Why Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Discontinued

Why Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Discontinued?

One of the best scrubbers for cleaning the shower is the scrubbing bubbles automatic shower. This is because it works by spraying in 360 degrees to cover all the walls. The batteries fitted to it enable it to activate daily. This enables the shower to remain clean for a very long time due to its continual use.

Despite the above goodness, this type of cleaner has been discontinued in the market. There could be several factors that led to its discontinuation. The reasons could for discontinuation be varied and elaborate. With this article, we are going to unravel the reasons that led to this decision. Please read on to find out more from this informative article.

How do automatic bubbles daily shower cleaner work?

As stated earlier, this shower has been designed to make the work as easy as possible. The developers also intended that it keeps your shower as clean as possible. It works by rotating 360 degrees, basically meaning that it scrubs all the surfaces without any problem. It is efficient and strong enough to remove mildew, soap, and scum from the floor and the walls of the shower. It is powered by a battery that enables it to activate daily. This then gives your bathroom long-lasting sterling cleanliness that can even last for a month.

How do you clean with the automatic bubbles daily shower cleaner?

By placing the required components into its bottle and filling it with water, then press it on. It triggers the components in the bottle to be sprayed with high force. It is this way that it removes the scum from the wall.

The advanced type, however, is automatic. It does not require any human intervention to perform its work. The only time it needs human intervention is when doing some repairs, changing parts or adding the cleaning agents.

scrubbing bubbles daily shower cleaner

How long do you need to let automatic bubbles daily shower cleaner sit before resuming?

 After applying the soap and the scrubbing bubbles, give it sufficient time to sink in the surface. The most recommended time is about three to five minutes. When this time elapses, trigger the cleaner and let it perform its duties. Rinse out the scrubbed scum to avoid it sticking back.

Generally speaking, the cleaner has the capability of washing any dirt away. This is because it rotates at a 360-degree angle. However, you must check to confirm that all the dirt has been rinsed and washed away to the septic tank. 

Why was automatic bubbles daily shower cleaner discontinued? 

Quality is one of the things that a consumer considers when purchasing a product. Safety too is another factor that is closely considered by the consumers. A closer look at this automatic cleaner indicates that its parts wear out at a very fast rate. It does not last for long. The cost too is quite inhibitive. The price of $199 is quite high for a fragile machine. In terms of durability, it has a very short lifespan. It is not long-lasting to the detriment of the users and consumers.

In terms of water-saving, this cleaner consumes a higher amount, as it works daily to clean the shower. These are just but some of the main reasons that led to its discontinuation. However, there are also advantages of using this tool to clean your bathroom.

 Does automatic bubbles daily shower cleaner remove mold?

 With is a powerful hose, it removes the molds in a matter of minutes. It creates strong foam that soaks the molds in readiness for scrubbing. And when it sprays water, it sends not only the molds but also the scum down the drain. It can keep the shower room clean and free of any dirt. This is so long as the machine in itself is in a good working condition.


Question : Can you use Scrubbing Bubbles daily shower cleaner on glass shower doors?

Answer: Yes. Definitely, the most important thing to note is that glasses are a bit delicate. Glass may not withstand the pressure from water ejected by the cleaner. So you have to exercise care when washing it. Use a soft brush to reach the corners of the shower glass, and then spray gently. You can then expect a sparkling work after you finish cleaning. It provides better results than when you do the washing by hand.

Question : Can you use Scrubbing Bubbles daily shower cleaner on a marble shower?

Answer: A marble shower requires some extra work to make it clean. It is worth keeping it clean always to avoid staining. This type of cleaner may have the challenge of cleaning the marble shower. However, it can do the cleaning. There are better alternatives to this cleaner that you can use to clean your shower. A non-abrasive household will do you magic on this one.

As we have seen earlier, this cleaner is a bit delicate and may not properly handle hard surfaces such as marble. It, therefore, calls for restriction in use or abstinence in use from such surfaces.

Question : What of use in natural stone? Can Scrubbing Bubbles a daily shower cleaner on natural stone?

Answer: The natural stone is almost similar to the marble floor. You should as much as possible avoid subjecting the cleaner to such hard surfaces as it is not friendly at all. It may force you to spend so much on spares, repairs, and replacements.

 Perhaps many factors such as fragility caused this cleaner to be unpopular. The fact that it is perfect in performing its duties does not mean that it can work anywhere. It cannot work well for example on the marble floor. On the natural stone, it can’t work on it. If you decide to use it on such surfaces, you have to exercise caution as it may break down. It may even harm a person nearby.


 This cleaner does a perfect job. It gives your bathroom and any other surface a bright look. However, it is disadvantaged by the inability to work on all the surfaces. It has a short lifespan too. The price is relatively high. The reasons for discontinuation are varied but mostly genuine. It may not be good in water conservation too.

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