Does the Shower Curtain Go Inside the Tub

Does the Shower Curtain Go Inside the Tub?

Well, well, well! No more confusion! No more inside and outside? Talking about what? Well, let me first introduce the topic to you. Does the shower curtain go inside the tub?

This is a debate that has taken up so many opinions and discussions, but yet you are not sure what to do. At the end of the day, it is your personal preference and inclination towards a specific solution that will satisfy you with an answer.

In the article below, we will present you with two views points, their pros, and cons and finally end up in giving you possible solutions.

Significance of shower curtains in the bathroom:

Nowadays, shower curtains have come beyond the borders of luxury. They have become a necessity and unavoidable for modern-day washrooms.

The issue now is not the use of shower curtains; the question is how to use them in a way that keeps the restroom dry in addition to restoring the reasons for using them.

Does the Shower Curtain Go Inside the Tub

Shower curtains! Yes or no?

The reason for having them is that they provide a beautiful partition between the bathing tub and the commode or toilet portion. The second point supporting them is preserving the bathing privacy.

The third cause is shower curtains maintain the steam bath environment for long. Without which the steam would have spread all over the washroom.

Another strong reason for having them is that they prevent the water from splitting all over the washroom. The dampness remains within the bathing tub premises.

Now when so many things are going in favor of having them. What could be the possible reason for not hanging them in your washrooms? Each time you take a shower, these curtains get wet and leave a dampening effect in the toilet.

The water on the curtains continuously dribbles on the floor, making it all messy and, of course, adding to the amount of effort spent in drying them. If the surrounding weather is moist, then lo! You end up in the curtains getting bacterial growth with fungal deposition.

You want shower curtains but without dampening effects!!

The simplest solution is using curtain linens that are made up of either waterproof material or some other material suitable for the purpose.

So good so far! What’s next? The real dilemma to deal with now is what sort of liners they should be? And should they be inside or outside the bathing tub?

If they are a single layer, they will be lightweight and easy to go about in any direction that will kill their purpose of partition and avoiding water spill all over the floor.

So, to prevent this problem, you can end up in any of the following solutions.

You can make your curtain lining either of some heavy fabric that retains it where you want it to be. Or as the lower part is roaming about where’s the upper part is fixed.

So, you can make the lower lining heavy. Well, in case you don’t believe in making any of the parts heavy, you can hang your curtain on some curved or folded installation.

Does the Shower Curtain Go Inside the Tub

In or out? Do inky pinkie ponky!!!

Jokes apart! We can’t do inky pinkie ponkie whenever we have to take a shower in the bathing tub to decide which way to go.

Whether to put the liner in or out of the tub? Well, let us decide two things firmly, derived from the information given above.

  • You will use shower curtains but with lining.
  • The lower part of the lining will be heavy. Either it will have slanting installation, or it is accompanied by binders or suction cups, etc.

Now to gain maximum benefit, we will consider using the shower curtains and its liner during and after bath:

When not taking a shower or after a shower:

Once you are not taking a shower or your tub is not in use, you can keep your curtain and liner outside the tub.

This will add to the beauty, styling, and spacious look of your washroom, leaving an everlasting impression on your guests!

Well, the highly equipped bathing tub can be one reason to keep them folded when not in use.

During the shower:

While you are having a soothing and relaxing time in the bathing tub, you want no disturbance. You want your privacy and no mess on the floor after a bath.

So, keep the liner inside the tub. It will serve all your purposes. Once you have taken a shower, let it dry, and then you can keep it outside.

There are specific suggestions that can keep your things further clean, dry, and under control.

  • You can keep your liner and curtain a few inches above the floor, so that it keeps clean and dry.
  • You can keep the lower part covered with a stylish waterproof and easy to mop away type of fabric.
  • Keep the washroom well ventilated. A useful and powerful exhaust fan will ensure that your toilet and its accessories, including the curtains, remain dry most of the time. Ventilation keeps the bathroom airier.

Make sure you wash your curtains once a week or at least fortnightly to prevent mildew and bacterial growth. Preferably let them dry in sunlight to absorb away any moisture.

In case you live in some cold or humid environment with less sunlight, then after drying it in the spinner. Do it iron press.


It is not a big deal to decide whether you want the shower curtain inside or outside your bathing tub. If only if you keep things simple. Use a shower curtain with a heavy liner that doesn’t fly away during the time of shower inside the tub.

After a shower, you can keep it hanging outside with the curtains. The same goes if you have a single liner as in most of the hotels.

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