Best Teak Shower Bench reviews

13 Best Teak Shower Bench Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

A teak wood bench can dramatically improve your bathing experience and give you a comfortable time. 

We’ve found out that solid Indonesian teak wood makes the best teak shower bench. It’s enriched with natural oils that prevent the bench from soaking shower water. Teak is also resistant to mold, which makes it a great shower bench material! 

Choosing a teak wood bench is harder than you think. First of all, you’ll be spending one-hundred-something bucks on a single bench. The least we could do is make sure you pick a quality seat, right? 

Today we’ll be reviewing more than ten teak wood benches for a shower. You will also find a buyer’s handbook where we discuss the ten things that make a great teak shower bench!

Before we get to that, remember to drop by our FAQ section here if you have any confusion about teak wood restoration and maintenance!

Top 5 Best Teak Shower Bench Comparison in 2021  

Table Of Contents
  1. Top 5 Best Teak Shower Bench Comparison in 2021  
  2. 13 Best Teak Shower Bench Reviews  
  3. What to Look for Before Buying The Best Teak Shower Bench? 
  4. Benefits of Using Teak Shower Benches or Stools  
  5. Why is Teak Wood the Best Choice for Shower Bench?  
  6. Frequently Asked Questions 
  7. Final Words 

13 Best Teak Shower Bench Reviews  

Teak shower benches don’t come cheap. You need at least a decent bench to have a comfy shower. Please have a look at the 13 great teak bath benches we picked for you!

Redmon Weathered Gray Teak Shower Bench

This beautiful grey bench will be a great fit for your showering space. It’s made of original teak that holds up nicely against moisture. The fact that it supports a lot of weight is another reason we like the Redmon teak shower stool. 

First things first, this shower bench is 20 inches wide and 17.5 inches high. It’s a free-standing bench, so you don’t have to mount it to the wall. This way, it doubles up as a garden stool or a fabulous accent table.

Customers who got this shower seat use it frequently as a spa bench and a meditation seat. The bench itself looks phenomenal with natural wood grain and a handy shelf underneath.

You can store all your beauty products (and perhaps a towel or two!) inside its 15″ W×10″ D open shelf. We personally find its weathered grey finish perfect for marble white bathroom tiles. The color also stands out against wooden decks. 

There are plenty of things to like about this Redmon product. It’s the best teak wood shower bench from this brand. The bench is sturdy; it looks elegant and allows multiple uses in one.  

Features Benefits
Standalone shower chair with shelf You can use it as a footrest
Heavy-duty wood joints The bench provides an excellent weight support
Curved bench with raised edgesIt’s a great choice for the disabled
Weathered Grey finish It’s naturally resistant to harsh outdoor elements


Curved, ergonomically-shaped teak benchtop

You can use it outside the bath 

250lbs. weight capacity

Smooth, neutral grey finish 


It doesn’t come with handles

Utoplike Waterproof Teak Shower Seat with Handles

If you’re wondering what your shower is missing, the answer is probably a teak shower chair! This one, for example, is made of A-grade teak wood and looks luxurious in any bathroom decor

We’re a big fan of this seat for three solid reasons. First, it’s got the perfect measurements for a small to the standard-sized bathroom. It’s 22 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 18.6 inches tall. 

Considering it’s slightly taller than the Redmon bench, tall people will feel more comfortable using it.

Next, we have its four non-slip feet to rave about. There are rubber ends attached right below each foot. You can safely use this bench on a slippery bathroom floor.

It’s not going to slide like those plastic chairs. Besides, why go for a plastic bench when you can have the best teak shower stool from a brand like Utoplike? 

The whole bench is coated with high-quality lacquer- making it impervious to mold, mildew, dents, and scratches! 

Another thing we liked about this teakwood shower bench is the spacious storage rack. At 16.9″ ×11.3″, it’s much roomier than anything you get with an ordinary shower seat. 

Features Benefits
Teak wood handles on both sidesSuitable for carrying the bench or hanging towels 
Sturdy, screwed-in teak wood shelf You can store beauty products right where you need them
Premium clear lacquer finish The bench looks glossy and more appealing 
A-grade Asian teak wood It’s twice as durable as bamboo furniture 


Authentic Asian teak wood construction 

Resists mold, water, termite, and scratches 

Finished with a lacquer coating for better durability 

Maximum weight capacity of 300lbs


You need to build the bench at home 

AquaTeak The Original 18″ Teak Spa/Shower Bench

This shower bench features authentic teak wood and non-corroding hardware at an affordable price. With a reddish-brown hue and water-resistant body, it might just be the coolest teak bench for shower we’ve seen in a while!

In fact, we’re in love with this particular design for a bunch of reasons. For one, it looks simple and more enduring compared to shower seats from cheap brands. Its solid teak construction is not going to splinter or get lumpy from water.

Another interesting fact about this 18-inch teak shower stool is that Architectural Digest Magazine featured it on their paper. We’re not surprised, though. It is a very well-made bench, to begin with.

However, this AquaTeak bench is four inches shorter than the Utoplike one. So, if you’re looking for a small teak shower bench, you can give this AquaTeak seat a go.

It’s only 12 inches wide and stands 18 inches tall. That’s why we recommend this spa bench for tall, slender people. Lastly, the seat does miss out on a shelf, but AquaTeak makes it up with top-tier hardware. 

Features Benefits
A flat benchtop  It helps to keep your back straight 
Free-standing design Easy to use both indoors and outdoors 
The feet are attached and joined with a barProvides better stability and support for the disabled
An 18″ ×12″ seating area Large people can keep both hips on the bench


The flat benchtop relieves slouching and bad postures

Non-scratch rubber feet protect your tiles

It also works as your personal spa bench

High-quality hardware for better durability  


The screws need threading-in from time to time 

ALATEAK Indoor Outdoor Spa Bath and Shower Bench

When it comes to choosing teak stools for shower, Ala Teak is always a safe option. It features sustainably harvested, thick teak wood, and equally durable hardware. 

You don’t have to dry this shower seat after use. It’s faithfully water-resistant, not only indoors but also outdoors. We like its straightforward design a lot. If it’s up to us, we’ll choose one of these teak wood shower benches for our garden any day.

Apart from the fact that it’s naturally very durable, this shower bench is ideal for all age groups. Especially shorter people find this shower seat an excellent match for their height.

Well, first of all, this teak bathroom bench is 14 inches tall. There’s also plenty of space on both sides, considering the seat is twenty inches long.  

It’s a large teak shower bench coming at a reasonable price. With a bit of care, this bench will last for generations.

Truth be told, we didn’t expect any less from a TLAS-certified premium teak bench. Alateak benches are shipped pre-oiled from the factory. So, they’re ready to use once they arrive at your doorstep. 

Features Benefits
20″ ×16″ ×13″ solid build The dimension is perfect for a standard bath 
A-grade Indonesian teak wood Not affected by molds or damaged by termites 
Waterproof finish You don’t have to wipe the bench after taking a shower 
Non-slip pads It keeps the bench stable for people with disabilities 


Eco-friendly teak wood 

Corrosion-resistant hardware 

The bench comes fully assembled 

It can be used as patio accent tables as well 


Might show water stains and soap scum 

EcoDecors Tranquility Shower Bench, 24″

We are thrilled to introduce the brand EcoDecors to you. EcoDecors was recently featured on a bigshot American interior designers’ event. Needless to say, their shower seat is quite the phenomenon!

This is the first shower seat on our list to feature adjustable height levelers. Foot levelers are especially useful when you have a sloped shower floor. They’re great for elders and people with disabilities. 

Its length and width measure 24 inches and 14 inches. The seat is nineteen-and-a-half inches tall, so it’s a pretty practical option for tall and short people alike. We love the roomy shelf right below the seat. And the raised handles on both sides are a cherry on top.

You can comfortably use this seat while you’re taking a shower. It’s double-coated with a clear lacquer that withstands steam, cold showers, and rough outdoor conditions.

Features Benefits
Imported, high-quality teak wood Durable construction for indoor use 
Raised storage shelfIt doesn’t get damp from wet floors and spatters
Dome-shaped feet and handles Easy to move the bench outdoors 
Rubber-topped feet They don’t scratch marble tiles 


Handles on both sides for easy carrying

Maximum weight limit of 250 lbs.

Finished with a clear protective coating

Adjustable foot levelers


It might be too big for small showers  

TeakCraft Teak Shower Stool with Shelf

Sporting handy levelers, a shelf, and a curved top, this spa bench is one of the best-sellers from TeakCraft. We like how reliable its non-slip feet are and the fact that you get real Indonesian teak wood in this shower seat. 

The best thing about teak wood is it’s not going to chip, splinter, or crack under rough conditions. You can use it for taking showers or leave it on your sunny patio.

Moreover, the shape of this seat is quite similar to that of a rocker-style snowboard. Its edges are raised so that you feel more supported as you sit and take a shower.

We found this shape incredibly helpful for the elderly. If you’re living alone and like to do things by yourself, go for it. You’ll instantly love this TeakCraft bench!

Besides, there’s an organizer shelf right under the seat. It holds a good lot of shampoo and spa bottles. Definitely one of the most premium teak wood benches for a shower! 

Features Benefits
Premium-grade teak wood Mold and termite-resistant furniture 
Adjustable, rubber-coated feetIdeal for all sloping and level floors
Straightforward design It fits in small showers easily 
Finest stainless-steel hardwareRigid and durable joints 


Designed by master artisans for a sophisticated look

Non-slip rubber feet and foot levelers  

18-inch-tall seat for large persons 

Punched-in design for extra comfort and balance


It gets specked with mold if not oiled frequently 

AquaTeak Patented 30″ Asia Teak Shower Bench

We’ve already talked about compact and lightweight shower seats. It’s time we talked about longer, roomier seats, right? Now, we have our eyes on the AquaTeak shower bench. And rightfully so! Its length is a glorious 30 inches, after all.

This shower bench is an ideal option for obese people or anyone who needs a little more room on their seats. Apart from its extended length, the height and width of this bench are right on the button. It’s a pretty well-supported seat.

You can keep the seat right next to your tub, hop on and settle into your bath comfortably. The seat supports a lot of weight. Elders might have a teensy bit of trouble moving this 30-pound bench. 

On the plus side, its rubber-coated feet won’t budge no matter what sort of bathroom flooring you have. The bench is not going to slip or slide on wet floors, which is another reason why we like this shower seat so much.

Features Benefits
A 30-inch-wide seating space Allows you to sit more comfortably 
Natural wood grain patterns It doubles up as a vintage accent bench 
Ample storage area Ideal for storing bathrobes, towels, and spa bottles 
It comes with an instruction manual Easy to assemble in a few minutes 


Handcrafted with sustainable Indonesian teak wood 

Expansive storage space for organizing your toiletries 

Sloped bench design for more comfort 

Also suitable for spas, gyms, and locker rooms 


The shower bench weighs 31lbs. 

Zhuoyue Bamboo Corner Shower Stool

If you feel like we’ve rambled on about teak stools, something tells us you’re going to like a bamboo seat for a change! It’s made of one-hundred-percent authentic and sustainable bamboo.

Compared to traditional hardwood, we like bamboo furniture a lot. For one, they have a natural silica layer that protects them from all kinds of water damage. And, to top it all off, it’s an extremely reliable material for outdoor furniture.  

Enough about the material. Now, let’s look at the aesthetics of this excellent shower seat. It’s a corner stool with a right-angle orientation. 

You can slip it right into the corner of your bathroom and still have plenty of space for moving around.  

What’s unique about the Zhuoyue shower seat is that it has holes for soap and water to drip through. As for the hardware, they’re the usual stainless-steel-made screws and bolts.

There is also a tiny, triangular storage shelf underneath the top. Lastly, this bamboo stool is almost half as expensive as a teak shower bench. Got a tight budget? Zhuoyue is the way to go! 

Features Benefits
Waterproof black paint Increases resistance to water, mold, and termite attacks 
Natural bamboo construction The bench is more durable than hardwood 
Two-tier storage solution Maximum seating area with a bottom shelf
Non-slip rubber feetDoesn’t slip or scratch the bathroom tiles


Designed for small indoor showers 

Protects against mold and water damage

Eco-friendly paint 

Supports up to 250 lbs


Might need frequent maintenance 

EcoDecors Oasis 2-Tier Teak Corner Shelf

This is a corner shower bench that doubles up as a shelf. It comes fully assembled and features high-quality hardware. Anyone who’s looking for a compact shower seat and shelf combo will adore the EcoDecors Oasis.

It’s different from any other shower seat on our list. For example, there are support planks under the bench so that it is not dented or pressed in over time. 

What’s more, there’s a crossbar underneath this teak corner shower seat. It allows the seat to stay fully rigid under heavyweights. 

The seat runs 16.8 inches from side to side, has a standard height of 18 inches. The shelf is twelve inches below the seat with a ground clearance of three inches. So, your shower essentials are safe from spatters.  

Oasis is hands down the best teak corner shower bench for these useful features. It uses the same high-quality wood joints as the EcoDecors Tranquillity bench we reviewed earlier.

The teak wood used in this bench is also solid, durable, and water-resistant. Overall, the Oasis bench from EcoDecors sure makes a thoughtful gift to the elderly members of your family!

Features Benefits
Crossbars and support planks They ensure extra safety for the users
Indonesian teak wood  Robust construction for long-lasting performance 
Adjustable levelers under each foot It allows you to use the bench on sloping surfaces
Rubber-coated feet The bench doesn’t slip on wet floors 


A spacious storage area at the bottom 

Fits in bathroom corners accurately 

Includes crossbars underneath for added support   

No assembly required at home 


The wooden joints might get moldy over time

AquaTeak Kai 15.5″ Corner Teak Shower Bench

This corner bench by AquaTeak is lightweight, compact, and fits beautifully in a corner. It’s made of good quality teak wood and reliable hardware as well.

Although you can use this bench for all sorts of things (even as a standing stool!), it’s better suited for showers. 

It’s water-resistant, termite-resistant, and dries up very soon. We like AquaTeak shower stools; in fact, we’ve reviewed their 18-inch spa bench and the large 30-inch shower bench before. 

The Kai shower bench is all about modern minimalism while making sure that you have a comfy shower every day! 

What’s new with this teak corner shower stool is that the bottom shelf is quite close to the floor. It helps you store those super-sized shampoo bottles pretty easily.

We’ve seen a lot of shower seats that offered low-height shelves. The Kai teak bench, on the other hand, offers you a handy 15-inch+ shelf height. You also get foot levelers to deal with a sloping shower floor. 

We didn’t like this wooden bench because the top seat is made out of individual teak wood slats. 

We won’t be surprised if the supporting planks around its edges get loose after a few months. But, you can easily maintain this pricey bench by rubbing teak oil to its surface. 

Features Benefits
Solid Teak wood construction Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in rough weather conditions 
OptiArea designIt’s a triangular, space-saving shower seat that fits in the corner of two walls
Rubber-padded feet Ensures you are well-supported on sloping, wet floors
Stainless steel hardware It doesn’t rust or corrode from lasting exposure to water  


Corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel hardware 

Lightweight, 13lbs. shower seat 

A roomy bottom shelf for storing toiletries 

Pliable foot-levelers for a better balance 


The surface might lose its luster after a couple of months

DIYHD 20″ Folding Teak Shower Bench

A folding shower bench is one of those simple things that make our bath time twice the fun! If you have major space issues in your bathroom, you’ll like this foldable teak shower bench by DIYHD for a couple of reasons.

The first thing we noticed about this seat is its length and width are similar to free-standing seats. It’s 15.75 inches long and 13.4 inches wide. 

The three planks of premium teak wood are perfectly level and aligned. Likewise, they’re 1.97 inches thick and support 330lbs altogether. 

It’s a downright practical option for healthy to obese people.  The Burmese wood holds up nicely against the elements. The aluminum bars are impressively sturdy, and the two center brackets are tough.

If price is not an issue and you’re really set on wall-mount shower stools, get this one right away. The seat, once aligned and appropriately installed, looks brilliant in the bathroom!

Features Benefits
Solid Burmese teak woodThe material is suitable for both regular and steam baths 
Foldable designIt saves space when you’re not using the shower seat
Durable mounting brackets Keeps the seat snugly attached to the bathroom wall/ tile 
Brushed chrome-plated aluminum hardwareIt supports up to 330lbs of weight 


Made of original, 1.97-inch-thick Burmese teak wood 

It comes with all the mounting hardware 

Maximum weight limit of 330lbs.

Available in 15″ and 20″ sizes 


It might require double studs for installation  

Clevr 20″ Teak Wood Folding Shower Seat

Supporting a maximum of 400lbs, this shower seat is a much more reliable option for large people than the DIYHD. But, wait. There’s a catch!

You have to be incredibly careful with the set-up; otherwise, its weight limit might diminish. It holds true for all wall-mount shower benches as a whole. This is why we suggest installing the studs directly into your wall beams.

Besides, we’re looking at solid steel mounting brackets and a stainless-steel frame here. It’s safe to say that the Clevr seat is durable enough for heavy, day-to-day use. 

So, it’s the best folding teak shower bench for us. It’s quite similar to the less expensive DIYHD seat we talked about before. 

The Clevr bench is 20 inches long and about 13.5 inches wide from the front to the back. So, it’s a comparatively large seat. 

The construction looks very neat with a slim 1.25-inch height. Since you’re mounting the bench to the wall, you get plenty of back support as well. 

Features Benefits
Space-saving design Ideal for a compact bathroom space
1.25-inch-thick Burmese woodSupports heavy loads up to 400lbs
Clear-coated surface Increases water-resistance 
Robust steel brackets It prevents the bench from wobbling 


Durable teak shower chair with back support

Smooth, clear-coated surface for a beautiful appeal  

Carries up to 400lbs. of weight 

Especially suitable for large persons 


Fragile tile work might not support the mounting brackets 

Kenley Wall-Mounted Folding Shower Seat

When it comes to choosing a foldable shower seat, we always prioritize the hardware quality. Kenley is one of our go-to brands for good-quality shower seats and patio accents. 

This folding seat is tailor-made and perfected by the experts at Kenley. People of all ages can confidently enjoy their baths on these seats. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the chubbier side; this shower bench has an impressive 330lbs. weight support.

We find it a safe choice for the elderly, considering the mounting hardware you get in the pack is incredibly durable. They’re not going to rust from everyday water exposure and steam baths.

Moving on, the material itself is 100% solid Asian teak wood. It’s water-resistant by nature and practically immune to termites! 

The bench dries by itself within an hour. Finally, this foldable teak shower bench is low-maintenance. Besides treating the bench with teak oil from time to time, you don’t have to do anything else. Just enjoy your bath and drown your worries!

Features Benefits
Slim and foldable construction Keeps a low profile in your bathroom
Plastic-covered hinges It protects the hardware from rusting
Stainless steel mounting brackets Rust-free and easy to clean 
The bench measures 15.7″×13.4″   Wide seating area for more comfort


Rust-resistant mounting brackets and hardware 

Solid, high-quality teak wood

It comes with a handy instructions’ booklet 

Supports up to 330lbs


Not suitable for fiberglass bathroom walls 

What to Look for Before Buying The Best Teak Shower Bench? 

Teak benches are available in a lot of sizes. But, there are more factors to consider, such as hardware quality, outdoor use, back support, foot levelers, comfort, and so on. 

To make it easy for you, we’ll be discussing all the basic to the most sought-after features of teak shower benches. Keeping them in mind could help you spend those hundred-something dollars on a high-quality bench. 

So, make sure to keep reading!

Authentic Materials

The first thing you should notice in a teak stool is where the material is from. Is it eco-friendly and sustainably harvested? Or, is it a laminate teak benchtop with cheap filler wood underneath? 

We’ve lost valuable pieces of furniture to mold and termite before. Now, we know a durable material when we see one!

Manufacturers treat raw teak wood with protective oils and clear lacquer. Indonesian teak has got a beautiful natural grain to it, and the wood is resistant to termite. 

Quality of Coating  

Brands like AquaTeak, EcoDecors, TeakCraft, and Redmon coat a few of their teak shower benches with clear lacquer.

We found these clear-coated shower benches to be more durable in the long run. Teak oil works fine for not only DIY teak shower benches but also commercial ones. 

The lacquer finish will come off sooner or later. So, maintaining the raw boards with teak oil will make them last twice as long! 

Stainless Steel Hardware 

We noticed that there aren’t a lot of options available for the bench hardware. For standalone models, it’s always nickel or stainless-steel screws. The latter is the better option for its rust-resistant, non-corroding properties.

Foldable Teak shower seats from brands like Kenley and Clevr religiously come with brushed aluminum bars and stainless steel center brackets.

User-Friendly Design 

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Teakwood Shower benches come in handy on a lot of occasions.

We particularly like the ones with a wider seating area. Even if you’re on the heavy side, you’ll find 13 to 16-inch-wide seats comfortable for your spas and showers. 

Tall teakwood benches might feel unstable to short users. Anything up to 18 inches tall is manageable for all people.   

Durable Construction   

We like shower seats with crossbars for extra stability. But whether you want a shelf along with your bench is totally up to you.

Teak benches do develop a thin patina like every other wood over time. But, the weathered-gray end results are just as beautiful! The patina doesn’t mean the bench has gone bad; instead, it’s a natural process for most types of teak wood.

Slates for Quick Drying  

It doesn’t take long for a basic wooden shower bench to become a hotbed of mold. Then there’s the issue of developing water stains, grime, and grout. That is why we like slate holes in between the planks of wood.

This way, it’s easier for any accumulated water to drip onto the floor. After all, you don’t want water to gather on the seat. It could lead to unnecessary damage.

Non-Slip Feet and Storage

The shower seat you’re about to buy will be in your bath for a long time. And you don’t want a seat that leaves orange rust and scratches on your marble-white floor, right? That is why we like rubber-coated feet. 

But we like foot levelers even more! Without them, your two-hundred-dollar seat can wobble, slide and even trip! 

As for the storage space, we like a low-height shelf (from the ground), so you can stash those big conditioner bottles easily!

Free-Standing Seats  

Those who have a keen eye for ritzy decors favor these standalone benches for their timeless appeal and use. Speaking of which- you can use this type of wooden chair both indoors and outdoors. 

You can keep it in your shower or beside your shoe rack. Teak wood seats blend incredibly well with standard patio accents. If it rains a lot in your region, you’ll end up with more teak wood benches than you need!

Wall-Mount Options 

Most wall-mount shower benches are retractable. It means you can fold them away against the wall.

Unlike free-standing shower benches, these need installation- often professional, if you ask us! However, they do support a ton of weight- somewhere between 300lbs. to 400lbs. depending on their hardware quality and set-up. 

Corner Seats 

Surprisingly, a teak corner shower seat costs nearly as much as a standalone teak bench with legs. These seats usually come with three legs in a triangular orientation.

Both the benchtop and the bottom shelf are shaped like Doritos. They fit into the corner of your shower so you can save some space and have the wall support your back. 

Benefits of Using Teak Shower Benches or Stools  

A teak wood shower stool is more of a necessity than a luxury. It’s one of those kinds of furniture that are extremely practical and look good at the same time. 

No matter where you stand on free-standing vs. foldable shower seats, you’ll love a teak bench one way or the other! We’ve discussed the benefits of using teak shower benches below. Have a look!

Suitable for Shaving Your Legs 

Young people, mostly women, prefer a shower seat for shaving their legs. It’s pretty hard to shave your legs from inside the tub. Besides, the ledge surrounding the bathtub is quite small- even in a standard bath unless you’ve modified it. 

Gives You a Place to Sit and Relax 

People of all age groups love a teak shower bench for its usefulness. You can relax in it while your face mask dries. If you’re like us, you’ll put on some music and read a magazine!

Besides, teak shower seats dry on their own and call for little maintenance from your side. There’s no aftercare; you don’t have to wipe it clean with a rag or dry it in the sun.

Helps Build Your Personal Spa 

You can use your teak shower bench for a refreshing home spa. Most teak wood seats come with a shelf at the bottom where you can store your bath towels and spa bottles. Not to mention, steam baths feel the most amazing when you’re sitting down on a bench.  

Safe for Disabled People 

People who have difficulty moving like to bathe on a shower seat, which helps them feel more comfortable and confident during a bath. Especially for those who are recovering from a recent injury, arthritis, or gout, a teak shower bench can change their lifestyle! 

Why is Teak Wood the Best Choice for Shower Bench?  

Teak wood naturally repels water, mold, mildew, and bacteria. It has special oils that also stop the wood from drying up and cracking prematurely.

We recommend teak wood whenever someone comes to us for suggestions on their shower bench. 

Here we’ll briefly explain how we think teak wood’s the best for a shower bench and why!

Sturdy and Durable  

Unlike regular wood, teak wood doesn’t get chipped, splinter, or get lumpy after water exposure. It’s rich in natural oils and keeps rotting and warping at bay. So, if you want your wooden bathroom accents to last, teak is the most durable material for the job. 

Low-Maintenance Wood  

The best thing about teak wood is that you don’t have to maintain it with expensive sealants, cleaners, and brushes. You can leave your teak accent chair as it is in your shower without giving it a second thought.

Water-Resistant Material

You can keep a teak bench directly below the shower and run it hot or cold. High water temperatures, steam baths, and sauna do little damage to quality teak wood.  

Drives Back Mold and Mildew   

Are you someone who routinely scrubs at dark, moldy poolside furniture with a pungent cleaner?

If yes, you’re going to like the fact that teak benches rarely get moldy. Teak wood repels mold, mildew, grime, and basically anything that damages a decent shower bench. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you put a teak bench in the shower?

Yes, you can keep a teak bench in the shower. Teak wood has a number of advantages when it comes to shower seats. It’s an all-natural, water-resistant material. Second, it’s rich in oil and latex- therefore, a teak bench doesn’t soak water.   

Is bamboo or teak better for the shower?

Teak seats are better than bamboo-made shower chairs. For one, they’re much sturdier and more durable compared to bamboo. In fact, bamboo rots in certain conditions, whereas teak looks delightfully brand-new!

What is the best teak shower bench?

The Ala Teak 20-inch shower seat is the best option. For one, it comes with a curved benchtop. The two edges are raised so that you can sit comfortably in the middle. 

It’s built from sustainably harvested teak wood and reinforced with stainless steel hardware. The 20″ ×16″ bench is 14 inches tall and includes a shelf right below.

How do you waterproof a teak shower bench?

While most teak shower chairs come pre-treated from the factory, you’re always welcome to maintain yours with teak oil. 

Teak wood is inherently waterproof for its rich oil content. However, applying a good quality teak sealer will enhance its water resistance. 

How long do teak shower benches last?

It’s unlikely for teak to rot, crack or dry up from the inside. But, if you want to keep your teak shower bench seat in tip-top condition, you can wipe it down once or twice with teak oil. 

Although expensive, Indonesian teak wood is an ideal choice for teak shower chairs. They last for decades without any radical damage. 

How do you restore a teak bench?

Teak benches rarely need restoration once you take care of them on a routine basis. Although, it’s quite easy to restore a teak wood bench. First, you’ll have to sand the topmost layer down with a circular sander. 

The layer underneath should still be saturated with oils, and therefore, it will sport that honey-colored hue of fresh teak wood!

Should I oil the teak shower bench?

It would be best if you oiled your teak shower bench frequently to preserve its natural oil content. The shower seat in our bath is regularly exposed to soap, shampoo, and other cleaning products. 

However, these products can strip the wood of its natural oils and cause your expensive bench to oxidize or fade.  

Do teak shower benches get moldy?

This special type of wood flaunts natural mold and mildew-resistant properties. Even raw, untreated teak fights off water damage, rot, termite, and moldy stains better than any other wood.

What to put on a teak shower bench?

Brushing teak oil on a relatively new shower bench restores its luster. However, you’re going to need something stronger for an aged bench. 

Start by sanding the bench with fine, 150-grit sandpaper. Now, dry the bench and go in with a teak sealer. That should protect the teak wood bench from the elements.

 Do teak shower benches get wet?

The water that gathers on a teak shower seat beads up and dries away. It doesn’t get soaked into the material, which causes regular hardwood to chip and swells after some time.

We recommend folding shower seats for excessively humid areas. When you’re done with your shower, you slide the seat up, so all the water drains from the bench.

Final Words 

Trustworthy customer reviews back all the seats we featured today. But, if you ask us, we think EcoDecors Oasis deserves the top spot. 

The bench comes with a bar that further supports the seat from below. Oasis is the best teak shower bench considering it comes with adjustable levelers, support planks, and a shelf for all your beauty products.

Similarly, you can use the TeakCraft bench as a footrest and even a vintage sofa table.It’s good to go with your other patio accents and look brilliant in a poolside setting! We really like the Clevr shower bench from the foldable teak bench models. Thanks for reading! 

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