What are the Benefits of Cold Showers

What are the Benefits of Cold Showers | 8 Benefits

Worldwide, people love taking warm or hot showers for the many reasons known to them. Warm water makes the body feel pampered, warm and relaxed. Many prefer to do the hot shower because of health issues and probably bad weather, especially in the relatively cold areas. Equally, some people do prefer a cold shower, though the ratio might not be equal.

What many people do not understand is that cold shower has some benefits attached to it. SO what are these benefits? How are they impacting on one’s body? Please go through the article for more information on the same.

Is it good to take a cold shower?

It is good to take a cold shower. When you take a cold one in the morning, it helps you stay awake the whole day. Your blood circulation will be improved too and at the same time stimulates you ready to face the day. Keep yourself healthy by embracing cold showers.

What are the Benefits of Cold Showers

What are the benefits of taking cold showers?

Since we have seen that taking a cold shower is not bad after all, we are now going to focus on the benefits. What are these benefits?

It causes the body to develop a strong immunity.

When cold water lands in the body, it causes it to react almost immediately in self-defense. The body reacts by increasing the metabolic speed rate. In turn, it increases the number of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are responsible for the good health and strong immunity of the body. When the amount of the white cells double and become sensitive, they fight off the diseases which try to attack the body. Several pieces of research have been carried out to prove this point.

It leads to reduced or even eliminates stress.

Stress in the human body is caused by two things namely:

  • Uric acid and
  • Glutathione.

Stressful situations cause uric acids to increase in the body. At the same time, it causes the glutathione to be lowered in the blood. When the two combinations happen, then one is much stressed. This situation can be reversed by taking a cold shower. Cold water can cut down on the amount of uric acid in the body. It can boost glutathione in the blood too. The effect is reduced or eliminated stress.

what are the benefits of taking cold showers

It causes an increase in testosterone levels.

In a man’s body, testosterone is very important. It encompasses the DNA and RNA protein found in the testis. This protein is useful for reproduction in human beings. Any small amount of heat, such as that of showering in hot water can cause the testosterone to drop significantly. Constant exposure to heat may even permanently alter the composition of the testosterone protein. A cold shower can reverse this situation and finally, it leads to increased levels of the same. Studies have been carried out using a rat as an example and it proved to be true.

This leads to body fat loss.

The body has a mechanism of keeping itself warm. It does so by burning fats stored in its systems. When the body comes in to contact with ice-cold water, temperatures decrease significantly. The body fights back by activating the brown fat in its system. These fats burn up to produce the heat needed by the body. It then leads to reduced fats in the body. It has been found out that cold showers/temperatures increase the brown fat significantly. When it activates, it burns calories in the body keeping you fit and less fatty.

Improves sleep at night.

Night sleep is beautiful. The cold shower makes the body relaxed and leads to faster sleeping. What is even more s than cold showers reduces the body temperature. This is likely to send you straight to bed in search of warmth, hence sleeping comfortably during the night.

Enhances fertility.

While hot shower and high temperatures decrease the sperm count, cold water reverses the same. Testis in the male body has been designed to have temperatures lower than that of the rest of the body. In this case, the hot shower distorts this effect. When you take a cold shower, it gets the optimum amount of temperature leading to hyperactivity in the testis. The end effect is that the sperm count is greatly enhanced. Studies have shown that men who regularly take a hot shower end up being infertile for quite some time. A hot shower has been branded as a male contraceptive for enhanced fertility for high productivity.

what are the benefits of cold showers

It improves blood circulation in the body.

Cold water shower causes a lot of body cells to be activated in self-defense. The blood vessels are also activated and feel like they are given an exercise. This leads to the increased pumping of the blood around the body. The blood then circulates to all parts of the body at an improved level.

Enhances muscle recovery.

 All the parts of the body are being served by muscles. The only problem for the muscles in the human body is lactic acid. Where there is an enhanced amount of lactic acid in the muscle and the muscle gets injured, recovery would be so slow. Taking a cold shower helps in reducing or even eliminating the lactic acid in the muscular system hence leading to a speedy recovery when injured.

Other benefits of taking a cold shower.

  • It improves skin health. It also moisturizes the skin. This is by a reduction in the too much loss of natural oils in the body.
  • This leads to improved hair growth.
  • Greatly reduce the chances of depression and stress.
  • It improves emotional resilience in the body. It leads to the development of a strong nervous system that can withstand stress and even depression.
  • It leads to the drained lymphatic system. This system helps in removing waste matter from various parts of the body.


There are a countless number of benefits of taking a cold shower. It is more beneficial to take a cold shower than a hot one. Previous researches have proved this point. A cold shower has the benefit of reversing the side effects caused by constant exposure to a hot shower and even high temperatures. Treat yourself to a cold shower today. Make it your lifestyle. The benefits are immense.

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