also helps in lowering blood pressure. Staying in hot water for some time helps in lowering the pressure. You will have to consult your doctor first before trying this. Staying in hot water too can cause the heart to beat faster. This may not be healthy for the body after all. Always remember to consult your physician.
  • Muscles are essential for the normal functioning of the body. Many at times, they develop tension. Hot water massages the muscles and eases off tension. The end result is that the body tends to get relaxed and functions well.
  • Women and girls, in general, do like soft skin for beauty and confidence. This is partly achieved by taking regular hot showers. Part of the reasons as to why women like a hot shower are because of healthy skin. Hot water tends to leave the skin moist for a longer period of time.This helps in preventing it from drying up and cracking. Hot water also opens up pores in the skin. This helps in washing away toxins and other dirt from the skin. The outcome is a soft, clean and fresh-looking skin.
  • Hot water in a woman’s body greatly improves blood circulation. Good blood circulation helps in keeping the body in excellent condition. When you have a headache too, you can fight it by taking a hot shower.

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Why do women get colder easily?

Women are prone to a lot of hormonal changes. These changes cause the body to react differently to the environment. When a woman is undergoing the monthly menstrual cycle, the effects are even worse.

All this causes the woman’s body to get colder easily and faster. On the other hand, men are quite stable hence not affected mostly by hormonal changes.

As earlier stated, however, despite the woman’s body losing heat faster, much of it is absorbed towards vital organs in the body. This heat is released later for use when the conditions become unfavorable.

why do women take hot showers

Does fat get colder than muscle? Does it necessitate one to take a hot shower?

The contrast is between men and women. Men have muscles while women have fats. So who gets colder fast between the two?

Women tend to get cold faster as compared to men. Muscles tend to generate heat at a fast pace while fats release heat when the condition warrants.

For the body of a woman to rectify that, a hot shower would be inevitable. When the body comes in to contact with hot water, the heat is instantly transferred to the body hence restoring the earlier lost one, albeit momentarily.


Attempts have been made severally to try and explain the reason for the existence of this phenomenon. Science too has tried to bring in the perception to try and justify the same. Practically, hot water has health benefits that greatly boost the body’s system. To a woman, hot water is a lifeline to her body, right from the skin to other organs. Enjoy a hot water shower whenever you can, won’t you?

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